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Average Cost of Free Standing Gas Fireplace Installation

The average cost range for a free-standing fireplace professionally installed is around $950 for an entry level unit to more than $3,500 for a large unit with premium features such as a fan and built-in thermostat.  Most jobs include running a gas line from an existing line and connecting it to the fireplace. If you already have a gas line and just need the unit connected, research gas appliance hookup costs.

Vent-free fireplaces with installation are on the affordable end of the price spectrum due to lower labor and material costs. Vented free-standing fireplaces are priced toward the upper end. Consider the pros and cons of vent free fireplace before you buy!

Average Do It Yourself cost

$815 – $1,450

Average Contractor Installed Cost

$1,485 – $2,775

Typical Cost Average


Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Overview of Free Standing Gas Fireplaces

A free-standing fireplace, just like a wood pellet stove, turns any location into the coziest spot in the house for an average cost of about $2,335. It’s a great indoor project to get ready for winter weather and the chilly air it brings.

Some sites like Thumbtack suggest an average price closer to $4,000, but the fireplace they list is significantly more expensive than average at $3,200. You’ll see that from our Retail Cost free-standing fireplace price list given below.

These fireplaces are an ideal option for new construction or in existing homes without a traditional fireplace. Because something is actually burning, they’re considered by many a more authentic alternative to an electric fireplace, although a pricier one.

Your two main options are vented and vent-free free-standing fireplaces.

Vented models cost more – essentially the extra cost of installing a vent to carry combustion gases out of the house. The “pros” they offer are peace of mind – exhaust gases don’t enter your living space, and their flame looks more authentic (explained next), more akin to a natural fireplace or a gas log fireplace insert.

Vent free fireplaces, aka ventless fireplaces, are designed to burn natural gas (NG) or propane (LP – liquid propane) so thoroughly that the exhaust gases contain little carbon monoxide. Part of the design are port-like posts in the logs that produce nearly complete burning for safe use, but the resulting flame isn’t quite as natural in appearance. Your cost savings for the project range from about $300 to $1,250 with vent-free fireplace models.

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Free Standing Fireplace Installation Cost Factors

Let’s dig into the details to narrow what your free-standing fireplace cost will be when you get cost estimates.

  • The Fireplace You Choose – Cheap free-standing fireplaces start below $500 for smaller models. With larger size, a blower fan and other features, they can exceed $3,000, with details below.
  • Who Installs the Fireplace – While rare, some homeowners will tackle the job of installation, running and connecting a gas line and wiring, if needed for a fan. Savings can exceed 50% if you DIY. We discuss this option later.
  • Ventilation – The cost to vent a free-standing fireplace can be the largest single factor in the job. A ventless unit saves this cost, and some vented units may require a stainless chimney liner at minimum. Most states regulate their size based on size of the room or home and even the altitude at which the home sits, which affects combustion. All vent-free free-standing fireplaces have oxygen sensors to ensure that the unit doesn’t significantly deplete the room of oxygen.
  • Length of the Gas Line – The further the fireplace is installed from an existing gas line, the higher the materials and labor cost will be.
  • Electrical Requirements – Units with fans require power. When a nearby electrical circuit can handle the extra load, usually 120 volts, then wiring cost is $100 to $250. If a new circuit and line must be added, cost can soar to $500+.
  • Where you Live – Cost of living in your area will affect installation costs. If you order online, distance to your home might also affect shipping costs.

Retail Free-standing Fireplace Cost – Unit and Supplies

How much is the total package for a free standing fireplace? It depends greatly on the model, type and accessories you choose.

Here are sample free-standing fireplace prices and the cost of installation supplies and accessories.

Your options range from simple free standing fireplaces that emit radiant heat to advanced fireplace models with blowers, thermostat remotes and aesthetic accessories like an interior brick liner and decorative doors.

If you buy from a fireplace store, expect the salesperson to seek to upsell you on extras or at least make you aware of them for current or future consideration.

Free-standing Fireplaces

  • $325 | Pleasant Hearth 20,000 BTU Vent-free, Free Standing Fireplace without Blower Fan
  • $600 | Duluth Forge 26,000 BTU Free Standing Ventless Fireplace with Thermostat and Remote (No Blower)
  • $800 | Kingsman 28” 50,000 BTU Vent Free, Free Standing Fireplace (No Blower or Burner – see below)
  • $850 | Buck Stove 25,000 BTU Vent-free Fireplace with Blower
  • $1675 | Ashley Hearth Cast Iron 31,000 BTU Vent-free, Free Standing Stove with Enameled Porcelain and Log Set (No Blower)
  • $2,250 | Napoleon 19” 20,000 BTU Direct Vent Free-standing Fireplace (No Blower)
  • $3,150 | Napoleon 23” Bayfield 24,500 BTU Direct Vent Fireplace with Blower
  • $3,850 | Napoleon 27” 35,000 BTU Free Standing Fireplace with Blower


  • $80 – $350 | Blower Fan Accessory – Cost depends on airflow CFM and whether it has a variable speed motor.
  • $100 – $200 | Thermostatic Remote – with Sensor in the remote, so that the fireplace heats until the remote thermostat is satisfied (Keep the remote near you to optimize comfort).
  • $100 – $175 | Decorative Brick Liner
  • $335 – $650 | Wall Kits for Direct Vent Stoves
  • $475 – $750 | Natural Gas or Propane Burner Assembly – Most fireplaces come with a burner. Many come ready to burn NG but can be easily converted to LP by switching out the burner port with the one included. A few, like the Kingsman above, do not. The burner assembly for the type of fuel you burn is sold separately.

By the way, if all you want is extra heat in an room of your home and these numbers bust the budget, consider a simple, affordable baseboard heater.

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $50 – $125 | Gas lines and electrical wiring require separate permits. While some DIY installers are tempted to skip the permit, it is both unlawful and may put their family or future owners of the home at risk.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Plumbing contractors and handyman services know what they need to make per hour to be profitable. Most work with an estimate of $45 to $100 per hour based on their overhead costs. You’ll pay more for installation if a contractor who specializes in these appliances does the work. But you might have greater peace of mind that the installation is “perfect.”

Installation time for a free standing fireplace depends on the steps involved. Here are specifics:

  • Less than  2 hours | Setting the Fireplace in Place
  • 1-3 Hours| Installing and Connecting the Gas Line
  • 4-6 Hours | Installing a Chimney Liner if needed.
  • 1-3 Hours | Installing Wiring and a Circuit Breaker, if Needed
  • 4-6 Hours | Installing the Vent, if Needed

DIY or Hire a Pro?

We are hesitant to recommend DIY when gas lines and hookups and possibly electrical work is done. But you know your skill set and experience level.

If you DIY, take your time; don’t cut corners and double-check everything. This 6-minute video is a good overview with a lot of excellent tips for installing a direct vent free standing fireplace, and there are many others available. The manufacturer of the stove you choose likely has installation guides and videos too to help you decide if DIY is right for you – and if it is, getting it done properly and safely.

Our recommendation is to hire a professional to install your free standing fireplace.

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