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GPS Tracking Companies In USA

There are a lot of benefits to having a system that tracks your company’s fleet. Installing GPS Fleet Tracker software can add both security and cost savings.

The general purpose of a fleet tracking system is to have the ability to monitor your fleet in real time. With updated technology, you have additional capabilities.

With the right software, you can receive real-time mapping, maintenance alerts, driver dispatch, and analytic reporting. A few feature the best, today’s technology has to offer.

If you need to get away from the office, choose a system with mobile capabilities.

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best GPS fleet tracking companies.

1. Agile FleetCommander

Fleet Commander offers a full suite of web-based products to manage your fleet. The great part is it’s all web-based.

100% automation means customers can track their packages, and drivers have access to online portals that eliminate the need for emailing important data. It also gives drivers the ability to see schedules and reserve vehicles.

Automation rolls over to dispatch duties and managing key assignments. Fleet Commander reporting is easily accessible and always up to the minute.

2. ATTI Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.

If reporting is important to you and your business, ATTI offers over 20 different reports for you to analyze your fleet and employee performance.

ATTI is attractive to businesses of all size fleets. Whether you are just starting out and growing your fleet or already established, their technology can be of great benefit.

The GPS technology monitors fuel consumption, mileage, and when the vehicle is stopped. Their impressive technology also monitors drivers via mobile devices and can help reduce the need for overtime.

With ATTI, you can also help clients plan their day by providing accurate delivery times.

3. Azuga Fleet

Azuga GPS fleet tracking is all about revolutionizing safety with a mobile app geared towards the service industry.

They allow you to protect your fleet with dispatcher alerts that can thwart thefts by sending alerts when vehicles start. Their app can also track assets allowing you the tools to assist law enforcement with recovery efforts.

One of its safety features is its distracted driving prevention that detects drivers who may be texting or taking calls.

4. Brickhouse Security

If you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term contract, Brickhouse Security offers month-to-month service for GPS fleet tracking.

Whether you are looking for battery operated or hard-wired devices, they have several options to choose from including portable OBD devices. Brickhouse not only tracks your fleet but can also monitor employees and ensure asset delivery.

If you have budget concerns there is sure to be something in your price range.

5. CalAmp

The one feature that makes CalAmp stand out from the competition is their analytical data arrived from the use of Breadcrumb trails.

Other GPS fleet tracking providers offer breadcrumb technology. It’s CalAmp’s analytics that goes beyond mapping and provides easy to read in-depth performance analysis.

With a wide array of products to choose from, CalAmp can assist with formulating a comprehensive plan to meet all of your business requirements.

6. Fleetistics

No fleet is too small for Fleetistics. Contracts are available regardless of the size of your fleet. Whether you are looking for GPS fleet tracking for 1 vehicle or 100 they can service your needs.

In addition to standard tracking and reporting, Fleetistics offers Driver ID. With this service, drivers are assigned a key fob for better time-keeping and tracking.

With the services provided, you can run an efficient operation and measure areas requiring improvement.

7. GPSInsight

GPSInsight offers many of the features most GPS fleet tracking systems provide.

The stand-out feature for GPSInsights is the implementation of electronic logs (E-Logs) technology. E-Logs ensure FMCSA compliance, which is mandated by the DOT. Drivers would also complete their daily driver vehicle inspection reports via this tool.

E-Logs also assist businesses with driver logistics and helps monitor their hours on the road.

Cost saving measures is also a plus with E-Logs. Companies can cut down on or eliminate the cost of paper forms because all data will be entered electronically. By using E-Logs many reporting errors are eliminated.

Drivers using E-Logs have fewer compliance violations in relation to mandated breaks and vehicle maintenance.

8. NexTraq

Here is another company that ranks high in its reporting abilities. More impressive is its offering of free Fuel Card Integration (FCI).

With the data available, businesses can easily track fuel costs and vehicle maintenance purchases. A company can monitor purchasing trends and direct drivers to more cost efficient gas stations for refueling.

FCI allows users to attach data reporting options to 20 fuel cards. For added benefits, businesses can qualify for the NexTraq’s Universal Premium FleetCard by MasterCard.

9. Rhino Fleet Tracking

No contracts and a low flat monthly fee make it hard to overlook Rhino Fleet Tracking.

Rhino offers all of the standard features for quality GPS fleet tracking systems. Their listing includes OBD II, at least 15 standard reports, Google Maps for tracking, and email or text alerts to keep you and your dispatchers in contact with drivers.

Their mobile app allows you to monitor your fleet from anywhere, all for under $20 a month.

10. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman’s signature product is the cloud-based DIRECTOR. The DIRECTOR is designed to empower fleet owners to make the best and smartest decisions for their business.

The product delivers the latest technology on a single platform. DIRECTOR is crossover software capable of handling fleet tracking for multiple industries.

Small business all the way up to large enterprises with large fleets will love DIRECTOR. The fleet management solutions include E-log dashboards for dispatchers and managers, as well as in-cab tablet apps for drivers.

In addition, you receive the latest reporting and map tracking.

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