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Insulated Garage Door Overview

Insulated garage doors have two layers of steel with insulation between the layers. They are thicker and more energy efficient than uninsulated doors. If your garage is attached to your home, an insulated door is the best choice. Insulated doors are also preferable in very warm or cold climates.

How Much Do Insulated Garage Doors Cost?

An insulated garage door for a two-car garage will cost about $800 to $1,000, including installation. An insulated door for a single-car garage might cost about $600.

Insulated Garage Doors Pros

    • Energy efficient – Insulated garage doors prevent cold or hot air from entering your garage. This is particularly important if the garage is attached to your home to keep heating and cooling costs as low as possible. It’s also important for comfort if have a workshop in the garage.
    • More attractive – Insulated doors tend to look sturdier and more attractive. This is important because a garage door makes up a significant portion of the exterior of a home.
    • Stronger – Insulated doors are stronger because there are two layers of steel. They’re also more resistant to dents and dings.

Insulated Garage Doors Cons

    • More expensive – Insulated garage doors are more expensive than uninsulated doors. You’re paying for an extra layer of steel and the insulation that goes between both layers.
Garage Doors Insulated

Uninsulated Garage Door Overview

Uninsulated garage doors are made of a single layer of steel. Just as the name suggests, no insulation is used. Uninsulated doors are most often used for detached garages or in very mild climates.

How Much Do Uninsulated Garage Doors Cost?

An uninsulated door for a two-car garage usually costs about $550 to $650, including installation. An uninsulated door for a single-car garage would run about $400 to $500.

Uninsulated Garage Doors Pros

    • Less expensive – You’ll save a couple hundred dollars by opting for an uninsulated garage door.

Uninsulated Garage Doors Cons

    • Not energy efficient – Uninsulated garage doors don’t do a good job of keeping hot or cold air from entering your garage. If your garage is attached, an uninsulated garage door can affect the heating and cooling of the entire house.
    • Less attractive – Uninsulated garage doors are not as attractive as insulated doors. They look cheaper, which can have a negative impact on the overall look of your home’s exterior.
    • Not as strong – Because there’s only one layer of steel, not two, uninsulated garage doors are more susceptible to dents and dings.

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