how long does it take to remodel a bathroom

As with any remodeling project, the time it takes to redo your bathroom depends on the scope of the project. A very simple remodel might take only one or two weeks, while complex jobs can span six weeks or more.

If your bathroom is small and you’re simply having fixtures and flooring replaced (without plumbing work, stripping down to the studs and subfloor, or changing the layout) the remodeling process could take as little as a week or two. Jobs that can be completed in a week or two are usually considered partial remodels; be wary of any contractor who offers to do a complete remodel in such a short time. Chances are, he or she is cutting corners.

Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom

Most complete remodeling projects take three to six weeks. This includes stripping down to the studs and subfloor; installing new plumbing, wiring, fixtures, drywall and flooring; and, in some cases, reconfiguring the layout. Not surprisingly, any job that includes changing the layout is likely to take five to six weeks or more. Any custom work, including custom tiling, can take weeks alone.

None of the time estimates above include the planning and design process. You’ll have to meet with the contractor or designer to plan the remodel, choose materials and wait for the ordered materials to arrive. All of that can take a couple weeks or months. To keep disruption to your home to a minimum, make sure the construction doesn’t start until the contractor has received all fixtures and materials.

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