hurricane shutters cost

$43 – $54 / Sqft Installed

The average cost of hurricane shutters is $43-$54 per square foot, installed by a local professional. Expect to pay around $33-$40 per square foot if you measure, plan and install them yourself. This includes both manual and motorized shutters.

Average DIY

$36 / Sq foot

Average Pro

$51 / Sq foot

Typical Range

$43 – $54 / Sq foot

Low End

$33 / Sq foot (DIY)

High End

$65 / Sq foot (Pro)

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Get Hurricane Shutters Installed on Your Home?


$33 – $42/sq ft

Average Cost Estimate

$43 – $54/sq ft


$55 – $65/sq ft

Retail Cost $33 – $37/sq ft $35 – $52/sq ft $50 – 65 sq ft
Motorized Yes or No Yes or No Yes
Brand Rating 2-3 Stars 3-4 Stars 4-5 Stars
Size 50+ sq ft 25 – 50 sq ft Up to 25 sq ft
Impact Rating None or Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane
Hurricane Season Yes or No Yes or No Yes
Permit No Yes or No Yes or No
Local Cost of Living Average Average to High Average to High

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Overview of Hurricane Storm Shutters

Hurricane shutters protect the glass they cover and the inside of your home from devastating water damage that hurricanes and other strong storms bring. They are designed to be installed on the outside of your home, covering the entire area behind it, an can be either manual (most common) or motorized.

This cost estimate (Costimate) page gives accurate storm shutter prices and all cost factors. Costs are derived from actual estimates and installations. The cost of the shutters and the cost of installation labor are itemized. The prices here are for roll-down aluminum hurricane shutters. Impact-resistant panels cost $10-$17 per square foot. We also supply shutter costs from other estimating sites and reader-submitted costs.

Product Cost Details

Storm Shutter Price Factors

There are important differences in the products available that affect cost.

  • Impact Rating – Shutters rated for hurricane-force winds of 160-180mph cost more. They are double-walled aluminum and have end-retention rails.  Non-impact shutters are foam-filled and used primarily for light control and privacy.
  • Shutter Size – Cost obviously goes up as the shutter gets larger, but cost per square foot actually goes down as shutter size increases. The size range starts with single windows and extends to about 16 feet wide and 8 feet high.
  • Motorized – Motors are most commonly used with large (30+ square feet) shutters. Adding a motor costs $250-$500 depending on motor size and features. Motors with a remote cost up to 15% more than those with a wall switch.
  • Shipping – Rates range from about $100 to $250 per order when ordered from a seller in your region.
  • Installer Demand – Labor rates are highest during the peak hurricane season, especially when a hurricane is heading your way. Discounts on labor are often available when it isn’t hurricane season.
  • Where you Live – Rates are higher in the Northeast and in the Miami area than they are along the rest of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

Retail Cost of Hurricane Shutters

Here are sample costs for common hurricane shutter sizes, motorized and non-motorized.

Prices do not include installation, which is detailed below.

Size in Feet



Motorized with Remote

3 x 5 (Window) $495 – $550 $715 – $800 $935 – $995
8 x 5 (Picture Window) $1,275 – $1,400 $1,500 – $1,700 $1,700 – $1,850
6 x 7 (Sliding Glass Door) $1,295 – $1,425 $1,525 – $1,735 $1,750 – $1,900
7 x 12 (Bank of Windows) $2,650 – $2,850 $2,900 – $3,225 $3,050 – $3,400

Permits, Inspection, and Unit Installation Costs

  • $0 – $100 | You’ll only need a permit if new wiring must be run to install motorized hurricane shutters.

Installation Labor Cost

Handyman services start at about $40 per hour. Expect to pay up to $75 per hour when buying the shutters and installation as a package. The labor should be included as part of the estimate you receive.

An electrician will charge $60-$100 per hour to wire motorized shutters and wall switches.

See installation time below to factor total labor costs.

Installation Time

Here are average shutter installation and wiring times:

  • .5 Hours | Installing shutters on a small window (1 person)
  • .5 Hours | Installing a shutter on a large window (2 people)
  • 1-2 Hours | Installing large shutters on a sliding glass door or bank of windows (2 people)
  • Up to 2 Hours | Wiring each motorized shutter and wall switch

DIY or Hire a Pro

Most homeowners hire professionals to install their hurricane shutters, since there is a lot at stake if the shutter fails to remain in place in hurricane winds and driving rain.

However, the process is pretty straightforward: Measure, order, install. Using motorized shutters adds a bit more work in the wiring of electrical, so keep that in mind when you choose the type for your home.

If you’re comfortable using a drill and hand tools and can be precise with measurements, then DIY can be considered. Most shutter sellers include detailed measuring and installation instructions.

We recommend hiring an electrician to wire motors and switches regardless of whether you install the shutters.

This installation video will help you decide to DIY or not.

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