DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Everyone loves being outdoors. There is something about fresh air, food, and socializing that livens people’s moods up. Apart of the outdoor experience comes the ambiance of the lighting. Having the right outdoor lighting can add a lot to a party or relaxing getaway from the outside world. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the spectacular ambiance.

DIY projects are the perfect way for any homeowner to feel truly proud of their home not to mention the money saved by utilizing your items you might have lying around your home, but also, let’s face it your cheap labor, ha! You certainly don’t pay yourself, but you do get rewarded with some creative and unique projects to show off to your friends and family – especially nosey neighbors. Check out our list of DIY Outdoor Lighting Tips & Ideas to get the neighbors talking.

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#1 Wine Bottle Torch Lights

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Here is a stunning approach to outdoor tiki lighting. A few simple tools and you will have yourself a beautiful ambiance while upcycling all those old wine bottles that you’ve accumulated from many outdoor parties. Tutorial

#2 Tin Can Lanterns

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Don’t recycle those empty vegetable cans!! Now, calm down, We weren’t advocating against recycling. What we ARE advocating for is to upcycle those tin cans into something extraordinary. Something you wouldn’t think to do with a boring empty can that once held your family creamed corn.

Turn those empty tin cans lying in the recycling bin into lanterns that will be sure to make your entire family even happier about eating their vegetables.

#3 Cupcake Liner Lights

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Overestimated how many cupcakes you needed for that fundraiser? If yes, you’re now looking at a stack of unused and unneeded cupcake liners. Here’s an awesome solution – why not treat your backyard to some yummy treats? A creative DIY lighting made out of cupcake liners!

#4 Glass Candle Tuna Can Lighting

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Have multiple cats or a tuna lover in your home? Chances are you are stuck with a large stack of empty tin tuna/cat food cans. Turn that clutter into beautiful lighting for your driveway or as a border for your bed of flowers and plants.

#5 Hanging Tea Lights

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It’s quite rare to meet a DIYer or anyone that doesn’t have some tea lights or mason jars lurking in the garage or shed somewhere. Make use of these low-cost materials and allow them to transform your next party! These will look fabulous for an outdoor wedding, Easter egg hunt, birthday party, etc.

#6 Glow in the Dark Flower Pot

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It’s such a shame when the sun goes down that your precious flowers and plants can’t continue to show off your green thumb skills to the passerby’s driving by your home at nighttime. Or can they?

Thanks to the advent of glow in the dark paint – You can now paint your flower pots to illuminate your skills at nighttime, and it will not enhance your electric bill!

#7 Wine Glass Lantern

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Not much of a wine drinker, but have a large assortment of wine glasses try turning them into table lanterns. This look will look beautiful for any outdoor social gathering or if you’re hosting another person’s backyard wedding. All you will need are some lamp shade vellums or a DIY lamp shade and you’re well on your way to having a unique and stunning outdoor ambiance.

#8 Happy Birthday Lighting

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Are you hosting a birthday party to a bunch of party poopers that don’t like to wear party hats, but you long to keep the tradition alive? Well, turn those party hats into the light of the party in this fantastically creative birthday hat lantern lighting that is so easy and affordable.

Not only do you still get to have birthday hats apart of the tradition while making the guest happy – you save money on expensive outdoor party lighting!

#9 Seashell Lights

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Many families have boxes full of seashell mementos from vacations that a. They don’t know what to do with or b. They’ve utilized plenty of the seashells in their scrapbooking to fulfill a hundred years worth of albums. So, what to do with the rest of the seashells collected off of those romantic walks on the beach?

Give them life while they give you light. A beautiful approach to outdoor lighting using memories collected by your loved ones.

#10 Twine Garland

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Everyone in the DIY community is fully aware of the trend circulating projects involving twine, and this twine ball lantern garland makes no exception.

It is so simple to do. All you need to do is inflate a balloon to the diameter you want your lighting “orbs” to be and then apply vaseline onto the inflated balloon to avoid the twine from sticking to the balloon.

Next, you will get equal parts of glue and water and dip your pieces of twine into the mixture and continuously wrap the yarn around the balloon and keep the yarn in a loop. Once you’ve completely covered the balloon in twine apply more of the glue mixture to the outsides and let sit for two days. After 48-hours POP the balloon and insert your LED lights. Wallah – Instant DIY garland for both outdoor and indoor parties.


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