how much is a maid service

Maid Service Overview

Hiring a maid service helps ease the burden of a busy schedule. It frees up time to do things you enjoy, such as spending more time with the family. It’s also a great feeling to come home from work to a spotless home.

A professional housekeeping service will handle all of the routine cleaning tasks in your home. Most services will wipe down counters and appliances, do the dishes, scrub bathroom services, sweep, mop, vacuum, make the beds, dust and straighten/organize. Some do chores like laundry and cat litter; others don’t.

Heavy-duty tasks like window washing and cleaning underneath furniture usually are not included in the price of a standard house cleaning. But you can request that those tasks are done on a monthly or quarterly basis for an additional fee.

How Much Does a Maid Service Cost?

Most maid services charge about $15 to $30 per hour for a routine house cleaning. Rates vary based upon region of the country, the size of your home and how dirty it is. It is not uncommon for cleaning services to set a $50 or $75 minimum to make the trip worth their while.

If you have an average-sized home – around 2,000 square feet, for example – budget anywhere from $80 to $125 for a routine cleaning.

Pros of Hiring a Maid Service

  • Saves time – Think about how many hours per week you spend cleaning. And if you had those hours back, what would you do with the extra time? Hiring a maid service frees up a few precious hours each week to focus on other things.
  • Professional quality – Most maid services have a detailed checklist of items to clean that includes easily-overlooked areas. With a reputable service, you can expect to come home to a spotless house.
Average Maid Service Prices

Cons of Hiring a Maid Service

  • Cost – Hiring a maid service comes with a cost. If you’re on a tight budget or you simply can’t justify paying someone else to do the household chores, it’s probably not worth the extra money.

DIY Cleaning Overview

Cleaning the house is a necessary evil. It may not be a fun task, but who wants to live in filth? The average person spends several hours each week cleaning and straightening the house. Maybe you do a little work each day, or maybe cleaning the whole house is your Saturday morning routine. Everyone has their own style.

DIY Cleaning Cost

The only cost involved in cleaning your own house is the cost of supplies. You need basic items such as a mop, broom and vacuum, as well as household cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom, and special cleaners for washing windows and dusting.

DIY Cleaning Pros

  • Cost – Cleaning your own house is far more economical than hiring a professional cleaning service. If you’re on a tight budget or you have small house that is easy to clean, hiring a professional may not be worth the expense.

DIY Cleaning Cons

  • Time consuming – Cleaning the house can be a time-consuming process. And it doesn’t stay clean for long. Hiring a professional frees up time to focus on other things and ensures that your home receives a thorough cleaning on a regular basis.
  • Tiring – A day spent cleaning can be exhausting, particularly if you’re trying to do the whole house at once. Once you’re done, you may not have much energy left to enjoy the rest of your day.

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