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Tree Stump Removal Overview

A yard littered with tree stumps isn’t very attractive. When you have trees removed, you want the stumps to go along with them. Hiring a professional to do the job takes the burden off of you, making the process faster and easier.

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

The price of professional stump removal depends on the size of the stump, but an average-size stump should cost about $100 to $150. That’s in addition to the cost of cutting down the tree. Stump removal is considered an extra service and it comes at an additional cost.

Tree Stump Removal Pros

  • Saves time – Hiring a professional to do the job saves you hours or days worth of work, depending on how many stumps need to be removed. Spend that free time doing something you enjoy.
  • Saves effort – Removing tree stumps is very difficult manual labor. It is exhausting and requires a considerable amount of strength.
  • Safer – Removing tree stumps requires the use of equipment that can be dangerous if used improperly. Hiring a professional eliminates any risk of injury.
Average Stump Removal Prices

Tree Stump Removal Cons

  • More expensive in some cases – If you’re having multiple stumps removed, hiring a tree service is usually more expensive than renting a grinder and doing the job yourself.
  • Scheduling hassles – When you hire a professional tree service, you have to work around their schedule. The service might be too busy to take the job right away. And if you want to be at home when the job is done, you might have to take some time off of work.

Tree Stump Grinding Overview

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, you can rent a stump grinder to tackle stump removal on your own. Grinders are gas-powered machines that use a rotating disk to chip away at the stump. Stump grinders come in a variety of makes and models, but a 25 horsepower engine and a cutting wheel that is 16 inches in diameter should be adequate for most jobs.

Stump grinders are large and powerful machines, but most are not too difficult to operate. Make sure the rental dealer gives you basic instructions on how to use the machine and discusses proper safety measures.

How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost?

Rentals usually cost about $100 to $200 per day, not including delivery. If you only have one or two stumps to remove, hiring a professional is usually more economical. If you have multiple stumps, you’ll save money by renting a grinder.

Tree Stump Grinding Pros

  • Can share with neighbors – If there are other people in the neighborhood who need stumps removed, you can save a significant amount of money by splitting the cost of a rental and sharing it.
  • No scheduling hassles – When you do the job yourself, there’s no working around someone else’s schedule. You can do the job as soon as you like.

Tree Stump Grinding Cons

  • Hard work – Removing tree stumps is very difficult work. It is demanding, labor intensive and requires a considerable amount of strength.
  • Time consuming – Depending on the number of stumps you need to remove, you could spend several hours or several days on the job.
  • Dangerous – Tree stump grinders can be dangerous if used improperly or by someone with little experience.

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