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The Best Investment You Will Make For Your Pool

Who doesn’t want a personal robot to take care of the housework? The Jetsons had one, and they seemed like pretty happy people.

Maybe you can’t swing buying a robot to serve as a personal maid, but a robotic pool cleaner is an affordable time saver. Anyone who has a pool understands the time and energy that goes in to keeping it clean the manual way. Robotic cleaners almost eliminate that effort, freeing you to enjoy the pool. Also, in the long term, buying a robotic cleaner is far less expensive than hiring a pool cleaning company.

About Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the most effective and robust type of automatic pool cleaner, so they’ve exploded in popularity in recent years. Some pool supply stores are saying they’re now one of the best-selling products.

Robotic pool cleaners do an excellent job of vacuuming debris and cleaning the floor and walls – they’ve proven to be highly effective. Some models also clean steps and waterlines. Robotic cleaners are powered by electricity, so they’re sold with long cords. They contain their own filtration system, which supplements your built-in filtration. They also contain their own pumps, so they don’t have to connect to the pool pump.

Robotic cleaners have cleaning cycles that range from one to four hours. They shut off by themselves after the cycle, so you can start the cleaner and go about your business. Most are light and compact, so they’re easily portable.

Even though robotic cleaners are effective, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. The machines themselves have to be cleaned fairly often, and there’s no guarantee that your pool will never need slight manual touch ups. Some people also think the required 60- to 70-foot electrical cords are cumbersome and hazardous.

A Robotic Pool Cleaner

How Much Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Cost?

Pricing depends on the model, and the cost for residential models can range from $400 to $1,300, give or take. There are good models at both ends of the spectrum, but spending more will get you a more powerful machine, most likely with a longer warranty, that is better suited for larger pools. If your pool is on the small side, there’s probably no need to go with a top-of-the-line model.

Robotic pool cleaners are more expensive than other types of pool cleaners, but that’s a factor of their performance and ease of use. They’re the way to go if you are willing to spend a little more to have a cleaner pool with less work.

The top-selling brands are Dolphin, Polaris and AquaBot, but that’s not to say they’re the only brands with high-performing models. The top brands, as well as others, offer a variety of models in various price ranges.

Author: Ashley Smith

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