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Blue Pearl granite makes a great statement piece – use it to add an unexpected pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a great option to consider if you’re bored with traditional tan, brown and black granites. Blue granite still looks fresh, not cookie cutter.

As the name suggests, Blue Pearl granite has a metallically-blueish hue. But the shade can vary dramatically from one piece to another. Some pieces are almost silver in color, while others are deep blue. Some have pearlish-white flecks while others have flecks that are grey or black in tone.

Quarried in Norway, Blue Pearl goes by several other names, including Marina Pearl and Labrador Blue. It is available in large slabs or much smaller tiles, and it’s most often used for countertops, islands and backsplashes.

Cost of Blue Pearl Granite

In general, Blue Pearl is a mid- to high-priced granite. It is more expensive than more common types of brown granite, for example, but not as pricey as the super-exotic varieties.

The price varies from one region of the country to another, and it is heavily dependent on the rates charged by your local fabricator. Price also varies based on color and quality of the Blue Pearl, which are varied.

You could spend anywhere from $50 to $100 per square foot for Blue Pearl countertops, including the cost of materials, fabrication and installation, but not delivery. However, most jobs fall in the range of $70 to $90 per square foot.

If we’re talking strictly about materials:

  • A countertop slab that is 108 inches by 26 inches might cost about $300 to $400 ordered directly from the warehouse, which cuts out the middle man. But direct sellers sometimes have minimum purchases of up to 10 slabs.
  • An island top that is 96 inches by 36 inches might cost $400 to $550, depending on thickness. The minimum order required by direct sellers is typically two.
  • A backsplash that is 96 inches by 6 inches ) would probably run about $50 to $100 with a minimum order of 10.

Keep in mind that custom requests – including fancy edges, complex curves or sink cutouts – almost always increase your total bill.

Blue Pearl Pros and Cons

Blue Pearl gets high marks for its quality and durability, as do most granites. Blue Pearl is very hard, making it difficult to damage. And it has very low absorbency, even compared to other types of granite, meaning it is highly water resistant, never requires sealing, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

However, if you get sick of colors quickly, Blue Pearl is probably not for you. There’s no way to change the bold color if you get tired of it, unless you buy new countertops.

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