metal shed with installation

$815, 8×10 Installed

The average cost of a metal storage building is $435, assembling and installing it yourself on a wooden base. Metal shed costs range from about $225 to more than $1,600 based on size, quality and features.

Typical Range

$550 – $900

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much does it Cost to Install a Metal Storage Shed or Utility Building?


$215 – $475

Average Cost Estimate

$550 – $900


$1,000 – $1,600

Kit Cost $215 – $400 $415 – $725 $850 – $1,175
Size 4 X 8 feet 8 x 10 feet 10 x 16 feet
Floor Kit None Wood Wood
Roof Design Flat or Slope Slope or Barn Slope or Barn
Extras None 1 or 2 3+
Electricity No Yes or No Yes or No
Permit No Yes or No Yes or No
Shed Quality Good Better Better or Best
Assembly DIY DIY or Pro Pro

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Overview of Metal storage Buildings

This page is about metal storage buildings from a 4×8 foot size with 32 square feet of storage, up to 10×16 or 160 square feet, the largest that can be installed without a permit in most communities. Garage-size sheds are available too, but are covered in a different post.

Steel storage shed costs are lower than prices for resin and wood storage sheds. They are also the least durable, and they take longer to put together than resin sheds. If all you’re looking for is a way to protect yard equipment from the elements, a metal carport is another good solution if you have a large enough yard with the space to fit.

This Cost estimate (Get it? Costimate!) covers cost factors and their affect on price. Costs from other price estimate sites allow you to compare prices. Reader-submitted metal shed cost details show you what you get for the money spent. You’re invited to share your shed size and cost with other readers too.

Product Cost Details

Metal Building Price Factors

These steel shed price factors discuss your shed size and feature options and how they affect cost.

  • Steel Shed Size – Square footage starts at about 20 (5’x4’). These steel storage sheds top out at 160 (e.g., 10’x16’). Wall heights range from about 5’ to 7’ with +/- 6’ being most common.
  • Shed Coating – Cheaper sheds use painted steel panels. Vinyl coated and hot-dipped galvanized steel sheds resist corrosion better, but the better finishes raise shed cost.
  • Floors – Most metal storage shed kits do not include floor frames. Floor frame kits and the wood to cover them are an extra expense. Cost details are below.
  • Additional Features – Most metal storage building kits include one or more feature such as locking doors, double doors, shelving, skylight, window or vents.
  • Electricity – Lights and outlets are sometimes added to large metal sheds at additional cost detailed below.
  • Roof Design – Flat roofs cost the least, followed by standard sloped roofs and barn-style roof.
  • Architectural Enhancements – Upgraded appearance such as wood-look or clapboard style panel or gingerbread in the gable peak raise cost.
  • Shed Assembly – Most sheds are assembled by the purchaser. Paying a handyman to do the work will add several hundred dollars to the cost. Details below.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Metal storage sheds are sold in kits. Floor kits include framing that is covered by floor material sold separately.

  • $225 – $1,600 | Metal storage shed kits
  • $70 – $160 | Shed floor framing kit
  • $15 – $18 per 4×8 sheet | ¾” O.S.B for flooring
  • $30 – $34 per 4×8 sheet | ¾” plywood or MDF for flooring
  • $100 – $500+ | Lights and outlets based on how many are used and whether it is DIY or installed by an electrician.

Permits, Inspection, and Unit Installation Costs

  • $0 – $150 | Building a small metal storage building without electricity installed doesn’t require a permit. Adding electricity will require a separate permit regardless of shed size.

Installation Labor Cost

If you hire someone to assemble the kit, here are potential costs.

A 10×12 metal shed takes two people 4-6 hours to assemble. A floor assembly takes another 1-2 hours.

Handyman rates range from $40-$60 per hour. A handyman and low-skilled helper combined will cost $55-80 per hour.

  • $240 – $480 | Cost to hire a handyman service to assemble a metal shed kit w/o floor.
  • $55 – $160 | Cost to hire a handyman service to assemble a shed floor.

Installation Time

Metal storage sheds are assembled with hundreds of fasteners, so it’s a time-consuming process.

  • 1-2 Days | Two people assembling a shed up to about 160 square feet.
  • Up to .5 Days | One or two people assembling a shed floor.

DIY or Hire a Pro

Most metal storage buildings in this size range are DIY jobs. The kits include good instructions. Step 1 is to make sure all the parts are included and in the right quantities.

Sorting the parts for counting also makes the job easier and faster once assembly has begun. A second set of hands is very useful when assembling larger metal sheds.

Electricity isn’t often added to metal sheds. If you plan to add outlets and lights, hiring an electrician is the safest bet. This is especially true if you’re adding a circuit to the panel or running wire from the panel rather than off another circuit.

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