storage shed prices

$30 / Square Foot Installed

The average cost of a wooden storage shed is around $1,680, or $17.50 per square foot, for an 8×12 storage building you build yourself. $2,880 if you hire a pro near you to build it.

Average DIY 12×8

$1,680 ($17.50/sf)

Average Pro Built 12×8

$2,880 ($30/sf)

Typical Range

$980 – $5,200

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cost to Install a Wooden Shed or Small Storage Building


$950 – $2,200

Average Cost Estimate

$2,400 – $3,300


$3,500 – $5,200

Size Up to 150 sq. ft. 100 – 300 sq. ft. 250  – 600 sq. ft.
Wall Height 8-foot 8 to 10-foot 8 to 12-foot
Floor Wood or Gravel Wood, Gravel or Concrete Concrete Slab
Electricity No No or Yes No or Yes
Upgraded Siding No No or Yes No or Yes
Extras None or 1 2-3 3+
Built By DIY or Pro DIY or Pro Pro
Permit & Inspection $0 – $100 $50 – $200 $50 – $200
Cost of Living Low to Average Average Average to High

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Overview of Wood Storage Buildings

Wooden storage sheds can be built to nearly any size, but most commonly fall between the sizes of 8′ x 8′ and 12′ x 20′. Most sheds are built from standard or custom designs.

DIY and pro construction are two options based on your own skill level, and some can be purchased prebuilt, or built offsite, then they can be moved onto your property and put in the exact spot you want it. Home improvement stores also sell wood storage building kits that you or a pro assemble.

This Costimate includes pricing per square foot, plus other cost factors that will help you closely estimate what your wood shed price will be. Wood framed shed costs from other online estimate sites are included. They vary widely because each site uses different shed size parameters for estimating shed prices. You are invited to share your shed size and price once yours is built.

Breakdown of Cost Details

Wood Storage Shed

There are obvious cost factors and a few that you might not have considered.

  • Shed Size – Sheds start at about 6’x6’ but can be much larger. Cost per square foot drops as size goes up. You get the most room for the money with a square shed.
  • Wall Height – 8’ walls are standard, but 9’ and 10’ walls offer increased overhead storage for a little more money.
  • Roof Type – A standard gable roof is the most affordable. Gambrel roofs, Dutch, saltbox and other styles might raise the cost slightly due to more material and labor in the trusses.
  • Siding – Most wood storage sheds are sided with treated plywood, T1-11 or similar. If you upgrade to cedar siding, price will go up by 25% or more.
  • Windows – We priced the door with a single window. Additional windows are extra.
  • Floor – Sheds can be set on gravel with no floor, wood floor systems on gravel or piers, or concrete pads which are the most costly.
  • Electricity – Running power to the shed will cost $100 to more than $1,000. It also requires permitting.
  • Overhead Storage – Laying sheets of OSB or plywood on the trusses will increase cost by $25 to $200 for most sheds.
  • Who Builds or Assembles It – You’ll save labor costs by DIY or by assembling a kit. Professionally built sheds, whether built onsite or offsite and transported a short distance to your property cost about the same.
  • Cost of Living – Professional labor is consistent with the cost of living in your area. It’s higher on the Coasts and in major metro areas than it is in rural areas and small towns.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Shed materials cost $8 to $20 per square foot. The factors above will help you estimate your supplies cost based on the size and features you’re planning.

Here are basic costs for sheds or shed kits based on shed size. Labor cost is discussed below.

  • $14 – $20 per square foot | 6’x6′ to 8’x16′ sheds
  • $10 – $17 per square foot | 10’x10′ to 10’x24′ sheds
  • $8 – $15 per square foot | 12’x12′ to 12’x30′ sheds
  • $8 – $14 per square foot | 16’x16′ to 16’x32′ sheds

Extra Features

  • $100 – $1,000+ | Wiring based on number of lines, lights and outlets.
  • $3 – $6 per square foot | 6” gravel foundation (optional).
  • $7.50 – $12 per square foot | 4” concrete slab (optional).
  • $35 to $200 per window | Single-pane shed windows based on their size and type.

Permits, Inspection, and Unit Installation Costs

Permit Cost

  • $0 – $250 | Building a small shed without electrical doesn’t require a permit. Size varies, but sheds above about 160 sq. ft. require permit. Adding electricity will require a separate permit regardless of shed size.

Installation Labor Cost

Pros are hired to build wooden sheds from scratch or to assemble a wood shed kit.

  • $60 – $125 per hour | Cost to hire a carpenter and helper to build a shed.
  • $40 – $75 per hour | Cost to hire a handyman service with a crew of 2 to assemble a shed.

Installation Time

Here’s what the time frame will look like for pros working full-time on your shed project.

  • 1/2 to 1 Day | Prepare the site and pour concrete or install gravel
  • 1 – 3 days | Construct and roof a shed up to 12’x24′ depending on actual size of the shed and number in the crew.

DIY or Hire a Pro

Many homeowners build wood storage sheds. A proper site must be selected. The topsoil is removed, and a foundation of gravel or concrete is installed and leveled. The shed is built on the foundation per the plans.

Best results are achieved by those with good experience in the basics – planning the job, reading plans and instructions, measuring materials, using power tools, fitting doors and windows, etc.

In short, we do not recommend building a shed for first-time DIYers. Even assembling a shed from a kit can have its challenges. Though the pieces are pre-cut, the directions can be difficult to follow, and a range of tools must be used.

Electrical work is of more concern due to the risk involved. This is especially true if you’ll be installing a circuit or two in the electrical panel dedicated to the shed. It’s not uncommon to DIY a shed and hire an electrician to wire it.

One of the biggest factors is time. Homeowners rarely work as quickly as the pros. Do you have 10-40 hours to dedicate to the project?

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