24 Backyard Garden Bridge Ideas

#1 Enhancing Footbridge Over Artificial creek

beautiful japanese style garden bridge design for backyards

(Source: homerenovations.about.com)

A wonderfully made artificial creek and a japanese style footbridge going over it sure brings out the beauty of nature

#2 Stunning Redwood Japanese Style Garden Bridge

Japanese style redwood walk bridge

(Source: redwoodgardenbridges.com)

Wooden bridge with lighted head post arched over a small pond

#3 A Spectacular Cedar Wood Bridge

Spectacular cedar wooden bridge over a pool

(Source: cedarbridgeshop.com)

A handcrafted wooden bridge to overlap either a pool or pond really adds style to any backyard scene

#4  Rock Structured landscaping with footbridge

 a wonderful tropical bridge overlapping fish pond

(Source: houzz.com)

An artificially made fish pond structured by large rocks and showcased a beautiful wooden bridge

#5 Asian Garden with Bridge Over Fish Pond

Japanese landscaping design ideas

A breathtaking tropical garden with all the trimmings. A wooden gazebo overlooking an artificial fish pond that is overlapped by an eye-popping red bridge while surrounded by beautiful landscaping

#6 Country Landscape with Wooden Garden Bridge


(Source: zillow.com)

Country style landscaping with a gray wooden garden bridge and pathway

#7 Concrete Foot-Bridge

concrete style pillar bridge over creek

(Source: homestratospher.com)

A pillar style bridge made of concrete providing a clean path from the shallow pond

#8  Organic Style Bridge

organic style bridge for backyward

(Source: homestratosphere.com)

Japanese style bridge showcasing an organic appearance with an ornate lantern

#9 A unique rustic style bridge

country style rustic arched bridge

(Source: homestratosphere.com)

A unique rustic style arched bridge perfect to protect you from stepping foot into the shallow creek

#10 Crossing Bridge Leading the Way to your Child’s Playhouse

(Source: kidspacestuff.com)

If your child enjoys playing in the backyard with a playhouse this is an amazing addition. An arched crossing bridge just what your child needs for their creative imagination

#11 Patio Bridge With Lighting

(Source: state-homes.com)

Well-lit wooden arched bridge perfect for the nighttime stroll in the garden

#12 Stunning  Arched Bridge & Landscaping

(Source: blog.gardenlovers.com)

Need a conversation starter? Look no further with this country style arched bridge that is incredibly unique

#13 Stone Bridge Over Stream

(Source: homedit.com)

Not into the traditional bridge designs? How about one made of rock and stone? Here is a stunning and different approach to bridges – made of stone and boulders

#14 Asian Style Landscape and Bridge

(Source: interiordesignwiki.com)

Enchanting Asian style landscaping with a flush wooden deck utilized as a pathway to a pavillion surrounding by beautiful statues and waterfalls

#15 Metal Walk-Bridge Design

(Source: susanheyboerokeefe.com)

Everywhere you look there are wooden bridges and for good reason as they are strong and beautiful. However, how about an equally strong and beautiful metal bridge? I like the rail designs on each side adds a lot of character to a rocky location.

#16 Stunning Japanese Wood Bridge

(Source: decoist.com)

A beautiful contemporary design in Japanese style and a stunning lighted bridge arched over a pool of exotic fish

#17 Great Bridges in Small Statures

(Source: redwoodgardenbridges.com)

You don’t need a large backyard to enjoy a beautiful wooden bridge small enough to provide a pathway over a tiny decorative pond

#18 Garden Bridge with Waterfall Landscaping

(Source: redwoodgardenbridges.com)

Another small bridge that adds life to an already stunning landscaping design featuring rock structures and waterfall

#19 Custom Designed Bridge Adds Elegance

(Source: cedarbridgeshop.com)

A custom designed bridge with metal railings paving the way to a wonderland of flowers  and statues

#20 Victorian Designed Foot-Bridge

(Source: fifthroom.com)

Taken out of a picture book this beautiful victorian style bridge made of vinyl is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the scenery

#21 A Charming Garden with a Small Wooden Bridge

(Source: decorhomeideas.com)

Such a charming little bridge for a cozy looking garden – a little oasis

#22 A Peaceful Garden Escape

(Source: architectureartdesigns.com)

A peaceful escape with a stunning landscaping fully designed with a cute little wooden bridge arched over a pebbled design surrounded by beautiful foliage

#23 Pebbled Bridge Design

(Source: thewowdecor.com)

Well-creafted wooden arched bridge equipped to walk one through avoiding a wet pond or the scary thought of stepping on a mass of pebbles – ha 🙂

#24 Footbridge of Stone

(Source: decorationdelmaison.blogspot.com)

A wonderfully design stone footbridge over a pond with nature’s beautiful accents.

That was some crafty and stunning looking footbridges that are perfect for any type of landscape. If you found this post helpful, feel free to share or tag someone in this post : )

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