how much to install a keyless entry door lock

Average Keyless Security Door Lock Costs

The cost of a keyless lock ranges from less $100 to over $300 plus the cost to have it installed if you don’t do it yourself. Important factors for this home security project are the cost of the lock, and there is a wide range of types, features and prices, plus installation charges if you pay to have the work done. The condition of the door matters too. Working with an entry door that already has a lock in place will be much easier, so installing a keyless door lock will cost less on the labor side. Contractors will charge the homeowner around $50 to $100 per each keyless deadbolt or other smart lock they install.

Average Do It Yourself cost

$115 – $225

Average Contractor Installed Cost

$175 – $450

Typical Cost Average


Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Overview of Keyless Door Locks and Deadbolts

Keyless door locks or keyless door lock systems are a great alternative to the old standard lock-and-key method of home security.  With the advances in technology and updated security measures, keeping your home safe and secure has never been easier.  Basically, a keyless door lock replaces the need to have a key to open the door to your home, though some do have a key option in case you forget the code.  Some homeowners combine adding a smart lock with reinforcing the entry doors and frames or the installation of a more secure garage door for a definite upgrade in security.

There are many different types of locks that are keyless for the homeowner to consider.  They vary in price, capabilities and the ease of installation.  The following are some various types of keyless door locks and a small explanation of each door security option. Retail prices are listed later:

  • Keypad – This type of lock simply has a keypad that the homeowner can program with a four digit passcode.
  • RFID Lock System – This type of lock comes with a chip that you can “wave” over the sensor on the lock.  It might also have a keypad included that can be programmed by the homeowner.  RFID keyless deadbolt lock systems are also called radio frequency identification devices.
  • WiFi Door Lock – Keyless locks that use WiFi are linked to your home’s WiFi system.  You can access via an app on your phone or by a computer.  Alexa and Siri can also be connected with a WiFi lock.
  • Other types of locks are Bluetooth, biometric, and z-wave door locks.  These do not require a key and can be linked with a smartphone or computer.

This page of Business Finance News gives current and accurate costs for this common home improvement project. Retail keyless or smart lock prices are listed, and the cost of installation labor is discussed. If you have a keyless lock installed, consider returning to this page to share your cost with other readers using the simple form accessed near the bottom of the page.

Product and Materials Cost Factors

Keyless Lock Cost Factors

There are just a few factors that will impact the cost of your project.

  • Who Installs the Keyless Door Lock – If you install the keyless door lock, cost will include the lock and any tools you need to purchase for the work.  A handyman, locksmith or licensed electrician will charge anywhere from $50-$150 per hour for their labor, plus any material costs, with a minimum of one hour charged.
  • Access – If the entry door is already set up with a deadbolt in place then it will be much quicker and easier to install the keyless door lock system. Doors without a deadbolt setup must be drilled or otherwise altered to receive the keyless lock, which means a higher labor charge.
  • Features – Keyless lock cost is affected by both the performance features of the lock – simple keypad vs WiFi or biometric, for example – and the aesthetics and finish on the lock.
  • Number of  Keyless Door Locks – Obviously, more locks equals higher total cost.  Some home improvement stores will sell bundles of more than one keyless door locks which will generally save the homeowner money. And installers usually charge less for the second and additional locks than when installing only one.
  • Where you Live- Prices for the actual keyless door lock are pretty standard throughout the US.  However, the cost to hire a licensed contractor or electrician to install the keyless door lock varies with the cost of living in your area.

Retail Cost of Products

Here is a sampling of smart lock and keyless door lock prices including some of the more popular brands available.

  • $50 – $400 | Keypad locks, with an average cost of $85 to $175 based on aesthetics and quality
  • $100 – $300 | RFID Lock System
  • $200 – $300 | WiFi Door Locks like the Google Nest Yale and Schalge Camelot
  • $135 – $225 | Bluetooth keyless door locks like the Lockly Model S, a best seller at Home Depot
  • $85 – $250 | Biometric keyless locks with fingerprint ID, with average cost of about $200 for good-quality lock
  • $175 – $325 | Z-wave locks from Kwikset, Yale and other top manufacturers

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 | A permit is generally not required when installing a keyless door lock. The main reason permits are not needed is due to the fact that the keyless door lock systems are run by batteries and an electrician is not needed. However, the homeowner should research to make sure that one is not required due to state or city codes/ordinances.

Related Costs and Installation Time

1-2 Hours | Keyless Lock Installation

Installing a keyless door lock will usually take a licensed contractor or handyman around an hour or two depending on whether alterations to the door have to be made.

For a homeowner, the average time is might be double that, if it’s the first time switching out a lock. If it’s a smart lock, the installer will also set up the system and check functionality.  There are not many other costs associated with the installation of a keyless door lock/deadbolt system besides the lock itself, the necessary tools needed, and any removal costs for the old standard lock.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

This is a project that most of you will be able to do yourself.  As long as you’re comfortable with removing the old door knob and deadbolt from the entry door and can follow the directions provided with the lock, then this is definitely a DIY option.  We’ve outlined the basic steps below.

Otherwise, you can hire a handyman, locksmith or an electrician for the work for $50 to $150. Fixr puts it at $50 for labor, but that’s the low end. Homewyse suggests about $100 in labor for the first lock, and about half that per lock for the second and third locks. DIY or Not gives an installation cost of $89 per lock regardless of the number installed, but in our experience, the labor rate per lock will go down when more than one lock is installed.

Step 1:  Remove the old deadbolt and door knob.

Step 2:  Determine the backset of your door.  The backset is the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the hole in which the deadbolt is located.

Step 3:  Install the keyless door lock system into the door by following the directions that come with the system.

Step 4:  Install the strike plates on the door and jamb and add the doorknob.

Step 5:  Program your access code, if required.

Step 6: Set up the WiFi hub and phone app, if applicable.

Step 7:  Test the functionality of the lock – both mechanically and using the code and/or app.

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