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Average TV Mounting Installation Prices

Almost everyone has a flat-screen TV these days, and a huge part of the appeal is saving space. Mounting a TV to the wall eliminates the need for bulky entertainment centers. The look is more sleek and streamlined.

But when you’re mounting a TV, there’s little room for error. Mount the TV incorrectly and your expensive new TV could come crashing to the floor. The warranty won’t cover that, unfortunately. If you don’t know how to mount a TV or don’t feel comfortable doing it, hiring a professional is safe alternative.

Can I Hide the Cords?

Yes, absolutely. If you want this done, you’ll need to hire an electrician. The electrician can install an electrical outlet behind where you want the television, then route the cords for the cable box and other devices through the wall and to a closet or some other nook where the devices will sit. Most electricians can also mount the TV. This creates the most streamlined look, but it will cost you in the range of $500 to $1,000.

A much cheaper option is purchasing a cord hider from a home improvement or big box store. A cord hider is a slim box that runs down the length of the wall and holds the cords inside. Most people choose one that is the same color as the wall so it blends in. The box is going to be visible no matter what, but it’s a better look than loose cords.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Flat-Screen TV Mounted?

If you’re going for option two, your expenses will be less. You can hire a contractor or handyman simply to mount the TV for anywhere from $50 to $200 – the job should only take about an hour. You also have to factor in the cost of the mount itself. A good one will set you back $100 to $200. All told, the project should run you anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on local labor rates and who you hire.

Some handymen or contractors will purchase the mount for you and bring it with them for the installation, but it’s probably less expensive to buy your own. It’s important to buy one that is compatible with your TV, so do some research first. The mount needs to compatible with the weight and dimensions of your TV.

For many people, however, mounting a flat-screen TV is a simple DIY job. The process involves finding the studs using a stud finder, then simply following the directions that come with the mount. It’s not a difficult job for someone who’s handy.

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