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Once little more than a place to let the kids play or grill some burgers, backyards are transforming. Modern homeowners look at the backyard as an extension of their living space. They want it be as comfortable and serene as the home’s interior.

The upgrade possibilities for your outdoor space are almost endless. There are outdoor kitchens, pools, hot tubs, fire pits and covered patios – to name a few. One feature that continues to grow in popularity is the water feature or, more specifically, backyard waterfalls.

Backyard waterfalls create not just an attractive landscape, but a calm and relaxing environment. The sound of a waterfall creates a peaceful backdrop while you’re working in the garden, relaxing in the sun or entertaining friends.

How Much Does a Garden Waterfall Cost?

A garden waterfall can be as small and simple or as large and elaborate as you’d like. Not surprisingly, size and complexity drive the price. You could spend as little as $300 or upwards of $20,000.

Backyard Waterfall
  • A freestanding waterfall that requires no installation, aside from simply putting it in place, might cost $300-$2,000, depending on the size of the waterfall and the materials used to construct it.

  • A custom water garden usually costs anywhere from about $5,000-$15,000. These projects include significant planning and labor on the part of the contractor or landscape designer.

Keep in mind that these prices are meant to be guidelines. They represent average costs. With custom jobs, the price can quickly climb as waterfalls get larger or more elaborate. Undoubtedly, there’s someone out there who spent $100,000 on a waterfall.

To keep the cost reasonable, set a budget in advance and stick to that budget. Rank the features that are most important so that you know what to cut out if necessary. Always seek multiple quotes to compare prices before hiring anyone.

Designing Your Garden Waterfall

The look of a garden waterfall varies greatly from one the next. Some are more natural in appearance, while others are more architectural. Some waterfalls cascade into a coy-filled pool, while others are pondless, slowly winding throughout the yard.

The materials you choose have huge impact on the final design. A waterfall made of marble is going to look very different than one built with reclaimed stone. Vegetation also makes a big impact on the overall look.

If you’re planning to have a waterfall built, you should first give some thought to the style and design. Browse landscape design websites or magazines and look to Houzz for inspiration. Having an idea of what you like will help the designer come up with a plan. When you’re deciding among designers and/or contractors, choose a company that is genuinely interested in hearing your ideas and bringing them to life.

Author: Ashley Smith

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