gas fire pit cost

$800 – $1,150

You can build a permanent gas fire pit in your yard for an average cost of $535 when doing it yourself. If you have a professional landscaper do the job, the average cost goes up to $950, not including the patio it’s built on. This gas fire pit cost estimate cover costs associated with the different options for installing a permanent structure in the yard or on an existing patio or deck.

Average Cost of Gas Fire Pit Installation

The cost of outdoor gas fire pits can range from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on who does the work, the materials used and the location of the pit.

This article discusses the cost of installing a gas fire pit including an ignition switch and gas line, with a pit made of pavers or stones that is permanently added to a yard or patio.

Average Do It Yourself cost

$400 – $750

Average Contractor Installed Cost


Typical Cost Average

$800 – $1,150

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Overview of Permanent Gas Fire Pits

Installing a gas fire pit can be done relatively quickly and will boost your enjoyment of your outdoor living space such as patio or composite deck. While a crackling wood fire is preferred by some, you can’t beat the convenience of pushing a button and having an instant and realistic flame dancing in front of you.

Attractive and functional, a natural gas or propane fire pit extends your outdoor season by providing warmth during chilly spring and fall evenings – and gives off a beautiful flame on any night.

Many gas fire pits are constructed with pavers, and you have the choice to buy a kit that includes pavers or you can design your own with the pavers you choose. Fire rings aren’t generally needed for gas fire pits.

This page of Business Finance News, or cost estimates, includes cost factors, retail costs for supplies including all-in-one gas fire pit kits, labor costs and a discussion of doing it yourself vs hiring a pro. The steps in the project are outlined, so you’ll understand all that is involved.

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Gas Fire Pit Cost Factors

When installing a gas fire pit, cost factors include the type and style of pavers you use, the location you intend to install it, and whether you decided to complete the project yourself or hire a professional.

You’ll also need a plumber or mechanical contractor to install a gas line to the pit location, and a gas shut off valve should be included. Those costs are not included in this outdoor project, so see the links for details. Connecting the fire pit burner to the gas line is part of the price discussed here.

  • Who Does the Work – Running a gas line to the pit will cost $15 – $25 per linear foot. It can have dangerous consequences if not done right, so we recommend hiring a professional for that part of the project.
  • Kit vs Custom Pit – A complete kit will cost $300 – $900 for the pit, and it’s a good option for DIY. Pros generally do custom work, though some might be happy to install a kit. Purchasing the materials individually has the benefit of being able to shop around and get exactly what you want.
  • Location, Location, Location – Choosing open ground usually has lower total cost than placing the pit on an existing patio or building it into your deck because there is less labor involved. If you’ve decided to add the fireplace to your yard, installation will require gravel and leveling sand which will cost around $35 to $50 bought in 40lb bags. Mortar to secure stones or pavers runs about $5 per bag, and most pits require two or three bags.
  • Materials Used – The shape you choose for your fire pit will influence your choice of pavers. If you want a square pit, you’ll probably use rectangular pavers. The price range for rectangular pavers is from $0.60 – $3.00 per block, averaging about $1.75 each. For a round fire pit you’ll need to use trapezoid pavers which cost between $1.00 – $2.00. A round fireplace typically takes fewer bricks for the same size pit because trapezoid pavers are larger. Larger pavers are generally more expensive.

Retail Gas Fire Pit Costs

Here are retail costs for materials and tools for those considering DIY or simply wanting to know where the money costs in a gas fire pit price estimate.


  • $300 – $900 | Paver Fire Pit Kit with an average of about $450 and cost dependent on size and features
  • $0.60 – $3 per Block | Rectangular Pavers with an average of $1.75 each
  • $1 – $2 per Block | Trapezoid Pavers
  • $25 – $400 | Spark Ignition Switch Kit with an average of about $195

Tools and Supplies

  • $7 – $30 | Shovel
  • $40 – $70 | Hand Tamp
  • $70 | Long Level
  • $15 | Mortar
  • $35 – $50 | Gravel and Sand for the Base

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 – $100 | No permit is required for constructing the paver or stone fire pit. However, if you’re also having the gas line installed and the fire pit burner hooked up during construction, those tasks to require a permit and inspection.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Constructing a gas fire pit and hooking up the gas line takes a day or less for most designs. Elaborate and large designs incorporating a patio, walls, etc. can take a week or more. Here’s a look at the time it takes just for the fire pit construction.

  • About an Hour | Prepare the Ground – Remove top soil, install a sand and gravel base, and level the base
  • 2 – 4 Hours | Building the Fire Pit
  • 1-2 Hours | Install and Connect the Gas Burner to the Gas Line – Installation and testing

Costs of Related Projects

Here are common projects homeowners also complete – or choose as an alternative – when considering an outdoor gas fire pit.

A Patio or Deck Enclosure – This is one reason a gas fire pit is preferred to a wood pit – it can be burned beneath an enclosure as long as there is ventilation. The cost of an enclosure averages about $64 per square foot, but there are many factors which affect cost and could make it significantly more affordable or costly.

Pressure Washing the Deck – This will allow the deck to look its best after the installation of the fire pit. This is a good time to stain the deck too, if it’s been a few years and it is due.

Deck Repairs – Of course, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade a deck with a fire pit if the deck needs work. Ask your fire pit installer whether repairs should be made first or after the pit is in place.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

A prominent landscaping industry journal says outdoor fire pits are among the most popular outdoor projects year after year. Home Advisor puts the labor cost to hire a pro at $200 to $480, which is pretty accurate – most costing about $350 to $600 in labor according to our research. So that’s what you can save by constructing your own gas fire pit. Fixr suggests potential savings of $500 to $800, a range which would apply to large and complexly designed pits or one that also included the cost of running the gas line.

Building a permanent gas fire pit isn’t rocket science; it’s an easy to moderate job depending on the intricacy of the design.

In bare ground, the work starts with digging up the grass and removing the top soil down 5 to 8 inches. To make sure the foundation is firm, add gravel and soak the gravel with water so it bonds together. Use a hand tamp to pack the gravel down, and use your level for its purpose. After the foundation is laid, set the first layer of pavers in place one at a time. The first layer of pavers will take the most time to lay. You should take extra time to align each paver individually, then use a long level tool to make sure the pavers across from each other are leveled as well.

Once the foundation and first layer of pavers are set in place the next few steps are simple. Stagger joints when laying the second set of pavers. Make sure the wall of the  fire pit isn’t too tall; some landscapers say the wall shouldn’t exceed 18 inches high. This will help to make sure you’re able to feel the heat of the fire. By the way, it never hurts to look at a few tutorials like this one from Lowes that includes step by step videos.

Hiring a professional to hook up the gas line is recommended. The fire pit can be a bit tedious to build because you need to be thorough when leveling the first layer. It would be a good project to consult a professional for an estimate then decide accordingly.

Pro Tip: If the fire pit will be place on an existing patio, considering hiring the same landscaper or contactor that completed the patio to ensure that the quality of work is the same and the materials used match or complement the patio materials.

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