bromine vs chlorine hot tub

Bromine Hot Tubs Overview

Bromine is an alternative to chlorine that emerged in the 1980s. Like chlorine, it is an effective sanitizer. However, it is not as popular or well known.

Most hot tubs can be treated with either bromine or chlorine, although the manufacturer may recommend one or the other for optimal performance. Bromine is typically sold in tablets or granules that go into a floating dispenser.

How Much Do Bromine Hot Tubs Cost?

A 25-pound bucket of bromine tablets sells for about $100 to $125, while a 50-pound bucket sells for around $150 to $200.

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Bromine Hot Tubs Pros

  • Better for high heat – Bromine performs better than chorine at high temperatures. It dissolves better and has more stable disinfecting qualities in water hotter than 75 degrees.
  • No chlorine smell – Bromine does have an odor, but it’s generally considered less offensive than chlorine. It is also less irritating to the eyes and skin, and it’s not as harsh on bathing suits.
  • Lasts longer – A bromine treatment can last seven days or longer, while chlorine needs to be added about every other day.

Bromine Hot Tubs Cons

  • More expensive – Bromine is significantly more expensive than chlorine. In some cases, it’s two or three times the cost.
  • Complicated system – Bromine is a more complicated system than chlorine. It needs to be distributed through a floating feeder or cartridge system. You need to understand the sanitation process well before switching to bromine in order to ensure that it works properly.
  • Lower pH – Bromine has a lower pH, so it has a harder time oxidizing lotions and oils that come off of your skin.
Bromine vs Chlorine Hot Tubs

Chlorine Hot Tubs Overview

Chlorine is the oldest and most popular method of sanitizing hot tubs and spas. The chemical disinfectant is sold in tablets or granules that dissolve almost instantly.
Chlorine is well known for its powerful sanitizing qualities, as well as the distinctive odor. It’s highly effective at killing germs and bacteria, but it also can be irritating to the skin and eyes.

Compare How Much Chlorine Hot Tubs Cost?

A 25-pound bucket of chlorine tablets sells for about $50, while a 50-pound bucket goes for around $100.

Chlorine Hot Tubs Pros

  • Less expensive – Chlorine is significantly less expensive than bromine.
  • Easier to use – Chlorine doesn’t require any type of special feeding floater or cartridge system. Simply drop the proper amount into your hot tub.
  • Higher pH – Chlorine has a higher pH than bromine, so it is more effective at oxidizing lotions and oils.

Chlorine Hot Tubs Cons

  • Unpleasant odor – Chlorine has a stronger odor than bromine that many people consider unpleasant. It’s also more likely to irritate your skin and eyes.
  • Not as effective in high heat – Chlorine doesn’t perform as well as bromine in high temperatures. It doesn’t dissolve or disinfect as well in temperatures higher than 75 degrees.
  • Doesn’t last as long – Chlorine needs to be added about every other day, while one bromine treatment can last a week or longer.

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