belt vs chain garage door opener

Belt Garage Door

Belt Garage Door Overview

Belt and chain garage door openers are similar, except for what’s known as the drive system. Belt garage door openers have a flexible rubber belt that “drives” the door (opens and closes it) by sliding up and down on a stationary rail.

Belt Garage Door Openers Cost

Belt garage door openers usually cost anywhere from $250 to $500. The more you spend, the more rugged and powerful the opener will be. More expensive models tend to have advanced features such as battery backup systems so that they work when the power is out. Many pricier models also feature technology that allows the doors to be opened and closed remotely from a computer or smartphone.

Belt Garage Door Openers Pros

  • Smoother – A belt makes for smoother lifting and lowering. The door won’t bounce as it goes up or down.
  • Quieter – Belt are much quieter than chains. If your garage is located near bedrooms or other quiet spaces, a belt opener is the way to go.
  • Faster – A belt opener slides up and down faster than a chain opener. However, it still won’t operate at blazing speeds. For safety reasons, you don’t want a garage door opener that moves too quickly.

Belt Garage Door Openers Cons

  • More expensive – Belt garage door openers are usually more expensive. Plan on spending at least $100 more.
  • Not as strong – Belts are more likely to snap or break that chains because they’re made of rubber, not metal.

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Chain Garage Door Overview

Chain garage door openers, as the name suggests, use a chain to open and close. The metal chain slides along the stationary rail for lifting and lowering.

Chain Garage Door Openers Cost

Chain garage door openers typically range in price from $150 to $400. As with belt garage doors, more expensive models will be more rugged and more technologically advanced.

Chain Garage Door Openers Pros

  • Stronger – Chains are made of metal, an extremely strong and durable material. They are less likely to break than rubber belts.
  • Less expensive – Chain garage door openers are usually cheaper. On average, you’ll save about $100 by opting for a chain opener instead of a belt.
  • Readily available – Chain openers are more common, so they’re readily available at home improvement and big box stores. You’ll find a greater selection than with belt openers.

Chain Garage Doors Openers Cons

  • Louder – Chain garage door openers are much louder than belts because the metal chain slides up and down a metal rail. They’re not ideal for attached garages, particularly if the garage is next to a bedroom.
  • Not as smooth – With a chain opener, the door is likely to bounce around when it goes up and down. The lift is not as smooth.

Author: Ashley Smith

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