best gps fleet tracking systems

Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

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We describe here the best GPS fleet tracking systems encompassing fleet management features for all types of mobile assets, GPS telematics, and geofencing, along with compliance with HoS regulation from federal agencies 1.

The right fleet management software can also significantly improve day-to-day operations and the financial success of your business. In fact, according to a survey by FMS provider Teletrac, 55% of respondents were able to reduce costs and keep assets and drivers safer thanks to driver monitoring (32%), speed prevention, (26%), and fatigue monitoring (30%), all common features of fleet management software.

Fleet management software (FMS) enables businesses to manage, organize, and coordinate vehicles and other mobile assets, like cranes or cargo containers. This is made possible thanks to GPS trackers, which are  installed in vehicles and relay location information and other metrics like speed and engine status.

FMS collects and displays this information, giving companies a clearer picture of their operations. Thus, businesses can make informed decisions on how best to dispatch vehicles, organize routes, distribute loads, schedule maintenance, and ensure driver safety.

FMS is used in a wide range of industries. For example, it helps airlines to coordinate flights, taxi companies to dispatch cars, construction companies to keep track of trucks, rigs and cranes, food and beverage companies to safely and quickly move food, governments and schools to manage buses and public transportation. If your business makes use of vehicles or mobile assets, your operations would likely benefit from using the right FMS.

  • GPS fleet tracking systems can help you improve driver safety, optimize fleet performance, maintain vehicle health, and comply with laws and regulations.
  • Industries that typically use GPS fleet tracking solutions include transportation, construction, utilities, heavy equipment, agriculture, landscaping, retail and manufacturing, distribution, government and public safety, and food and beverage.
  • The cost of a fleet tracking system typically involves an upfront fee for each tracking device and a monthly fee for the tracking service capabilities.
  • This article is for small business owners and fleet managers who are looking for a GPS fleet tracking system to manage their fleet.

GPS fleet tracking is a management system that businesses in transportation industries, such as trucking and car services, often use to monitor company assets, including vehicles, equipment, and drivers. GPS fleet tracking systems (telematics) allow companies to know where their merchandise and equipment are in near-real time and provide useful data about fleets and driver performance. Understanding what a telematics solution is lets you see how it can help your business reduce costs (such as fuel consumption), manage vehicle maintenance, monitor your mobile workforce, and maintain driver safety and compliance. Equally important is knowing which solution is best for your business. We evaluated fleet tracking companies to determine which ones are best for various types of business. When making our choices, we looked at cost, ease of use, hardware and software options, and customer service. You can view our top GPS fleet tracking services below or check out our guide to choosing a GPS fleet tracking system first.


The specific features you need in a GPS tracking service depend on several factors, including your industry, the type of vehicle or equipment you need to track, the size of the fleet, and the metrics you need to monitor. There are some aspects every business should consider when looking for a GPS tracking service, though.

GPS Vehicle Tracking And Geofencing

The advantages of knowing the location of your vehicle at all times are innumerable. If it’s stuck in traffic, you can re-route to reach the destination faster. You can keep the client updated on the estimated time of arrival (ETA). You can efficiently reduce the wait or idle time while loading or unloading. Also, in case any of your vehicles need assistance due to a broken down vehicle, accident, or theft, you can get them the help they need immediately. 

An essential feature of any FMS. The best GPS trackers enable users to see where mobile assets are at any time, anywhere in the world. Faster update speeds make for more powerful analytics, while satellite GPS, although slower than cellular, is more reliable in rural areas. 

With a GPS tracker, you can stay updated about your asset no matter where they are. Additionally, in case of theft, you can retrieve them fast using real-time location updates. 

When you think of GPS, you probably think “location” – and rightfully so. An essential feature of every GPS fleet tracker is its ability to track vehicles’ locations and navigation. Nearly every GPS tracking service we researched offers some degree of geofencing. A geofence is a predefined virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic location. If a vehicle or asset moves outside of that geofence, you get an alert. Although the extent of the geofence monitoring varies across different services, they generally record at least basic information like geofence arrivals and departures.

Hardware and Installation

There are two types of GPS tracking hardware devices: OBD II plug-and-play and hardwired. The plug-and-play device is popular because it is easy to insert and remove from the OBD II port on any vehicle. This is especially useful for businesses that need to transfer the same GPS tracking device to different vehicles. Hardwired devices are more labor-intensive to install. Some services will hardwire the device for you, and some won’t.

Other common tracking devices are dual dashboard cameras for video telematics, asset trackers, trailer trackers and heavy equipment trackers. Another type of hardware is a driver ID reader. With these devices, drivers use a key when they operate the vehicle.


Once installed and set up, most GPS tracking software is relatively easy to use. The cloud-based software often has an intuitive dashboard where you can view alerts and other data. Most software has corresponding mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Be sure to test the software before you sign a contract.

Driver Tracking

Human resources are often a business’s greatest liability. Keep track of aggressive driving, unnecessary idle time or stops, recurring distractions, and more with driver IDs and tracking. This also helps you ensure all driver licenses are valid, compliant, and correct for the vehicle type.

When your drivers are hitting on the road, you cannot expect to contact them via cellphone. It creates a huge communication gap between a fleet manager and remote workers. 

But with a GPS tracker, you can fill this gap and know the whereabouts of them 24/7.

With GPS devices and FMS, you are in constant contact with your driver and vehicle. This makes communicating back and forth with your driver redundant. With immediate alerts and notifications, you are in charge of everything happening in your fleet and can streamline the operations for efficient functioning.

Real-time notifications

Although most companies claim real-time reporting, they are often actually near-real time, giving you updates every 10 to 120 seconds. Only a few companies we researched offer second-to-second reporting.

TipTip: If real-time reporting is important to you, make sure the vendor you select truly offers it. Only a few of the companies we reviewed offer reporting from one second to the next.

Alerts for speeding, accidents, engine problems, route divergence, geofencing, and more, can help you run a tighter ship, reduce costs, and improve driver behavior.

Route optimization

One of the best ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, route optimization reduces travel time, idling, and even overtime by finding the best routes based on multiple vehicle locations.


Communicate instantly and effectively with drivers, sending new job information, scheduling, pickup or drop-off locations, geofencing updates, and more, to serve more customers in less time.


A comprehensive Fleet Management Solution must be able to assist you in complete driver management including payroll, compliance with hours of service, as well as driving behavior. You can set alerts for bad driving instances like hard braking, crossing speed limits, unauthorized routes, and more which can help you in training your driver in safe driving habits, thereby increasing their safety. Many solutions also come with dash-cams that are extremely helpful in cases of thefts and accidents, and the recording from the dash-cams are admissible evidence in the court of law. 

Reporting drives growth and improvements to fleet management. Generate reports of fuel usage per driver, manage risks and assess safety patterns, monitor engine and vehicle performance over time, and more.

A modern telematics solution can provide you with a detailed report of your driver’s driving behavior. So you can know their conduct on the road and take steps to avoid any unfortunate events beforehand. 

Most GPS fleet trackers send you alerts to inform you of your drivers’ performance and safety, the condition of your fleet, and the optimal routes. You can tailor the nature and frequency of these alerts to your preferences. The software can compile the data into easy-to-read reports, which you can use to make important business decisions that cut costs and improve your fleet’s performance.

Fuel efficiency

Trackers that link with vehicles wirelessly or through an OBDII connection can give you information on tire pressure, engine efficiency, and more, to reduce fuel costs.

ELD Compliance

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Compliance is an enforced standard that makes it easier to track, manage and share drivers’ records of dusty status (RODS), and ultimately create a safer working environment for drivers. 

Vehicle maintenance

Maintaining the health of your fleet is imperative to reduce costs and increase safety and performance. GPS tracking software can record the fuel level, battery voltage, odometer, coolant and engine temperature of each company vehicle.

It also provides maintenance reminders based on metrics like time, distance, mileage and engine hours. This is crucial to ensure your vehicles operate at peak performance, especially if they travel often or cover long distances.

Minimize the risks of having two or more vehicles out for maintenance at the same time, and monitor repeated, unexpected maintenance as assets age to avoid breakdowns or accidents.

A GPS tracking solution will also help you to stay forward with the maintenance dates of different vehicles in your fleet. It will send you notifications to let you know the correct time to send the truck to the service center.

Driver safety

One of the most useful GPS fleet tracking features is the ability to track drivers. Most systems have the ability to track driver behavior, such as harsh driving, speeding, hard braking, acceleration, cornering, idling, fuel usage, cell phone distractions, unauthorized usage and engine on/off times. This data can be compiled to create driver scorecards so you can see who your best drivers are and who needs extra training.

FYIFYI: All the GPS fleet tracking vendors that made our list let you track drivers’ behavior, including whether they are speeding, hitting their brakes hard, or using their mobile phones. That data can help you ensure the safety of your drivers and their cargo.

Respond quickly and appropriately to breakdowns and accidents, anywhere in the world. Contact emergency crews, send rescue vehicles, and ensure proper incident reporting for insurance claims. 

A number of key factors entered into our decision on which fleet management providers to feature. First, we looked at pricing, to get an idea of which providers are best for which budgets, based on different features and trackers. This helps us provide you with the best possible fit for your needs, without breaking the bank.


When the vehicles are well maintained and their driving routes are optimized, they use less fuel and have lesser emissions. This makes your business sustainable and environment-friendly.


FMCSA, DVIR, and DoT have certain regulations regarding driving hours to ensure safer roads. To meet these regulations, you need to have an approved GPS fleet device or an Electronic Logging Device.

By complying with DoT regulation for Hours of Service, you can ensure that your drivers are not overworked and safe. 


With all the data collected and the reports generated by an all-inclusive FMS, you can make an informed decision and improve the performance as well as productivity of your business. 


Several insurance providers offer a sizable discount on insurance premiums if authorized, licensed, and approved GPS –enabled fleet solutions are being used by a fleet.

Customer Support

Finally, we looked at what kind of support and customer service is available. This included anonymously contacting user support to get a better idea of the knowledge, speediness, and friendliness of customer support agents.

The level of customer support given to GPS tracking service users can vary. Most companies offer free live demos and phone and email support, but some take it one step further and offer live chat support. The best GPS tracking services offer dedicated support representatives as well.


VendorUse caseEditor’s scoreContract lengthPricingRefresh rateHardware typeDashcamDriver safety toolsGeofencingMobile appFree trialMoney-back guarantee
SamsaraSmall businesses9.45/103 yearsCustom30 secondsPlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesFree demoYes
Verizon ConnectMidsize fleets9.02/103 yearsCustom30 secondsPlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesFree demoYes
ClearPath GPSAffordability9.24/10No contract$20 per month per vehicle for Standard package; $25 per month for Pro package; $30 per dashcam30 secondsPlug-and-play devicesYesYesYesYesFree demoYes
Force by MojioDriver accountability9.4/10No contract$18 per month per vehicle10 secondsPlug-and-play devicesNoYesYesYesYesYes
AzugaEase of use9.3/103 yearsCustom30 secondsPlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesFree demoYes
FleetUpCustomer support9.14/10CustomCustom10 secondsPlug-and-play devicesYesYesYesYesYesYes
GPS TrackitReporting9.34/10No contractCustomLess than a minutePlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesFree demoYes
JobberHome service businesses9/10No contract$70 per month for up to 7 users on Connect plan; $140 a month for up to 30 users on Grow planNot disclosedPlug-and-play devicesYesYesYesYesYesYes
KeepTruckinEasy implementation9.5/10Custom$15 to $70 per month, depending on hardware2 secondsPlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesYesYes
NexTraqSafety features9.24/10CustomCustomNot disclosedPlug-and-play and hardwired devicesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Teletrac NavmanVehicle maintenance9.1/10CustomCustomNot di

CompanyEditor’s scoreBest use casePlug-and-play or hardwired installationStarting priceFree trialRefresh timeMobile appCustomer service available
Samsara92/100Small BusinessesPlug-and-playCustom quoteNoReal timeYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
Verizon Connect91/100Midsize FleetsBoth$40 per vehicle, per monthNo30 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
ClearPathGPS91/100Best ValueBoth$20 per vehicle, per monthNo30 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
Force by Mojio90/100Driver AccountabilityPlug-and-play$15 per vehicle, per monthYes10 seconds or lessYesPhone, email, webchat
Azuga90/100Ease of UsePlug-and-playCustom quoteNo60 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
FleetUp89/100Customer SupportBothCustom quoteYes10 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
GPS Trackit88/100ReportingBoth$23.95 per vehicle, per monthNo30 to 60 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat
Jobber87/100Home Service BusinessesBoth$29 per vehicle, per monthYesReal timeYesPhone, email, webchat
KeepTruckin87/100Easy ImplementationPlug-and-playCustom quoteYes2 to 60 secondsYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
NexTraq84/100Safety FeaturesBothCustom quoteYesCustom (30 seconds to 15 minutes)YesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing
Teletrac Navman82/100Vehicle MaintenanceBoth$35 per vehicle, per monthYesReal timeYesPhone, email, webchat, ticketing

Samsara GPS Fleet Tracking: Best GPS Fleet Tracking System for Small Businesses

  • Samsara offers to-the-second tracking.
  • You can custom-build mobile-friendly monitoring dashboards.
  • Plug and play install
  • Dash cams available
  • Driver audio warnings


  • Samsara doesn’t offer webchat customer support.

Samsara is the best GPS fleet tracking system for small businesses that need a comprehensive solution. Not only is it one of the most robust GPS tracking solutions we analyzed, but it also offers industry-specific plans customized to your unique needs. Additionally, it has one of the largest selections of tracking hardware and accessories, letting you choose the devices you need to monitor your fleet. Samsara is one of the only companies we reviewed that offers real-time reporting and tracking, which is essential for many small businesses.

We found that Samsara has all the features you need to track your fleet and maintain legal compliance with regulations like the ELD mandate, IFTA, and DVIR, which is critical to operating a fleet. You can view engine diagnostics (e.g., fuel usage, idle time, preventative reminders, over-the-air diagnostics), receive real-time code alerts, and plan proactive maintenance on your vehicles. One useful option that not all companies offer but Samsara does is integration with FleetCor-issued fuel cards, which can reduce your overall fuel costs. Your managers and admins can keep an eye on your fleet by setting up geofences with alerts, tracking your fleet in real time with helicopter view, and accessing video footage from AI dashcams. If your priority is driver safety and performance, you can access Samsara’s driver coaching with in-cab feedback and video-based coaching. You can also access the new driver workflows that Samsara recently released. Drivers can create multiple customized workflows, link third-party tasks and access end-of-day workflows like certifying logs. This automated guidance can improve your drivers’ experience and increase compliance and safety.

Part of what makes a GPS fleet tracking system so useful is its ability to integrate with third-party applications. To enhance the way businesses can customize and streamline their telematics data and functions, Samsara recently added four new integration capabilities to its marketplace of more than 125 partners. With access to integrations like Alert Rental, CMS Clara, EKA Omni-TMS and TruckIT, businesses can gain more visibility into their critical workflows and boost overall efficiency.


Samsara offers a unified platform for fleet management, which goes beyond simple GPS tracking to also offer options for dash cams, wireless sensors for refrigeration, and a documents app for digitizing the delivery process.

The GPS fleet tracking system offers the ability to increase productivity and reduce fuel and labor costs, while aiming to streamline maintenance. It does this through a number of features, not least real-time traffic and route analytics to avoid jams and bottlenecks to ensure the most efficient routes can be selected. Additionally, engine diagnostics are sent in real-time with code alerts for specific faults, allow routine inspections to become more automated while also making it easier to prevent breakdowns.

Samsara also offer dash cams to monitor driver behavior. As well as collecting HD video, which is automatically uploaded to the cloud, the cams can also provide pre-configured audio alerts when unsafe conditions are detected. Another feature is the ability to track the temperature around refrigerated goods, which can be provided as part of proof-of-delivery – and alerts sent out if the temperature fluctuates outside of safe boundaries. 

When goods are delivered, documents can be scanned or signed digitally. There’s an option to create custom forms with drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier to process orders automatically through back-office automation.

Overall, Samsara offers a lot of feature for fleet management, which can be ordered as a package or individual services. However, although it does provide EDL compliance, make sure that it can handle any work-time exemptions that might apply to your business.

To find out more, read our full Samsara review.


Since launching in 2015, Samsara has quickly become a global leader in fleet management, with over 15,000 customers. Why? A range of high-quality trackers combined with AI-enhanced software affords Samsara users real-time vehicle monitoring for improved route efficiency and advanced tracking analytics. These tools help Fleet Managers reduce everything from costs to idling time, whilst managing fleet status and operations. 

Hardware ranges from $129 — $399, while software, though not disclosed on the website, has been reported to vary between $13 — $30 per month by customers. To better understand how Samsara can reduce your costs, the website offers an ROI calculator.

Drivers benefit from improved route suggestions, while administrators can easily monitor driver behavior to minimize unscheduled stops, curb speeding, coordinate aid in the event of an accident or breakdown, and even monitor fuel waste. This is all made possible thanks to extensive real-time vehicle diagnostics.

One of the Samsara’s greatest advantages is the sheer number of integrations available with hardware, including: dashcams, wireless sensors, and third-party software. Choose from payroll, customer relations management (CRM), transportation management software (TMS), route planning, inventory management software, fuel cards, and more integrations.


Samsara’s highly-rated customer support is available 24/7 by telephone and online chat. A FAQ and knowledgebase with videos advises on basic queries to help get you started.

Samsara’s GPS fleet tracking software supports businesses with three vehicles or 300, making it ideal for small businesses.

It offers advanced technology, including AI-powered video cameras and real-time tracking to increase safety and productivity.


Whether you have just a few vehicles or 300, Samsara can support your fleet management needs, which is why it’s our best pick for small businesses.

Editor’s score: 9.45/10

Samsara knows a small fleet can still be complex, requiring real-time monitoring and tracking. It also supports a variety of industries, including field services, transportation and logistics, food and beverage distribution, and state and local government.

We like that Samsara offers everything you need to manage your fleet under one dashboard. Whether you want to use its AI video features to coach drivers and ensure their safety or use its telematics features to track the fleet in real time, Samsara delivers. One aspect that stands out to us is its open API and third-party app integrations, which enable you to use Samsara’s tracking software seamlessly alongside other business applications.

With Samsara, you don’t have to choose enhancing safety over increasing fuel efficiency. It gives you all the tools you need to optimize your fleet, reduce your costs and comply with safety regulations. Cash is king for small businesses, and if you can reduce fuel expenses and/or shorten the time it takes for deliveries, the more money you’ll have to fund your growth.

Samsara had small and midsize businesses in mind when developing its fleet tracking software. It offers a ton of features even for fleets of only three vehicles, making it our best pick for small businesses.


Why do we recommend Samsara GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Personalized FMS solution
  • Integrated Platform
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Workflows and reporting
  • Data Safety
  • Driver, Asset, and Vehicle management
  • Geofence

Why Choose Samsara?

Samsara offers high-end GPS and fleet management solutions for fleets of every size. However, their products and services are best suited for fleets with three or more vehicles. The Samsara plug-n-play GPS devices are easy to install and collect and record a plethora of data that includes – real-time location, driving hours, engine running status, fuel status, mileage, and more. Leveraging these data and the related reports gives users and fleet managers a helicopter view of their overall operations. This allows for better management of resources and decision-making, enhancing overall productivity. 

Samsara devices are FMCSA-approved and in compliance with DoT and other authorities. They offer great customer support, available 24/7. If you are concerned about driver safety, fuel tracking, routing and dispatch, time on site, mobile app, and ELD compliance, then Samsara is your best choice. Apart from Samsara, there are many other Fleet management solutions that you can check out if you are looking for one.


Samsara has custom pricing, based on your requirement and number of vehicles. You are required to pay one time for the device, and then take a yearly subscription. The device cost is close to $100 and the monthly subscription for each vehicle starts at $30 per month. 

Pros and cons

  • Free trial of device and fleet services for a month
  • International coverage
  • Custom pricing
  • In-depth vehicle diagnostics
  • 3-5 years of the contract
  • For fleets with 3 or more vehicles
  • No hardwired units


Azuga GPS Fleet Tracking: Best GPS Fleet Tracking System for Ease of Use


Azuga offers easy-to-install plug-and-play hardware that begins monitoring your fleet as soon as it’s connected.

There are no extra installation costs or weeks of training to use the software. Once you log on, you get a full view of your fleet


Azuga requires customers to sign a three-year contract – a long-term commitment that won’t appeal to every business owner.

Azuga isn’t accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


Azuga is one of the easiest GPS fleet tracking solutions on the market. You can choose from the bundled plans or create a custom plan by contacting an Azuga representative. Azuga uses OBD-II plug-and-play tracking hardware, which is one of the easiest device types to install, so your fleet can be on the move in no time. We found the Azuga dashboard and mobile app intuitive and easy to learn, and some plans even include messaging tools to facilitate communication between managers and drivers within a single platform.

We like that as soon as you log in to Azuga’s software, you get a complete view of your entire fleet in one place. That enables you to quickly reroute drivers, monitor their behavior, set up geofences, and run reports, all from one central location. Since Azuga can integrate with Onfleet, a last mile delivery management software, fleet managers can also conveniently plan optimized routes, dispatch and communicate with drivers, track enhanced telematics breadcrumb data, and view fleet analytics.

The vendor’s mobile app is just as easy to use, and not only for the business owner. Azuga makes it simple for drivers to track their safety scores, log routes, track trips and even cash in rewards points from the app.

Azuga integrates with Onfleet, a provider of last mile delivery management software. With this integration, users can access enhanced telematics features like route planning, dispatching, task statuses, and real-time events. This data is especially useful when trying to meet regulatory requirements, optimize driving routes and safeguard drivers.

We like that as soon as you log in to Azuga’s software, you get a complete view of your entire fleet in one place. That enables you to quickly reroute drivers, monitor their behavior, set up geofences, and run reports, all from one central location. Since Azuga can integrate with Onfleet, a last mile delivery management software, fleet managers can also conveniently plan optimized routes, dispatch and communicate with drivers, track enhanced telematics breadcrumb data, and view fleet analytics.

The vendor’s mobile app is just as easy to use, and not only for the business owner. Azuga makes it simple for drivers to track their safety scores, log routes, track trips and even cash in rewards points from the app.

Azuga offers fuel card integration so that you can automatically track fuel expenses, as well as FuelSaver, a unique feature that tells drivers where the closest gas station with the cheapest fuel is. Through its partnership with GreenPrint, Azuga offers a fleet sustainability service. Fleets can conveniently and cost-effectively reduce their carbon impact and certify that they are carbon neutral. This unique feature is easy to add on and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Another standout feature is the real-time driver safety alerts. Azuga’s AI cams can identify unsafe driving behaviors and send you automatic alerts. If your drivers are braking harshly, accelerating, speeding, or idling for too long, you’ll know about it. You’ll also save time sifting through video footage to locate an incident. Don’t want your drivers on the phone while they’re on the road? Azuga has an add-on feature that blocks smartphone usage when the vehicle is moving.

Small business owners who want feature-rich software that is easy to use and doesn’t require professional installation should give Azuga serious consideration.

We like how easy it is to set geofences and track your fleet’s whereabouts with a live map of driver locations. You can incentivize safe driving with driver scores and rewards programs, and you can track your drivers’ behavior with automatic safety alerts and notifications (such as when a driver speeds or brakes harshly). If you’re worried about distracted driving, the software lets you monitor calls a driver makes, receives, and misses when the vehicle is in motion. Azuga offers personalized online video-based safety coaching, so your team can stay on top of proper driving behavior. Although the Azuga platform is easy to use, unlimited customer support is available by phone, email, and webchat.

An interesting additional feature they provide is driver rewards, which is easily accessed from the software and allows for one-click rewards for good driving practices to incentivize positive staff behavior and meet targets.


If you want live updates on absolutely everything, then Azuga Fleet GPS tracking is for you. Azuga GPS devices are simple to use, affordable, customizable, as well as very easy to install. It gives you improved fleet-wide visibility and allows create proper accountability and safety for drivers. Azuga’s GPS devices are paired with their FleetMobile FMS solution that you can access on any mobile device of your choice. Through this platform, you get regular updates of location, driving habits, driver working hours, and more. 

Why do we recommend Azuga GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Easy to install and use
  • Integrated dash-cam (optional) 
  • Drive management
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Customizable alerts and Notification
  • Safety-oriented

Why choose Azuga?

Azuga GPS-enabled fleet devices and services are best suited to small and medium-sized businesses, for whom the security and safety of the driver, vehicle, and assets are more important. The company offers various telematics solutions like dual-facing dash cams that accurately record every moment inside and outside the vehicle. The recording helps in encouraging safe driving habits as well as recognizing accountability in case of an accident or theft. 

Azuga also offers an exclusive fuel card that automatically records fuel expenses; and with fuel usage data from the device, this service helps in the easier filing of IFTA. The Azuga devices are approved by relevant authorities and hence get you attractive discounts on your insurance premium. 


Azuga has three plans – basic, safe, and complete – each with subsequent more add-ons. There is no upfront device cost, and all the plans include a dual-facing dash-cam without any extra hardware charges. The subscription plans are different based on the requirement and start from $22.99 per month per vehicle. All other add-on services including the ELD feature requires extra costing. 

Pros and Cons

  • Driver coaching
  • Dash-cam included
  • Fleet and Asset Trackers
  • Live alerts
  • 3 years minimum contract
  • Not suitable for users looking for all-inclusive FMS

ClearPathGPS Review: GPS Fleet Tracking Service with the Best Value


ClearPathGPS doesn’t require a long-term contract.

This GPS fleet tracking vendor offers transparent monthly pricing.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can even test-drive the software first.

  • ClearPathGPS caters to field service industries like HVAC, agriculture, construction, landscaping, pest control, plumbing and roofing.
  • Multiple GPS tracking plans are available, as well as several hardware options with transparent pricing.


ClearPathGPS has a refresh rate of 30 seconds, which is common in the industry but inferior to real-time tracking.

Standard plans do not include advanced reports or real-time alerts.


ClearPathGPS is an affordable GPS fleet tracking solution with robust features, making it our choice for the best value. Unlike many competitors, ClearPathGPS lists its GPS tracking pricing online, and it has multiple competitively priced plans ($15 to $25 per asset, per month), making it a good option for those budget-conscious fleet managers. You can choose from plug-and-play and hardwired tracking devices, as well as dual-powered and solar-powered asset trackers, dashcams, and several accessories – complete with price listings online. We like how this allows businesses to choose a combination of hardware that fits their needs and their budget, rather than locking them into a specific hardware package.

For $20 per month per vehicle, you get all the main vehicle telematics features you’d expect, including geofencing, traffic overlay, ELD support and driver reports. If you need real-time alerts and access to the open API, it’s $25 per month per vehicle. ClearPathGPS also offers dashboard cams, which cost an additional $30 a month per vehicle. With a dashcam, you can “drop in” on that vehicle’s driver and get a 20-second recording of their driving behavior.

ClearPathGPS offers essential fleet management features like geofencing, live map and traffic overlay, unlimited automated reports, maintenance and odometer readouts, temperature monitoring, driver behavior tracking (e.g., idling and speeding), virtual timecards, driver IDs, driver scorecards, and real-time alerts. One impressive aspect of ClearPathGPS is how easy we found it to use. This means your drivers will be up and running with the system in no time. However, if you do need assistance, ClearPathGPS offers good customer support by phone, webchat and help ticket. It also provides onboarding assistance as well as ongoing training and guidance.

Its real-time alerts are another standout feature. You can set up instant alerts for safety, maintenance or fuel performance, or whichever insights you require. You can even set up after-hours, geofencing or unauthorized-use alerts.

We also selected ClearPathGPS as best for affordability because it offers several different hardware devices at varying prices, ensuring they can fit into almost all small businesses’ budgets. Hardware includes plug-and-play OBD II port devices as well as more advanced hardware.

Business owners who need affordable GPS fleet tracking software but don’t want to compromise on functionality should give ClearPathGPS serious consideration. Not only do you get transparent pricing, but you aren’t locked into a long-term contract, making it our best pick for affordability.

Jobber: Best GPS Fleet Tracking System for Home Service Businesses


  • Jobber has customer relationship management (CRM) features like online booking, a client hub and two-way text messaging.
  • You can get paid via Jobber features like invoicing, mobile card readers and credit card processing

From customer relationship management features to online booking, Jobber makes it easy to track your fleet and run your home service business.

With Jobber’s credit card processing and invoicing, you can easily get paid for services rendered.


Jobber’s GPS fleet tracking platform is not part of the company’s main plans, but an added feature that costs extra.

Core plans do not include GPS tracking.


Jobber is an all-in-one management solution for home service businesses. Unlike most of the companies we reviewed, it primarily serves home service teams (landscaping, plumbing, contracting, HVAC, cleaning, etc.) and offers a full suite of features they need to operate. In addition to GPS tracking, time and expense tracking, scheduling, routing, alerts, and reports, you can use Jobber for quoting, invoicing, and accepting customer payments.

The platform includes a CRM (which it calls a client manager) to keep track of client details, a self-service hub where your clients can approve quotes and pay their invoices, online booking capabilities, lead management, and two-way customer text messaging. These are unique features that we didn’t see in any competitors. 

Jobber doesn’t require contracts, which is particularly convenient if you perform sporadic service jobs and may only need the platform for a short time. It also offers both hardwired and plug-and-play tracking devices through FleetSharp, so you can choose whatever device best fits your needs. You can see when your team members complete jobs within Jobber, or you can purchase FleetSharp hardware to track jobs in real time. 

With the FleetSharp plug-and-play devices, you get a live map view of your fleet. Through its web platform, you can access driver behavior reports, review routes, and track idle time. In addition, Jobber has a lot of features and functions that make it easier to run a service business from one place. Take its client manager feature for one example: You can maintain an organized history of customer interactions, including previous quotes, jobs, visits, invoices and billing history. You can customize fields to track what is important to you. Its scheduling feature makes it quick and easy to assign jobs to team members and view their progress, while its invoicing feature lets you create professional invoices and follow up when they go unpaid.

Jobber also has a client hub and credit card processing service. Couple that with its mobile app, and your team members can accept payment on the spot. For small business owners running a service business with a fleet, Jobber gives you everything you need under one dashboard, making it our best pick for home service businesses.

Verizon Connect GPS Fleet Tracking: Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Midsize Fleets

Verizon Connect GPS Fleet Tracking

  • You can build automated workflow scripts and custom alerts.
  • You can view important trend reports by team, department or organization.


Verizon Connect serves companies with small to large fleets. It counts PepsiCo and Costco among its customers, giving us confidence that it can serve midsize fleets.Its mobile app, fleet management software and video cam alerts make it a top pick.


Verizon Connect does not refresh in real time, but every 30 seconds.

It also requires a three-year contract, which is standard but not ideal.

Verizon Connect’s abundance of features may mean a steeper learning curve.


Verizon Connect is our choice as the best GPS fleet tracking system for midsize fleets. Although the company can serve any size of business, it focuses primarily on midsize and larger fleets. One great feature of Verizon Connect is the industry-specific solutions for distribution, oil, gas, mining, government and public safety, services and specialty trades, construction and heavy equipment, utilities, transportation and logistics, and farming. You can contact a representative or simply fill out an online form for a custom quote to meet your fleet tracking needs. Verizon Connect offers hardwired tracking devices, as well as fuel card tracking and integrated video tracking, so you can securely monitor your fleet.

Verizon Connect offers a few unique features that we found to be especially useful for midsize fleets, like tools for multiple time zones and languages, custom security levels with unlimited users, and customizable automatic scripts and alerts. To make it easier to manage your midsize fleet, Verizon Connect offers flexible labeling (for example, you can change “vehicle” to “crane”), a quick-search function with maps, and smart dispatching with various filters and scheduling recommendations.

A great way to optimize your fleet is to take advantage of Verizon Connect’s many reports – you can access historical reports on up to two years of fleet data. This can provide you with insightful trends and forecasts as your fleet expands. If your team needs help learning the many features that Verizon Connect offers, you can access live training.

Verizon Connect offers a total fleet management platform, with a range of customizable software solutions that offer a range of alert and reporting options. The service also allows for asset tracking, as well as provides field service management, as well as allowing for automated compliance with HOS, ELD, DVIR among others.


With 23 offices all over the world, Verizon Connect offers global services for fleets that operate across national borders. The company has end-to-end fleet solutions that include absolutely everything – from real-time location, theft/danger alerts, inventory and dispatch management to ELD and IFTA compliance. The vast amount of data and reports that Verizon devices and platforms offer are usually best suited for the big-sized fleet as they can utilize this data for better management of their operations.

Why do we recommend Verizon Connect GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-time location tracking with live maps
  • Commercial Vehicle roadside assistance
  • Geofencing
  • ELD tracking
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Engine Status
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Driving status and driver behavior

Why choose Verizon Connect?

Verizon Connect GPS products and services are best for fleets that operate globally. Apart from basic location tracking, there are several add-on services like live maps, fuel usage data, idle time, engine status, driver’s logs, and more that help users in performing cost analysis and improving the low-productive areas of their operations to attain maximum efficiency. Some of the other features of its GPS-enabled FMS services include complete customization of the dashboard on any mobile device to suit the needs of the fleet, Geofencing, and roadside assistance. 

With its GPS device, fleet managers also get access to driving habits that help in providing required training to its employees to ensure that their drivers, vehicles, and assets are safe. Verizon Connect also offers several AI-powered features like scheduling for maintenance and routing optimization as an add-on service. 


Given the high-quality features, Verizon Connects monthly subscription plans are more expensive than the others on the list and might cost $50-$250 per vehicle. However, this is based on fleet requirement – the more add-on services you choose, the more you pay. Also, a long-term contract is required to be signed. 

Pros and Cons

  • International Coverage
  • End-to-end FMS Solution
  • AI-powered features
  • Not suitable for small-sized fleets
  • Long contract periods
  • Integrated Platform is comparatively complicated
  • Expensive


Business owners managing midsize fleets don’t have time to search for video from an incident or scramble to send a new driver when a vehicle breaks down. They need a GPS tracking vendor that enables them to react quickly. That is where Verizon Connect comes in. With the combination of three different Verizon tracking and monitoring companies, this vendor counts the likes of PepsiCo and Costco among its customers. It offers businesses with small to big fleets robust software, advanced technology and a marketplace of third-party integrations.

We were impressed with Verizon Connect’s video cam feature. It records incidents as they happen and sends you an alert with the captured video. That reduces the time it takes to sift through recorded footage. It also has an intuitive and feature-rich app that lets you track your entire fleet on the go. 

While Verizon Connect has a refresh rate of 30 seconds, which is slower than some of the other vendors we reviewed, you get more than a snapshot. Each ping gives you information about the vehicle’s diagnostic system and other sensors connected to it. You’ll know if something is wrong with a vehicle before it’s too late.

Another standout feature, which made it our top pick for businesses with midsize fleets, is its Reveal Field job management software. It lets you combine all aspects of managing a fleet, from dispatching to tracking, in one platform. Finally, Verizon Connect operates a network of partner apps that can integrate with the software, enhancing supply visibility, fuel efficiency and productivity.

NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking: Best GPS Fleet Tracking System for Safety Features


  • When your team members engage in aggressive driving, NexTraq can send them reminders to drive more cautiously.
  • NexTraq has comparative driver analyses and driver coaching features.

NexTraq allows you to block in-cabin distractions to ensure your drivers stay safe and focused on the road.

With digital driver training, you can reduce the chances of an accident or traffic infraction.


NexTraq doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support.

NexTraq’s online support response is delayed at times.

NexTraq, a Michelin Group company, is our pick for the fleet tracking software with the best safety features. You have the choice of hardwired or plug-and-play tracking devices, all of which can support NexTraq’s fleet visibility and driver safety features. NexTraq’s devices are tamper-proof, so you can rest assured they will be secure and accurate. One unique feature of NexTraq that we like is how you can set the refresh intervals that work best for you and your fleet, with updates ranging from every 30 seconds to every 15 minutes.

As a fleet manager, you can get a firsthand look at your team’s driving performance and incidents with video recordings from dashcams. If a driver engages in unsafe behavior (e.g., speeding, cornering, harsh accelerating, hard braking), they can receive a simple one-second alert to remind them to be more cautious. These actions can also be recorded on driver safety scorecards for you to review with your team. To keep your drivers up to date on the safest and most efficient driving practices, NexTraq offers several training courses. One safety feature we especially like is NexTraq MobileBlock – this locks your drivers’ smartphones and tablets while they drive, so they can’t engage in unsafe activity like texting, emailing, web browsing, or gaming.

In addition to its safety features, NexTraq provides a complete fleet tracking service with functions like routing and dispatching, vehicle maintenance tracking, and ELD compliance.

Nextraq provides more than just vehicle and asset tracking, offering GPS, compliance, and mobile workforce management among its services. Features include automatic driver assignment, dispatching, routing, time schedules, and time attendance on top of the usual fleet tracking solutions. Additionally there is also a dashcam option for recorded driving records.

NexTraq offers several features to keep drivers safe and improve their performance. Take its dashcam for starters: It records incidents so you’ll see what your driver saw and what they did to react. You can use the videos to determine when coaching is necessary and when to reward good driving behavior.

The platform also comes with an in-cab buzzer, which you can use to tell drivers to slow down or stop driving aggressively. Another standout feature that made NexTraq our top pick for safety is Mobile Block, which ensures drivers’ smartphones and tablet screens are locked and can’t be used while they’re driving. That means your drivers won’t be able to text, email, chat or surf the web behind the wheel.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention NexTraq’s comprehensive training, which includes a full set of online courses that provide valuable tips to reduce aggressive and distracted driving and improve fuel efficiency. These courses also teach defensive driving strategies for staying safe on the road. On top of all that, you can assign driver safety scores to hold your team accountable. With so many built-in safety features, it’s easy to see why NexTraq is a best pick.


With flexible contracts, NexTraq covers two main features – compliance and safety. Its wide range of offers includes driver scorecards, behavior alerts, engine diagnostics, and preventative maintenance. It has robust compliance features for ELDs and DVIR and helps you in tracking every driver, individually. 

Why do we recommend NexTraq GPS devices for the fleet?

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver behavior
  • ELD compliance
  • Maintenance 
  • Routing and Job Scheduling
  • Fuel Management

Why choose NexTraq?

If you are looking to enhance your compliance with government regulations and ensure driver safety at the same time, then the NexTraq GPS fleet solution is the one you need. It offers a bunch of features that help in routing, job scheduling, fuel management, dispatch, scheduling for maintenance, recording of drivers’ working hours, and more. With the help of these features, you get access to untapped information and resources and utilize them to their maximum potential. Accurate information like real-time location and Geofencing help you in managing routes, reducing idle time, avoiding traffic, and reaching the destination on time. Alerts for driving behavior help you in training your drivers and avoiding any future accidents.


NexTraq offers custom pricing based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, features required, and the term of the contract. More number of features means higher the price, whereas the longer the contract, the lesser the price. There is an upfront device cost of $80 per vehicle if the contract is for a year, however, if the contract is longer, there is no device cost. Also, this pricing is for mid-sized fleets. 

Pros and Cons

  • Focus on Driver Safety and Compliance
  • Wide range of features
  • Plug-N-play and hardwired devices
  • Customer service is comparatively delayed

GPS Trackit GPS Fleet Tracking Review: Best GPS Fleet Tracking System for Reporting


  • You can automate reporting and view custom alerts and reports.
  • GPS Trackit has month-to-month pricing, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Mobile apps
  • Asset tracking
  • Temperature zone monitoring
  • Multiple reports available

Business owners who want detailed reporting in real time will like GPS Trackit’s live traffic reports and detailed GPS tracking.

With custom reporting, you can track, access and analyze the details that matter most to your business.


If you need a hardwired GPS device, you will have to pay extra for it.

GPS Trackit’s monthly price does not cover the hardware installation.

GPS Trackit is a fleet management solution with exceptional reporting. It allows you to monitor your fleet with breadcrumb tracking, updated every 30 to 60 seconds. You can access reports on a variety of fleet data and optimize your fleet with those insights. For example, you can view maintenance reports, engine diagnostics, service history and costs. To simplify your reporting process, you can automate reports, which we find valuable. Additionally, you have access to real-time interactive maps of vehicle locations, live traffic, current weather and street-level views.

If you want to monitor and evaluate your drivers, you can view reports on driver performance details like productivity, safety and compliance. You and your team managers can also view landmark reports, which show how long each driver spends at a given location or landmark. You can customize alerts to notify your team about poor driving behavior like speeding, braking harshly and leaving geofences.

To access these features, you have your choice of hardwired or plug-and-play devices, as well as other telematics accessories. Not all competitors offer this option. GPS Trackit also has a lifetime hardware warranty, financing options, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it one of the most affordable and flexible options we evaluated.


GPS Trackit offers GPS tracking and fleet management software that offers real-time vehicle tracking, various reports, alerts for theft detection or unauthorized movements, temperature monitoring for cargoes, FMCSA compliance, and track from anywhere with a mobile platform solution.

The software uses Google Maps to show vehicle locations and Geofencing, with the ability to show vehicle trails and trip histories, as well as provide traffic overlays for current journeys. You can focus on a particular vehicle, or show all vehicle locations at the same time. There are also detailed reports available, that can work with datasets about vehicle use and driver behavior to allow for better insights on improving planning and operations. This includes data for EDLS compliance, which is made available to drivers.

This also applies to cargo temperature, with the ability to monitor different zones of a truck, which can be especially useful for mixed loads, and ensuring food transport compliance. 

GPS Trackit also provides GPS asset monitoring as well, so you know where all your heavy equipment is, and can be alerted to theft and move on to recovery as and when needed.

Altogether, GPS Trackit is another comprehensive solution that covers all the major bases, with a few more feature on top.


GPSTrackit is a large and veteran tracking company, having served over 12,000 fleets to date. Despite its low cost and simple payment structure, the company has much to offer in terms of fleet management, including ELD compliance, safety features, and vehicle diagnostics, plus free training and hardware. It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular FMS products on the market.

A number of great features come with its cloud-based software, including route planning, tracking & optimization, two-way communication, and form creation & data collection to reduce paperwork. Businesses can decrease fuel costs, shorten idling periods, and even increase vehicle lifespan. The tracking speed is noticeably slower than that of competitors, at 30s or 60s, but includes alerts based on speed, harsh braking, geofencing, and unauthorized use.

At $23.95 per month, this is one of the most affordable and straightforward options out there, with no corners cut in terms of analytics and reporting. 

Support includes an impressive free, unlimited training service, plus telephone customer care from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM (ET), with technical support available 6AM to 5:30PM, and even on Saturday and Sunday (7AM to 3:30PM).

Pros: Free training & hardware; Low-cost & no contracts

Cons: Additional cost for ELD compliance


With easy-to-use products and services, and cost-effectiveness, GPS Trackit is the second-best option for your fleet. The device and app are easy to use and responsive, making the managing of the fleet a piece of cake. They have a bunch of customizable features like Geofence, route optimization, and more that help you in enhancing fleet performance without extra expenditure. 

Why do we recommend GPS Trackit devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Accurate and reliable Data 
  • Time & Driver Management
  • Mobile Apps to Track from Anywhere
  • Asset Protection & Management
  • Faster recovery of stolen vehicle or assets
  • Low Monthly Price and No Contracts

Why Choose GPS Trackit?

Bundled with cutting-edge technology and sturdy design, GPS Trackit devices are one of the best GPS solutions in the affordable category. Their fleet management platform is intuitive and user-friendly and is compatible with all mobiles and tablets. The solution offers an eagle’s eye view into your entire fleet operation – fuel, engine, manpower, and vehicle – all at one place, which makes it easier to keep a close watch and take informed decisions. 

GPS Trackit is well known in the market for its passionate customer support. Their professional team of experts can solve all your fleet management-related problems in minutes. 


You can procure its services for only $23.95 per month, with no contract or activation fee. The price for the device may vary, and exclude installation charges. There is no minimum vehicle requirement. 

Pros and Cons

  • No minimum number of vehicles
  • No contract or Activation fee
  • Free GPS with subscription

  • No 24/7 support
  • ELD compliance at extra cost
  • Would need more fleet management features


Let’s start with its live traffic reports. Powered by Google Maps, this feature lets you track your entire fleet in real time and map out routes based on traffic. You can use geofences to set parameters for your drivers and get reports on your fleets’ whereabouts at all times.

GPS Trackit enables you to create custom reports, which is another feature we like. Reports are only useful if they provide actionable information that helps you make strategic decisions. The more customizable reports are, the better for your unique operation. The reports you can run include real-time interactive maps of your fleet, speed reports to identify patterns and risks, landmark reports (such as the time a driver spends in a particular spot), and mileage summaries. Even better, you can customize your alerts.

On top of all that, GPS Trackit makes it easy to build, view, and print custom reports. With its automated reporting tool, you can get the information you want delivered to your inbox on a recurring basis. Whether you want to track your fleet in real time or want a weekly rundown of your drivers’ performance, GPS Trackit delivers, making it our best pick for reporting.


GPSTrackit shares live GPS fleet management updates so you’re always on top of your business needs with this cloud-based software.

Features include constant coverage and communication, mobile solutions, maintenance alerts, and reports, geofence breach alerts, indefinitely stored data, vehicle diagnostics, open API and data pump, monitoring of driver reports, vehicle maintenance reminders, fleet tracking, easy hour logging, quality hardware, multi-map views, automated reporting, scheduling, and dispatching.

Key Features

  • Maintenance alerts
  • Geofence breach alerts
  • Open API and data pump
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Automated reporting
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts

Force by Mojio GPS Fleet Tracking: Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Driver Accountability


Force lets your customers track delivery drivers in real time, which is unique in the industry and increases transparency between you and your clients.

You can share any driver’s location with your customers.

Force by Mojio stores a detailed trip history for every trip a driver takes.

The RoadScore feature rates drivers, enabling you to reward safe behavior behind the wheel.


Force by Mojio does not currently offer a dashcam – which is becoming a standard feature in the industry.

It’s limited mainly to small businesses in the home and field service industries that use smaller vehicles like vans.


Force by Mojio is an ideal GPS tracking solution for businesses that want an emphasis on driver accountability, primarily those in home service industries like HVAC, plumbing, electrical services, pest control, roofing and cleaning. Force is one of the most affordable GPS fleet tracking solutions we analyzed, costing just $15 per vehicle per month, with a 60-day free trial. Plug-and-play GPS tracking devices are included, which means you can start tracking your drivers almost immediately. Force also offers one of the most frequent refresh rates, allowing you to see updates in near-real time – every 10 seconds or less.

Driver accountability is a top concern for companies managing fleets, whether it’s two vehicles or 200. After all, an accident or delayed delivery will cost your business money and can hurt your reputation. That’s why driver accountability is one of the use cases we looked for in our best picks. When it comes to keeping tabs on drivers, Force by Mojio stood out to us. A recently added feature that lets customers track their delivery drivers is unique in the industry. If drivers know customers are watching their progress, they are less inclined to make pit stops. As a bonus, this increases transparency and thus goodwill between your business and your customers.

We like that you can hold your drivers accountable with Force by monitoring driving behavior like speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, cornering, idling, and inefficient routing. This is critical to ensure your drivers are operating safely, not just for their own benefit, but for everyone else on the road with them. You can monitor driver safety scores and reports with RoadScore, and you can ensure your drivers are on their assigned routes by tracking their locations, routes, mileage, and start and end times. It also has disturbance alerts for when one of your tracked vehicles is bumped, towed or disturbed while parked.

One tool Force offers that many others don’t is the ability for your customers to track a driver’s status. The software lets you provide customers with a temporary tracking link, so they can see when their driver will arrive on the job. This key feature is a great way to hold your drivers accountable and improve customer satisfaction.

Another feature that makes Force a top pick is its RoadScore, which rates drivers on their daily trips. Force also keeps a running average of each driver’s safety score, which you can use to incentivize your drivers to be safer. You could reward those who maintain high scores and work more closely with the drivers who aren’t doing so well.

We also like Force’s detailed trip history feature. This lets you monitor your drivers, including when they turn the engine on or off, how far they go, the routes they take, and their average speed and driving behaviors. As soon as the vehicle starts up, Force begins recording; there are no buttons to push or excuses for not turning on devices. This is yet another aspect of Force that makes it our top pick for driver accountability.

FleetUp: Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Customer Support


  • You can contact customer support by phone, email, webchat or ticket.
  • You can add on FleetUp Professional Services to gain access to a telematics professional who can help you manage your fleet.

Whether you manage a fleet of five vehicles or 50, you want top-notch customer support, which FleetUp provides 24/7.The software has a 10-second refresh rate, which is among the fastest we found, and an easy-to-use platform..


FleetUp, like many of the other vendors we reviewed and selected as best picks, does not list pricing on its website. You have to fill out a form or contact the company for a price quote


Whether you manage a fleet of five vehicles or 50, you want top-notch customer support, which FleetUp provides 24/7.The software has a 10-second refresh rate, which is among the fastest we found, and an easy-to-use platform.FleetUp, like many of the other vendors we reviewed and selected as best picks, does not list pricing on its website. You have to fill out a form or contact the company for a price quote.


FleetUp is an ideal GPS fleet tracking solution for those who place high importance on great customer service. FleetUp representatives can walk you through a platform demo and work with you to create a custom telematics solution based on your needs (e.g., the size of your fleet, the features you need, and the type of hardware you are looking for). You have a large variety of devices to choose from, including hardwired and plug-and-play trackers with easy installation. We found it helpful how FleetUp lists the entire step-by-step process for device implementation, account setup, and training, so it is easy to get up and running. It offers standard fleet tracking features like engine audits and alerts, maintenance schedules, geofences, driver behavior alerts, safety scorecards, trip analyses, and 20-second refresh times.

In addition to FleetUp’s setup guides, it offers online resources, blogs, and FAQs. If you need further assistance, you can contact 24/7 customer support. Representatives are available by phone, email, webchat and ticket. If you want additional, personalized telematics support, you can sign up for FleetUp’s Professional Services feature. This gives you access to a telematics expert who can help you manage your fleet. For example, they can set up your telematics platform, build and maintain geofences, monitor your drivers, manage vehicle maintenance, customize your notifications, and analyze your fleet data. Not many of FleetUp’s competitors offer this level of personalized support.


Let’s start with its platform. FleetUp’s software is cloud-based, which means there is no program you need to install or download. Its plug-and-play devices automatically send data to the FleetUp platform in the cloud as soon as they are connected. All you need to do is log in to your FleetUp account from a mobile device or desktop computer, and all your information is at the ready.

It’s easy to set geofence alerts, track and review finished jobs and trip history, and see your fleet in near-real time. The latter is another reason FleetUp is one of our best picks: Its refresh rate is 10 seconds, which is among the fastest of the programs we reviewed. Some take 30 seconds or longer. This is a standout feature for any business owner who cares about tracking their fleet in as close to real time as possible, enabling them to make route changes in response to traffic or road incidents.

FleetUp checks off all the boxes for helping its customers, from 24/7 accessibility to its easy-to-use platform, making it our best pick for customer support.

KeepTruckin: Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Easy Implementation


  • KeepTruckin offers several installation and setup guides with step-by-step instructions.
  • You can create automated coaching workflows and reward drivers for good performance.

KeepTruckin has easy-to-connect GPS devices and a simple-to-use dashboard.

In case you need help with implementation, KeepTruckin has an extensive library of online user guides.


KeepTruckin is among the GPS fleet tracking platform operators that does not disclose pricing on its website. That adds an extra step when you are shopping around.

KeepTruckin is an easy GPS tracking solution to implement, and it’s ideal for industries like construction, agriculture, delivery, oil and gas, field services, food and beverage, passenger transit, trucking, and logistics. We like how its plug-and-play hardware makes it easy to get your team up and running. Instead of hardwiring a device into each vehicle, you can easily install the ELD in your diagnostic port within minutes. The company also offers road-facing and dual-facing dashcams, so you can get a firsthand look at driver behavior and security.

Although KeepTruckin devices are easy to install, the company offers several installation and setup guides with step-by-step instructions on how to install each device properly. This is ideal for those who need extra assistance but don’t want to contact customer support. In case you do need one-on-one assistance with the platform, customer support is available 24/7.

Once your devices are installed and connected, you can track and monitor your fleets with ease. We found the dashboard to be user-friendly, and many customers rave about how easy it is to learn. It displays a variety of fleet information in one location, including driver location and performance, hours of service (HOS), safety issues, fuel consumption, vehicle service history, and maintenance reminders. Additionally, KeepTruckin offers an in-app instant messaging feature with automatic, interruption-free alerts.


When implementing a GPS fleet tracking platform, you want one that is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require an advanced degree to use and operate. You get that benefit and many more with KeepTruckin, which is why it’s our best pick for easy implementation. Take its plug-and-play devices for starters. With these devices, it takes just a few seconds to connect your vehicle to the platform. That means you can begin monitoring and tracking your vehicles in no time. There is no added installation cost or downtime, which is another reason it’s one of our best picks.

With KeepTruckin’s mobile fleet app, you can manage your business on the go from any smartphone or tablet. You can see vehicle locations, safety issues and other fleet information on a single screen. With instant email alerts, you’ll know when vehicles in your fleet arrive and depart a location. We also like that KeepTruckin lets you send alerts to customers if there are any delays, because that increases transparency and boosts your customers’ goodwill.

While KeepTruckin is easy to implement and navigate, it doesn’t make you go it alone if you do need help. Between its 24-hour customer support and its website full of guides, videos, tutorials, and other information, you have a treasure trove of data and help at your fingertips.

KeepTruckin makes GPS fleet tracking easy to implement and use, which is ideal for small businesses that need to get up and running quickly, with little difficulty and no extra costs.

Teletrac Navman: Best GPS Fleet Tracking Service for Vehicle Maintenance


  • You can set up automatic maintenance alerts and notifications.
  • You can view Teletrac Navman data to identify common maintenance problems or trends.

Teletrac Navman offers several features to protect your fleet, including real-time engine diagnostics, automated alerts, and maintenance cost tracking.

With intuitive maintenance calendars, you can easily keep track of upkeep and repairs.

If you need to know how much GPS tracking will cost you per month, Teletrac Navman won’t tell you without a call.


Like many other vendors we reviewed, it doesn’t list its prices online.


Teletrac Navman is our choice as the best GPS fleet management solution for vehicle maintenance. It offers solutions by industry as well as role, with a variety of hardwired and plug-and-play devices, giving you the ability to choose the tracking option that best matches your vehicle- or asset-tracking needs. You can maintain an optimized and healthy fleet with the various Teletrac Navman features. For example, you can easily view real-time engine diagnostic alerts with color-coded icons. You can also track your vehicle maintenance history with maintenance records and digital inspection schedules. We were impressed with its ability to create automatic notifications for when a vehicle must undergo maintenance, so you never miss a service.

We like how you can track the cost of maintenance across your entire fleet with Teletrac Navman. With tracking measures like repair turnover rates, you can optimize maintenance schedules and reduce potential vehicle downtime. You can also quickly identify maintenance problems or trends to ensure you keep your vehicles as healthy as possible.  

Another feature that plays into your vehicle health is driver performance data. Teletrac Navman lets you track your team’s driving activity with driver scorecards, and then use that data to create driver training plans. This helps you ensure your drivers are not engaging in aggressive behavior that puts too much wear and tear on your vehicles.

Teletrac Navman focuses on fleet management software that aims to help reduce operating costs while improving driver safety on top of the usual platform of fleet tracking services. Site management software allows for a reduction in plant rental costs, while driver safety analytics can be generated from telematics, dashcams, and benchmark reports.

Fleet downtime due to unexpected repairs can cost your business money. To avoid surprise breakdowns and expensive repairs, you need a GPS fleet tracking platform that stays on top of your vehicles’ health. The best ones offer real-time engine diagnostics, fuel usage monitoring and real-time alerts.

Teletrac Navman’s fleet maintenance and fuel management modules enable you to monitor all aspects of your company vehicles from your computer or mobile device. You can receive alerts instantly if the software detects maintenance issues. You can also run reports and get alerts about excessive fuel burn or idling, schedule maintenance, and track fuel purchases. All of this ensures your fleet is operating optimally and you aren’t wasting money on preventable maintenance issues.

We could stop there and Teletrac Navman would still easily be our best pick, but that’s not all it has on the maintenance front. DIRECTOR, its preventative maintenance module, lets you create and easily manage custom maintenance calendars. A more recent feature is the ability for drivers to digitally complete and submit daily vehicle inspections on handheld devices. That enables you to track inspections before and after trips and log any maintenance.

Teletrac Navman makes it easy to stay on top of your fleet’s health, giving you actionable insights to help you determine when it’s time for an upgrade. With so many features geared toward maintenance, it was easy to select Teletrac Navman as the best for that use case.


Accurate data and relevant reports are the USP of the Teletrac Navman GPS fleet tracking solution. Serving clients in several countries including the U.S.A, Mexico, Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, Teletrac Navman offers a broad feature range of Cloud-based GPS services. With their devices and services, fleet managers and drivers can efficiently manage their time and resources, as well as save on expenses. 

Why do we recommend Teletrac Navman GPS devices for the fleet?

  • AI-powered telematics
  • Real-time visibility
  • Instant alerts, reports, and notification
  • Geofencing
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Maintenance and training
  • Accurate video footage
  • Plug-n-Play and hardwired devices
  • Robust Customer support

Why choose Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Navman offers accurate data regarding location, driving hours, engine status, and more that helps fleet managers in deciding a driver-job assignment, fuel efficiency, route optimization, offering real-time updates to clients, and more. Their AI-powered solution helps in proactive management of workflow and increases productivity. With the real-time diagnostic alerts, fleets can always keep a check on vehicle maintenance and avoid unnecessary expenses in repairs and replacements. 

Teletrac Navman GPS solutions also come with dash-cams that help in identifying accountability in case of emergency, as well as coach drivers in better and safe driving habits. With Geofencing, users can create virtual boundaries around a location and monitor movement to track arrival and departure times, and unauthorized movement.


 Custom plans with custom pricing are available, however, cheaper plans limit the number of features. A monthly subscription starts from $35 per month per vehicle, and hardware prices are not revealed by the company.

Pros and Cons

  • AI-powered features
  • Dash-cams included
  • A broad range of features
  • International coverage
  • Long-term contracts
  • 30-day notice for annual auto-renewal cancellation
  • Engine temp data not recorded


Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. (ATTI) offers a standard GPS fleet tracking service, which monitors vehicle locations, vehicle use and driver behavior, as well as fuel consumption and potential maintenance issues, all to help improve productivity and efficiency.

The hardware they use is relatively easy to install though isn’t as simple as just plug and play like some companies offer. The software platform is easy to use and mobile friendly, and information is sent out every ten seconds, using the biggest cellular and satellite data networks to ensure nationwide coverage. 

There’s also a feature which allows you to designate an allowed area of use. This can be a simple pin on the GPS map for a general area radius, or specific shapes can be drawn so as to properly encompass highway routes and possible legitimate diversions in the event of roadworks. An alert will be sent if the driver deviates from this area, allowing you to be notified of potentially wasteful fuel use.

ATTI can also provide driver time tracking software to allow for digital timesheets with remote clock in. They also provide a service for GPS asset tracking, so you can keep tabs of heavy equipment, trailers, bulk containers, and anything else that can be easily overlooked but can now be properly located and tracked using GPS.

Overall, ATTI offer a lot of standard features. While the hardware they use isn’t the simplest to install it’s not the most difficult, and their software platform is generally easy to use.


ATTI offers standard GPS fleet tracking, with trackers for both business vehicles and unmanned mobile assets like shipping containers. A number of reports can be generated using the intuitive software, helping to reduce fleet costs and fuel consumption, improve productivity and routing, reduce overtime, and manage maintenance schedules. 

The Shadow Tracker® Vision III GPS unit is relatively easy to install (although less so than some competitors’ wireless trackers), and includes 10-second updates, internal battery and cellular backups, and built-in power take-off (PTO) monitoring, making it an excellent tracker for mobile assets with hydraulics or other moving parts.

Of particular note is the Geofence feature, which enables users to designate an allowed usage area and receive alerts when vehicles cross the fence. Administrators can give a general radius or specify shapes to encompass highway routes, bridges, and more.

Support is available by phone or email, Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM (CST), though no FAQ or knowledge base exists on the website. 

Pros: Scalable pricing per vehicle; Dynamic geo-fencing

Cons: Long contracts; Customer service has received some negative reviews

US Fleet Tracking

+Cloud-based+Multiple hardware options+Traffic and weather mapping

US Fleet Tracking is both a manufacturer and provider of vehicle tracking systems, and can offer different hardware options for different vehicle needs. They can provide simple “snap and track” devices that require no wires, or different varieties with three-wire connections, and there are also a number of accessories available. 

US Fleet Tracking also offers it’s own cloud-based software platform, which means there’s no software to download, just login details, and can be used from a desktop or mobile device. The software contains a range of standard features, but also includes live traffic and weather reporting on the provided map so you can account for adverse driving conditions.

Aside from that, it provides notifications for ignition, speed, and idle use, as well as mileage and Geofencing features. Together these make it easier to secure your assets, eliminate driver misuse, and reduce fuel wastage. 

Although US Fleet Tracking offers multiple hardware options which must be bought up front, they all work to one of two plans: the first provides updates every 10 seconds that the vehicle is in use; the second provides updates every five seconds.

For more information, read our full US Fleet Tracking review.


US Fleet Tracking operates in more than 150 countries across the globe, making this an ideal solution for businesses with mobile assets in multiple countries. That said, the pricing scheme is straightforward and affordable, so small and even single-vehicle businesses may find the solution they’re looking for.

Plans are contract-free, which is an unusual advantage compared to competitors, while hardware starts at just $99 (although at the time of writing, one device was on sale for $0 with a 12-month service agreement). US Fleet Tracking offers a wide range of GPS trackers for all vehicle types, including rugged and waterproof casing, wired or wireless, and more.

US Fleet Tracking is not FMS per se. To keep its rates low and its product simple and straightforward, it doesn’t provide advanced analytics like those offered by competitors. Nonetheless, there are some practical features: ignition, speed and idle alerts, geofencing, and maintenance notifications. 

Support is available Monday through Friday, 7AM to 7PM, and Saturdays from 9AM to 4PM. However, the website has a comprehensive knowledge base, FAQ, and user manuals, so many basic queries can be addressed without having to call or chat online. 

Pros: Traffic & weather tracking; Large selection of trackers

Cons: Missing some advanced features


US Fleet Tracking reports will notify you of multiple statistics and problems including aggressive driving, starts and stops, excessive idling, speeding, mileages for vehicles, vehicle mileage by state, device input activity, and geofence activity. Additionally, get activity playback for up to 90 days in the past, which is helpful in legal disputes, job completion verification, and other situations.

Other features include electronic logging, WEX fuel card integration, service call integration; google map search; live technical support; remote start, locks, and kill switch; contacts and addresses; and route set-up.

Key Features

  • Mobile app
  • Speed alerts
  • Geofence alerts
  • Traffic and weather checks
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Ignition alerts


+Safety reporting+Comprehensive features+Custom rules and reporting

Geotab offers a GPS fleet management solution that is focused on the key areas of productivity, safety, fleet optimization, and compliance. It provides detailed and accurate trip recording and allows you to distinguish between different vehicle drivers by supplying an NFC fob to use. Altogether this makes it easier to track journeys at any time, both using real-time data and also historical data, while also ensuring fuel economy and route optimization.

Geotab also focuses on driver safety, and provides risk and safety scores based on a number of aspects of driver behavior, from seat belt usage to speeding, to degree cornering to after-hours use. Actual speeds can also be plotted against speed-limited routes to ensure that highway laws are adhered to. This can all be used to help avoid preventable accident and injury claims. In the event of an actual accident, alerts are sent and a back-up memory system can provide detailed information on driver behavior before the accident occurred. 

Geotab also provides customization options, allowing you to set up and edit custom rules so that all drivers and all routes are not treated the same when conditions are likely to be very different. The same applies for data reports, allowing you to reach deeper into your data with analytics.

Altogether, Geotab provides one of the more comprehensive feature ranges of the companies listed here, and the service is ELDS compliant.

Check out more in our full Geotab review.


Geotab is one of the largest tracking companies in the world, with well over two million connected assets. It is priced through vendors, so you’ll have to contact an authorized reseller. Fortunately, with four plans available, you’re sure to find one to fit your budget. 

The Base plan includes GPS tracking, VIN, Driver ID, and IOX networking. A Regulatory plan adds everything you need to stay compliant with drivers, including hours of service and IFTA data. Meanwhile, the Pro and Pro Plus plans add engine data, plus active tracking (1s), lifetime warranties, and advanced support.

The FMS itself, Mygeotab, is cloud-based and thus accessible from any web browser, regardless of device or operating system. The dashboard combines all available information in one easy-to-use interface: vehicle position, speed, fuel consumption, driver scorecards, productivity, and more. You can arrange elements as you like.

One of Geotab’s most advantageous features is its marketplace, with hundreds of third-party apps and extensions to make the most of your Geotab hardware and FMS. Add extensions from engine and vehicle brands for the most useful integration, take advantage of advanced analytics and driver scorecards, add AI and machine learning to dashcams, and much more. 

As Geotab’s products and services are provided through resellers, direct user support is not available. Instead, you’ll be reliant on your vendor, so be sure to check that their customer service suits your needs.

Pros: Hugely flexible with marketplace add-ons; Intuitive dashboard and reporting

Cons: Pricing and customer service depends on vendors


GeoTab allows you to manage driver log reports and vehicle inspection information all from one platform. It also features easy installation so you don’t need a technician to install it.

It aims to track driver hours of Service so that you can ensure that you are compliant with HOS regulations, reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It will also manage diagnostic trouble codes and engine faults, get you automatic odometer readings (synced every day at midnight), and report on fuel theft.

Geotab prides itself on its “Security First Principle,” including end-to-end security using authentication, encryption, message integrity verification, individualized devices with a unique ID, non-static security keys, digitally-signed firmware, and independent third-party expert validation. As they’ve been around since 1996, we’d say they have the history to back up their fleet management software.

Key Features

  • Supports 16-hour work days
  • Truck routing
  • Driver e-logs
  • Stop light camera warnings
  • Drive and duty time audits
  • Weather condition support

AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)

AMS is one of the leading providers of fleet management systems. Its GPS tracking:

  • Comes with the quality of “The USA’s number one choice for vehicle tracking”;
  • Uses a sophisticated dashboard for a valuable asset tracking solution;
  • Lets your team monitor each of your assets and the style of your drivers;
  • Shows the location, date, time, speed, direction and status information of each vehicle and driver;
  • Can be used internationally and displayed on the same dashboard;
  • Can be viewed on any internet-enabled device;
  • Is fully customizable so that your live screen, mapping selections, and driver reports are suited to your needs;
  • Can also be used in ‘trail’ mode. This screen allows the user to track countless details of an individual vehicle’s journey.

Rand McNally

Rand McNally uses its unique DriverConnect platform to offer GPS tracking. That technology features the following:

  • Real-time insights into vehicle and driver locations;
  • Reliable tracking which lets you know exactly where your assets are at any given time;
  • The capability to monitor key driver performance metrics and coach better driving;
  • Speed monitoring, so that the chance of an accident is reduced;
  • Miles-per-gallon analysis. This helps your team improve fuel consumption and train drivers to manage fuel better;
  • Idle time tracking. Once visible in a handy report, you can improve your fleet efficiency;
  • Custom geofences which sound an alarm upon entry and exit;
  • Efficient route planning, showing live traffic updates and shortest distance.


Switchboard offers GPS tracking as part of its fleet solutions. Its GPS tracking technology includes:

  • 24/7 live locations that help you monitor and track your vehicles and drivers;
  • Location pings which can be sent consistently;
  • Geofencing technology that calculates the exact time of entry and exit for any location you choose;
  • Detention time calculations, showing you how long drivers spend with clients and helping you optimize procedures;
  • Absolute accuracy when calculating miles driven;
  • The capability to track your entire fleet in one place in real-time;
  • Speeding alerts which notify your team of any dangerous driver behavior;
  • Idle time calculations, helping your team to coach better driving and improve fuel consumption.

Webfleet Solutions (TomTom Telematics)

GPS tracking solutions from Webfleet Solutions (formerly TomTom Telematics) feature:

  • Reliable tracking that lets you know where your vehicles are 24/7;
  • Simple GPS tracker installation;
  • The tracking data you need to improve fleet efficiency;
  • Instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone;
  • Live location data that helps your team make “smart, informed decisions” in real time;
  • Innovative tracking solutions that show the exact time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how each vehicle was used;
  • Route planning and optimization, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 50%;
  • Proof-of-delivery data and more accurate customer ETAs.

TomTom’s Software as a Service set-up means that you can access this information from any web browser, anywhere– without installation.

Its products include WebFleet (the online fleet management application), link vehicle tracking devices, and pro driver terminals. Check out the solution advisor for more information on which products are right for you and your fleet.

The company specializes in the industries of service and maintenance, towing and recovery, delivery and logistics, and passenger transport, so if you’re in one of these fields you’re all set! If you’re looking for a recognizable name to trust, look no further than TomTom.

Key Features

  • Real time track and trace
  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Live traffic information
  • Include mileage and work time regis­tration

Pros and Cons

  • Great customer support
  • Not easy to navigate
  • Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security offers fleet companies a GPS tracking solution that:

  • Allows your team to “track and manage anything, anywhere”;
  • Includes free automatic updates, so that you don’t need to pay for software updates;
  • Uses BrickHouse GPS trackers which are 4G wireless-enabled and future-proofed for tracking all across North America;
  • Offers flexible hardware that can be battery-powered, hard-wired or mixed;
  • Uses international devices, so that you can continue tracking vehicles even in a different country;
  • Comes with a mobile app or secure website access where you can view live tracking outside the office;
  • Provides instant alerts about the status of your vehicles;
  • Enables geofencing so that you can determine when drivers deviate from schedule routes.


Zubie offers a GPS tracking system that:

  • Is easy-to-use for fleets of every size;
  • Helps you quickly locate your vehicles and drivers on the Zubie Fleet Connect Live Map;
  • Allows you to take tracking out of office with live maps available on your smartphone and tablet;
  • Makes sure you never miss a trip that your driver takes in your vehicle;
  • Details the exact route a driver takes, where they started, where they stopped and everything in between;
  • Can be configured to produce automatic notifications when drivers have arrived at their target destination;
  • Gives you the opportunity to impress customers with accurate ETAs;
  • Does not require expensive tracking hardware. All that’s required is a key plugged into the ODBII port.

Enterprise Fleet Management

Enterprise is one of the biggest names in the industry and its GPS tracking system includes the following:

  • A small plug-and-play tracking device – no need for expensive hardware;
  • Access to a wealth of real-time, vehicle-specific data;
  • An online portal showing vehicle location and speed, helping  you optimize fleet performance;
  • A bird’s-eye view of your fleet operations which is available 24/7;
  • The live data you need to make informed decisions about route optimization and proactive fleet management;
  • Critical engine data that you can use to maintain your vehicles properly;
  • Monitoring unplanned stops and a detailed analysis of driver activity;
  • The tools you need to improve driver safety and reduce the risk of accidents.


Lytx has developed an advanced GPS tracking system to meet your needs. Its GPS tracking:

  • Lets you see your fleet in near-real time;
  • Helps you to manage driver efficiency and keep your vehicles running in top condition;
  • Allows you to review full trip replays on their tracking software;
  • Gives you the opportunity to access up to 100 driving hours of continual video to prove what really happened, if you ever need to protect your drivers or your company;
  • Helps you dispatch the closest vehicle to any destination and the driver who can get there the quickest;
  • Improves customer services by communicating highly accurate ETAs to your customers;
  • Sets alerts for arrival and departure times so that you can ensure that your drivers stick to exact routes;
  • Provides you with the information you need to make routing adjustments on the spot.


EROAD features GPS tracking as part of its effective fleet management package. Its tracking technology features:

  • Complete visibility and control over all of your vehicles
  • Route management and live tracking so that you can make the adjustments you need to make;
  • Geofenced areas that allow you to monitor driver activity in a specific area;
  • Thorough vehicle monitoring that tracks other important metrics such as idle time. This helps to better manage fuel efficiency;
  • Improved dispatching capabilities;
  • Accurate details for arrival times and confirmation of planned stops;
  • Confirmed time cards, helping you to better manage driver working hours;
  • All the details you need to improve efficiency and ensure productivity.

GPS Insight

GPS Insight may be a small to mid-size business’ dream. Why? Its interface is good-looking, and the simplest to use that we’ve come across, making it an ideal option if you’re new to fleet management or well versed in it. GPS Insight also charges the lowest starting price – $14.95 – that we’ve seen on the US market. Plus, this system helps you to stay compliant with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and FMCSA laws – meaning one less thing for you to think about. You’ll benefit from vital information, including real-time and historical views of your fleet, vehicle maintenance details, and driver safety scorecards.

best gps fleet tracking systems

GPS Insight focuses on fleet management software. However, it also offers powerful GPS tracking capabilities that:

  • Show real-time fleet visibility so that you can assess live data;
  • Store your vehicle’s historical routes so that past activity is always accessible;
  • Can be viewed on a number of devices out-of-office, including tablets and smartphones;
  • Help you to control idling and closely monitor fuel usage;
  • Monitor dangerous driver behavior, including speeding and harsh breaking;
  • Track every second your drivers are working, so that there are no inconsistencies with hours worked and hours claimed;
  • Provides you with the tools you need to coach better driver behavior;
  • Keep your fleet safe, and help to track them in the event of theft.
ProductPrice range
SoftwareStarts at $14.95 per month
Hardware rentalFree for most agreement types
Hardware purchase$199–$450 upfront, per device


  • Tracks over 160,000 vehicles and assets across the US
  • Provides a personalized, consultative approach to tracking your fleet
  • Offers 24/7, US-based customer support


  • Online reviews are positive, but suggest that the system can be prone to freezes
  • Charges an installation fee


Standard, designed for fleets of one to 25 vehicles, includes these features: email and text alerts, a reporting suite, mapping with Google street view, vehicle and landmark groups, landmarks, hours of service, one-year historical data, dispatch, simple routing, messaging to and from drivers, a maintenance module, customer/partner-facing maps, custom map icons, free APIs, fuel card integration, engine diagnostics, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and single-user sign-on.

Pro includes a custom dashboard, Google Earth integration, Garmin integration, data connectivity, and data dump integration, driver ID, PRO monitoring, unlimited historical data, driver scorecards, unlimited users, and categories and attributes filtering.

Enterprise, for fleets of more than 500, features custom hierarchies, GIS/mapping overlays integration, and custom reporting.

Key Features

  • Email and text alerts
  • Routing
  • Fuel card integration
  • Free APIs


Automile offers GPS tracking solutions that:

  • Feature real-time tracking with incredibly precise live locations;
  • Alerts you about speeding, accidents and more as they happen;
  • Automatically creates the most efficient routes for your drivers;
  • Helps your team adjust driver routes in real-time with live traffic updates;
  • Improves client satisfaction with highly accurate ETAs;
  • Enhances the safety and security of your vehicles by tracking them 24/7;
  • Comes with geo-fencing capabilities, giving you complete control and protection of your assets and business;
  • Makes your mile tracking bulletproof when it comes to inspections and compliance.

Element Fleet Management

With Element Fleet Management’s one-stop fleet management solution, you’ll enjoy the following GPS tracking features:

  • A diverse set of tools to help you monitor mileage and reduce fuel usage;
  • Improved driver and vehicle accountability with complete visibility;
  • Much faster safety and service response times;
  • Streamlined job dispatching based on a driver’s location;
  • Navigation solutions to help your drivers manage their routes more efficiently;
  • Over 10 million “built-in points of interest including truck stops and safe places to sleep” that drivers can see using live location;
  • Complete tracking of business and personal use so that you fully understand vehicle usage;
  • Comprehensive data capture based on driver routes, including GPS-enabled trip logging.

FleetLocate (Spireon) Connected by OnStar

FleetLocate by Spireon uses GPS fleet tracking to offer the following:

  • Tracking of your assets anywhere, anytime, and on any device;
  • Real-time monitoring of driver behavior 24/7;
  • Business intelligence that leads to better business decision-making;
  • Reliable, real-time data on your drivers and vehicles;
  • Streamlined dispatching techniques, making sure the closest driver is the one getting the job;
  • A tracking solution that can be customized for fleet of all sizes;
  • Breadcrumb trails and idle time data;
  • Exact hours of service logging, so that driver hours are logged with much greater accuracy.


Onfleet manages and analyzes local deliveries with simple software. In fact, they refer to themselves as a “delightful last-minute delivery service.” For a free 14-day trial, Onfleet makes it easier to manage last-mile deliveries, intuitive routing, real-time tracking, dispatching, analytics, and so much more.

It boasts being easy for drivers to use, with easy ways to contact the receivers of the deliveries and collect proof of delivery.

Onfleet has developed a powerful fleet management software. It uses GPS tracking technology to offer:

  • Real-time driver tracking and live locations, with accurate ETAs in a beautiful, branded and responsive web tracking experience;
  • Automatic status updates regrading the progress of a vehicle’s route;
  • Tracking of success rates, on-time rates, service times, distance traveled and more;
  • Predictive ETA as part of tracking, so that you can ‘put out fires before they start’;
  • Full tracking of driver productivity and accountability;
  • The live data you need for Onfleet’s powerful auto-dispatch engine;
  • A route optimization solution that considers time, location, capacity and traffic;
  • Comprehensive vehicle reports that can only be compiled with their highly accurate tracking data.


Coretex provides high-quality fleet solutions thanks to its advanced GPS tracking system. Its tracking system:

  • Offers a complete tracking system for ‘compliance, safety, efficiency, and customer service’;
  • Helps you track vehicle activity in the geographic areas that matter. Geofencing capabilities are included;
  • Includes highly accurate time and location geofence activity, recording to the nearest second;
  • Allows management teams to set speed limits and be notified when they are exceeded;
  • Feeds reports designed to help maximise routes and driver behaviour for reduced fuel costs;
  • Can be configured to sound alerts when workers are driving dangerously;
  • Includes the technology you need to minimize he risk of accidents;
  • Can be combined with in-cab dashboard technology to feed a live picture of a driver’s behavior.

Zonar Systems

Zonar Systems put a big focus on its telematics solutions. GPS tracking is a big part of that, and it helps users to:

  • Consistently monitor your fleet anytime and anywhere;
  • Run time-stamped reports and receive alerts;
  • Gain valuable insights in to a single vehicle or an entire fleet;
  • Customize the user-friendly interface to show only the tracking information you need;
  • Benefit from the “Intelligent Logging” algorithm that senses all vehicle activity, found within the Zonar Z4;
  • Make crucial decisions based on up-to-the-second live data;
  • Stay connected with powerful built-in 4G and 3G radios, covering your vehicle nationwide;
  • Enjoy real-time visibility into fleet and project operations from any web-enabled device – even out-of-office.

Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree Technologies has developed fleet management solutions with GPS tracking playing a significant role. Its tracking solutions:

  • Help you to remotely track, monitor, and manage all of your fixed and mobile assets
  • Improve your fleet dispatching process;
  • Improve customer service with accurate ETAs and reliable customer communications;
  • Monitor driver performance metrics as well as tracking location;
  • Help you to reduce idle time and improve fuel management;
  • Improve vehicle routing by optimizing routes with weather and traffic in mind;
  • Show you critical tracking information and fleet data anytime, anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection;
  • Present everything you need to know about your fleet location on one simple screen.

Mix Telematics

Mix Telematics is a leading global provider of telematics solutions. GPS tracking is an important part of those solutions and offers:

  • Unlimited access to information about your vehicles and drivers;
  • Improved vehicle and driver safety by monitoring driver behavior;
  • Mobile applications which help you track and locate your vehicles even out-of-office;
  • Tracking modules that provide a real-time view of a vehicle or asset’s position;
  • Critical vehicle insights, including ignition status;
  • User-defined live streams that allow you to monitor your fleet in a proactive way;
  • Video recording systems, in-cab navigation and other features that will all benefit your location tracking;
  • The tools you need to make your fleet more efficient and more profitable.


With short 12-month contracts, three affordable price plans, and a user-friendly interface, Quartix is an excellent solution for fleets that are looking for simplicity. That said, what we’re most impressed by is the software’s unique CO2 emissions reporting, which comes as part of its fuel management feature. In this age of climate change, fleet businesses can’t be too careful about the volume of CO2 emissions they release – making Quartix’s reporting an ideal tool to have on your side. We’re also fans of the system’s trip reporter function, which provides insight into where each driver has been throughout the day, to help prevent fraudulent insurance claims.

Quartix is able to offer highly reliable vehicle tracking. Its GPS tracking solutions make the following possible:

  • Tracking of your drivers in real time;
  • A powerful tracking solution without the need for additional software – everything is based on the web;
  • Google-backed vehicle mapping technology;
  • Valuable and data-filled reports, viewable on a system that is easy to navigate;
  • Confirmation of where stops were made and what time jobs or deliveries were completed;
  • Start and finish times of each individual driver – no need to wait for timesheets;
  • The distance traveled and the idle time for each trip, helping you to improve overall efficiency and fuel management;
  • Daily route map replays which can be broken down to show stops, speeds, and more.

How much does Quartix cost?

PackagePrice (per vehicle, per month)


  • Super affordable, with prices starting at $14.90
  • An excellent option for smaller fleets, and fleets of cars
  • Offers fantastic levels of support to its customers, scoring 9/10 for support in our research


  • Its cheapest plan comes with limited reporting and slow data refresh (every two minutes)
  • No driver messaging system or theft prevention alerts
  • Doesn’t offer ELD compliance

Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck offers advanced GPS fleet tracking. It also markets the GPS tracking hardware your system will need. Its tracking solutions:

  • Make 24/7 tracking possible, even on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets;
  • Allow you to monitor driver behavior, understanding how well they stick to speed limits;
  • Capture driver start times, stop times, idle times and more, that you can use to coach better driving and improve efficiency;
  • Can be set-up to alert you when drivers are speeding, braking harshly or making sharp turns;
  • Allow you to view vehicle and driver progress in real time;
  • Incorporate NetTrack in to their tracking devices. These live GPS tracking devices improve fleet management by collecting detailed vehicle reports into one web-based interface with simple mapping tools;
  • Help you to spot developing traffic situations and adjust routes on the spot;
  • Include long-lasting and reliable tracking hardware.

Gorilla Safety

Gorilla Safety Fleet Management logo

Gorilla Safety takes fleet management seriously. It uses GPS tracking to:

  • Show the current location, last known location and breadcrumb trail or your vehicles;
  • Provide highly accurate 24/7 vehicle tracking;
  • Keep you compliant, particularly when you get a surprise roadside inspection;
  • Show a bird’s-eye view, letting you know whether or not drivers are carrying out their tasks effectively;
  • Immediately show the live location of any accidents and breakdowns;
  • Store the tracking information that your insurance provider will need to see in case of accident;
  • Improve the security and safety of your vehicles. Tracking devices will deter thieves and in the case of burglary, you’ll be able to track your vehicle;
  • Improve the performance of your drivers, vehicles, company safety, and operations.

CarrierWeb PowerFleet

Powerfleet logo

CarrierWeb offers ‘always-on’ fleet management to its customers. It includes GPS tracking technology that:

  • Tracks the precise location of your vehicles minute-by-minute;
  • Sends immediate alerts when an event specified by you occurs or a driver threshold is exceeded;
  • Automatically compiles tracking data in to reports that your team can use to improve operations;
  • Dispatches trip orders to the best-suited vehicle from your own scheduling;
  • Displays trip status and information in real time;
  • Comes with a fully integrated navigation system, saving you and your driver time;
  • Makes life simple for your drivers. Once they accept a trip order, they’ll be automatically directed to the next address;
  • Gives you the tools you need to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Merchants Fleet

Merchants Fleet offers its customers flexible, tailored GPS tracking systems. You can expect its tracking solutions to provide you with:

  • Huge amounts of fleet data so that you can identify opportunities and way to improve;
  • A solution that fits the size of your fleet – their products can easily be scaled up or down;
  • Real-time vehicle locations and movement data;
  • Stored journeys saved in historic snapshots. That way you remain fully compliant;
  • Detailed information about driver idle time, stop time and start time;
  • Tracking devices that are easily installed and reliable;
  • A complete, highly valuable picture of your fleet’s daily operations;
  • Instant notifications of bad driver behavior that trackers immediately detect.

Blue Tree Systems

Blue Tree Systems (ORBCOMM) give you total fleet control with its GPS tracking solutions. Its tracking products feature the following:

  • Instant and comprehensive information, designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your fleet;
  • Real-time location data;
  • Highly accurate information available at your fingertips;
  • Extensive tracking history in breadcrumb format on a map;
  • Valuable reports that are fed by vehicle trackers. This shows driver behavior and allows you to coach better driving;
  • All the data you need to maximize route efficiency and adjust routes in real time;
  • Minimized GPRS costs when driving internationally;
  • Live driver status, so that your dispatching team can streamline operations.

National Fleet Tracking

National Fleet Tracking focuses on ELD and GPS tracking. Its GPS tracking products:

  • Provide you with live, highly-accurate data to manage your entire fleet;
  • Give you full visibility of your vehicles so that you know where they are at all times;
  • Can be customized to send instant notifications when dangerous driver behavior is detected;
  • Improve the safety and security of your vehicles. You’ll be able to quickly to locate stolen vehicles;
  • Use geofencing to let you know exactly when drivers enter and exit pre-determined locations;
  • Help you to reduce insurance costs. Security is increased, location is 24/7 and you’ll be able to coach your driver behavior;
  • Boost the productivity of your fleet operations and reduce costs;
  • Provide you with the tools you need to improve customer service, communicating accurate ETAs.

Trimble Fleet Management

Trimble Fleet Management promises to transform your business with its smart technology. Its GPS tracking technology helps to offer the following:

  • Full GPS visibility of your entire fleet;
  • Event monitoring available on one screen;
  • Effective tracking that can be used globally;
  • Driver performance benchmarking with location data that is compiled into valuable reports;
  • Full safety compliance with visible hours worked and miles covered;
  • Tracking of vital data. This information is compiled and presented in a smart way so that you can spot trends;
  • Strict and highly accurate geofencing, notifying you when drivers enter and exit areas that aren’t permitted;
  • Simple and straightforward navigation, helping you to improve efficiency and route optimization.


Bridgehaul has developed fleet management solutions that go far beyond the typical offerings. This includes GPS tracking that:

  • Offers real-time fleet tracking;
  • Constantly refreshes to keep your team compliant;
  • Can be used to provide GPS navigation and improved driver efficiency;
  • Shows the availability of each driver, helping you communicate highly accurate ETAs to customers;
  • Saves critical data and creates intelligent, insightful reporting;
  • Uses a simple interface, helping you to see every driver on one easy-to-use screen;
  • Records the exact driver mileage so that there are no inconsistencies with driver logging;
  • Combines other features of their ELD and fleet management solutions into one powerful system.


EAGLEi offers its customers a GPS tracking solution that includes the following:

  • A design that has incorporated years of customer feedback and is therefore very easy to use;
  • All the location information you need with just a couple of clicks;
  • Geofencing technology so that you can specify where drivers are – and aren’t permitted to enter;
  • The location of the nearest driver to a job, so that you can improve dispatching and save time and fuel;
  • Tracking information that can be accessed from desktop or mobile apps for iPhone and Android;
  • Highly accurate hours-of-service data, since every minute and mile is tracked;
  • Improved customer service levels with super-accurate ETAs;
  • A more efficient fleet, since you can identify how long a driver spends on each job and use that information to improve operations.

Titan GPS

Titan GPS has developed a fleet management solution that puts a big focus on fleet tracking. Its system:

  • Helps you track, monitor, and optimize your fleet vehicles;
  • Gives you the location information you need to turn your fleet into a well-oiled machine;
  • Increases the accountability of each driver;
  • Helps you to eliminate poor driver behavior such as speeding and aggressive braking;
  • Lets you measure everything that you manage. You can reduce costs and inefficiencies throughout your fleet;
  • Improves your customer service and customer communication with accurate dispatch data;
  • Shows you the location and status of all of your tracked fleet assets live on a map;
  • Uses auto-position updating to keep your map updated in real-time.

Blue Ink Tech

Blue Ink Bit uses GPS tracking to offer its customers the following:

  • The location of one or all of your vehicles and drivers;
  • Live progress and updates during deliveries;
  • Traffic features that allow you to see what’s ahead and make smart routing decisions;
  • BIT Available Hours data and location that help you maximize your drivers’ shifts;
  • Data storage so that you can view the past trips of your drivers;
  • Historic routing so that you can see where your drivers were waiting and plan better routes in the future;
  • Full compliance and shift visibility for roadside inspections;

OneStepGPS focuses primarily on GPS Tracking solutions that help to provide:

  • An easy way to monitor one or one thousand vehicles;
  • Simple trackers with quick plug-in installation;
  • Real-time GPS tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • 100% web-based location monitoring that doesn’t require additional software;
  • Trackers that can update vehicle location every 2 seconds;
  • Instant text and email alerts when unsafe driver behavior is detected;
  • Notifications when drivers use their vehicles out-of-hours or out with specified areas;
  • Past travel history that helps you remain compliant and optimize operations.


Transflo uses telematics technology in a huge range of its products. It also uses it to provide GPS tracking technology that:

  • Provides a 24/7 driver location, so that you always have full visibility of your fleet;
  • Displays live traffic, including route changes and traffic alerts;
  • Helps your team analyze individual driver idle time and increase fuel efficiency;
  • Stores tracking routes from past performances so that you can optimize route efficiency in future;
  • Uses reliable and industry-leading GeoTab ELDs;
  • Includes an interactive dashboard where you can adjust routes in live time;
  • Has a quick plug-and-play installation;
  • Can detect accidents and hazardous behavior, helping you to locate dangerous incidents immediately.

Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete provides an advanced GPS tracking solution that:

  • Displays your fleet information from anywhere on a mobile device with an internet connection;
  • Allows you to measure and analyze your fleet performance based on routes, trips and events;
  • Can be combined with video telematics to improve your fleet safety;
  • Comes with an in-cab voice coaching option that will help your drivers make better decisions on the road;
  • Shows real-time visibility, optimizing load planning
  • Shows each driver’s duty so that you’re aware of the progress of each job;
  • Uses devices that are equipped with a variety of cables to suit every vehicle type;
  • Shares all the performance metrics you need to improve your team’s productivity.

AT&T Fleet Complete

AT&T Fleet Complete offers a cost-effective GPS tracking solution that:

  • Allows for near real-time fleet management;
  • Enables you to monitor your full fleet on one clear, simple map;
  • Sends you ‘aggressive driving’ alerts so that you can better manage your fleet safety;
  • Records the metrics you need to coach your fleet to be safer drivers;
  • Provides a user-friendly solution for every fleet, no matter the size;
  • Can be combined with a huge amount of sensor technology to show useful information like temperatures and engine diagnostics;
  • Defines the areas your drivers are permitted to enter with reliable geofencing;
  • Can be set-up for immediate on-boarding with no long-term contract obligation, hardware or installation costs.

Chevin FleetWave

Chevin FleetWave offers flexible fleet management solutions. It uses GPS tracking that features:

  • Flexible and adaptable tracking technology that can be designed to fit your needs;
  • Route history that is instantly accessible so that you can plan for future routes;
  • Big tracking data – but only the data you need. You can select which features you’d like to see and won’t feel overwhelmed;
  • All of the information you need about your entire fleet location and movement in one easily accessible place;
  • All the live vehicle information you need to make the right decision in real-time;
  • Simple integration with other tracking applications and third-party software;
  • A dedicated support team, helping to resolve 85% of raised issues;
  • Fleet data that feeds highly valuable reports.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

This one’s in the name, isn’t it? Rhino Fleet Tracking offers dynamic and effective GPS tracking that:

  • Improves communication across the board, making life easier for drivers, managers, and operators;
  • Maintains a ‘high level’ of security, since you always know where your assets are;
  • Improves the dispatch procedure and sends jobs to the most appropriate drivers;
  • Can be viewed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection;
  • Tracks driver data to report speeding, stops, idle time, and more;
  • Sends notifications to your office team whenever there are instances of speeding or dangerous driving from any of your drivers;
  • Presents all of your vital fleet data in a single, powerful GPS tracking dashboard;
  • Can be used to set up geofence locations and alert office teams when drivers enter or leave specified areas.


GoFleet uses GPS fleet vehicle tracking to maximize your fleet efficiency. Its tracking technology:

  • Gives your team the oversight it needs to run a safer and more profitable fleet;
  • Takes the stress out of fleet management, ensuring that you never lose sight of a vehicle or asset;
  • Uses robust, reliable, and technically advanced trackers from Geotab;
  • Comes with plug-and-play hardware that saves you time waiting on a professional installation;
  • Is dependable and live, with the option to accurately update your map dashboard every second;
  • Shows you which drivers can be relied on – and which ones can’t. You can track driver behavior to reduce overall risk;
  • Records vehicle diagnostics and maintenance schedules;
  • Records idle time and presents the information in easy-to-read reports, allowing you to reduce fuel usage.


Features include real-time unit tracking, flexible report building, fuel consumption control, driver behavior monitoring, routing management, alarm and notification system, account management via CMS, fleet KPIs analysis with dashboard, and tachograph data processing. It supports Software as a Service and server-based versions, different maps (like Google and Yahoo), and more than 700 different kinds of GPS hardware.

Wialon also offers a mobile app for tracking on Android and iOS.

Wialon is hosted by Gurtam, a software development company that also acts as a provider in real-time GPS monitoring, vehicle telematics, and fleet management solutions.

Key Features

  • Real-time unit tracking
  • Report building
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Route management

Wialon is made by Gurtam who are an international software developer. The platform is designed for GPS tracking and IoT.

  • Online tracking
  • Calculate fuel consumption within maximum accuracy
  • Reduce mileage and time to destination
  • Optimize working hours instead of expanding the team
  • Analyze more data than a tracker, or CAN bus can give
  • Trace assets and events within the specified area
  • Prevent accidents and heavy wear of the machinery with driver behavior monitoring
  • See the road and the driver with your own eyes


Linxup isn’t as well known as some of the heavy-hitting trackers on this list, but it champions the cause of small businesses – and in terms of features, it punches well above its weight. Its mobile app simplifies driver dispatching and messaging, while its clean, stripped-back dashboard takes the hassle out of the analytics. And if you missed something out on the road? Don’t stress – its historical playback feature lets you replay routes at leisure, from whichever device, wherever you are in the world.

How much does Linxup cost?

Price range (per vehicle, per month)


  • Serves more than 43,000 customers, and tracks over 150,000 vehicles and assets
  • Helps you stay on top of ELD compliance
  • Live and online customer support available


  • Software is a little more basic than what’s offered by some of the other suppliers here

Fleet Maintenance Pro

Reviewers say that the software is easy to use and the company provides excellent support.

Features include fleet inventory tracking of an unlimited number of vehicles, preventative maintenance so you know when your vehicle is due for service, repair maintenance, history recording, fuel tracking, parts inventory, work orders (in Shop edition only), and flexible reporting. With this fleet software, you can easily and effectively maximize uptime and efficiency while enhancing the useful life of your assets. This diverse fleet management software makes fleet tracking easier to maximize the benefits of fleet management.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based
  • Repair tracking
  • Fuel and meter imports

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Great customer support
  • Needs more features
  • Setup takes time


  • A standard plan to start is $499
  • Free 30-day trial

RTA Fleet Management

RTA was founded by Ron Turley, ex-manager of UPS, in 1979.

Features include work order management, parts inventory management, tire management, purchase orders, motor pool tracking, vehicle, and equipment management, custom interfaces, barcoding and handheld data, and local and hosted options.

The software is easy to use and the customer service gets rave reviews.

Key Features

  • Track accurate fuel & mileage readings
  • Work order management
  • Vehicle, Equipment & Fuel Management
  • A mobile app

Pros and Cons

  • Helpful customer support
  • Long learning curve


We have not reviewed this company. According to their website, they have a comprehensive range of services.

We could not establish a brand identity as in their website, they refer to their company in third person, so this seems confusing for the prospective customer: “…..not only do they have a wide range of services…..” Who is “they”?

The table below shows a quick price comparison of all the GPS tracking solutions that we’ve researched:

Keeptruckinfrom $35available on request
Samsaraavailable on requestavailable on request
AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)from $25.99available on request
Rand McNallyavailable on requestavailable on request
Switchboardavailable on requestavailable on request
Webfleet by TomTom Telematicsavailable on requestavailable on request
Omnitracsavailable on requestavailable on request
Brickhouse Securityfrom $14.99available on request
Geotabavailable on requestavailable on request
Linxupfrom $22.99from $39.99
Azugaavailable on requestavailable on request
Nextraqavailable on requestavailable on request
Verizon Connectavailable on requestavailable on request
Zubiefrom $27available on request
Enterprise Fleet Managementavailable on requestavailable on request
Lytxavailable on requestavailable on request
Teletrac Navmanavailable on requestavailable on request
Eroadavailable on requestavailable on request
GPS Insightavailable on requestavailable on request
Automilefrom $19.90available on request
Element Fleet Managementavailable on requestavailable on request
Fleetlocateavailable on requestavailable on request
US Fleet Trackingfrom $29.95n/a
Clearpath GPSfrom $20from $175
Onfleetfrom $349n/a
Coretexavailable on requestavailable on request
Zonar Systemsavailable on requestavailable on request
Pedigree Technologiesavailable on requestavailable on request
Mix Telematicsavailable on requestavailable on request
Quartixavailable on requestavailable on request
GPS Trackitavailable on requestavailable on request
Track Your Truckfrom $19.99free
Gorilla Safetyfrom $26.99free
CarrierWebavailable on requestavailable on request
Merchant’s Fleetavailable on requestavailable on request
Blue Tree Systemsavailable on requestavailable on request
National Fleet Trackingavailable on requestavailable on request
Trimble Fleet Managementavailable on requestavailable on request
Bridgehaulfrom $15free
Eaglei Trackingavailable on requestavailable on request
TitanGPSavailable on requestavailable on request
Blue Ink Bitfrom $30available on request
OnestepGPS.comfrom $13.95free
Atti Fleet Trackingavailable on requestavailable on request
Transfloavailable on requestavailable on request
Fleet Completeavailable on requestavailable on request
AT&T Fleet Completeavailable on requestavailable on request
Chevin FleetWaveavailable on requestavailable on request
Rhino Fleet Trackingfrom $39.95from $16.95
goFleetavailable on requestavailable on request
Wialonavailable on requestavailable on request
Matrackavailable on requestavailable on request

*the prices in the table above (where available) come directly from each company’s website and

How GPS Tracking Works for a Business Fleet

GPS tracking works using a combination of tracking hardware and software. The hardware devices are installed on each truck, trailer or piece of equipment. The cloud-based software is accessed from an internet-capable device to track the fleet.

GPS software includes an intuitive dashboard and mobile app that displays a wealth of information based on what you want to track. For example, you can view driver safety and performance, fuel efficiency and optimization, geofences and route navigation, or vehicle condition and maintenance needs.

Bottom LineBottom line: GPS fleet tracking offers a lot of benefits, such as improving driver safety and ensuring your vehicles are getting the right maintenance. This can help you lower costs and boost profits.


In general, a fleet GPS tracking system works like this:

  1. A GPS fleet tracker is placed in each vehicle. The tracking device uses GPS and the cellular network to constantly determine its location, which it then sends to the central database or server.
  2. The GPS location data is then often shared on a map (which managers or owners can view at any time). Depending on the fleet tracking software you use, other data is often available in real-time as well, including driving speed, braking intensity, and more.
  3. In general, though, all a manager needs to do is login via a fleet tracking app or fleet tracking software and review the data—and with practice, they can use that data to make their scheduling and routes more efficient and more.
  1. A GPS fleet tracker is placed in each vehicle. The tracking device uses GPS and the cellular network to constantly determine its location, which it then sends to the central database or server.
  2. The GPS location data is then often shared on a map (which managers or owners can view at any time). Depending on the fleet tracking software you use, other data is often available in real-time as well, including driving speed, braking intensity, and more.
  3. In general, though, all a manager needs to do is login via a fleet tracking app or fleet tracking software and review the data—and with practice, they can use that data to make their scheduling and routes more efficient and more.


The total cost of a GPS fleet tracking service depends on several factors, including the kind of hardware, the number of devices and the included features.

Costs typically include an upfront charge for each hardware device and then a monthly service fee for the tracking service capabilities. Pricing starts around $100 for one hardware device and $15 to $35 a month for subscriptions. Some plans allow you to rent the hardware for an additional monthly fee.

The average service agreement ranges from 12 to 36 months. Only a few companies we reviewed offer month-to-month plans. This flexibility is something to look for if you need GPS fleet tracking only for a short time. Some companies also offer free trials or money-back guarantees.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: GPS fleet tracking services charge an upfront hardware fee starting at about $100 per device and a monthly software fee of about $15 to $35. Contracts range from 12 to 36 months.

Agreements with fleet tracking companies are generally contract-based and tailored to your business’s needs. Contracts run from 12 to 36 months, with a recurring monthly service fee and an upfront fee for the hardware devices. Some companies will rent the devices to you, rolling the cost of using the device into your monthly fee.

We reviewed some companies that don’t require long-term contracts. Instead, they charge month to month, allowing you to cancel at any time. These companies provide flexibility for very small businesses and the option of short-term service for larger ones. Some companies also provide a trial period or money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the service without committing to a contract.

Did you know?Did you know? Not all fleet tracking companies make you sign a long-term contract. Some charge month to month and let you cancel anytime. This makes the most sense for very small businesses or those not ready to commit.


Typically, you pay for hardware upfront and software on a monthly basis, although there are exceptions. For example, some GPS trackers come free with a year-long subscription. 

GPS trackers typically start at around $99 and go up to $399, depending on the provider. Of course, you’re not required to get the same tracker for every vehicle you own, so you can get a range of trackers at different costs to suit your fleet and tracking needs.

In terms of software, because of the complexity of fleet management and the many different elements on offer, it’s not unusual to be required to contact a representative for a quote. This is the case for three of the five providers below, US Fleet Tracking and GPS Trackit being the exceptions. 

As a general rule, FMS costs between $20 and $30 per vehicle per month, although there are some outliers, and providers may be open to negotiation.


Many businesses are legally required to implement some form of fleet tracking system, but even if you’re not, there are several advantages to doing so. If you are unsure whether a fleet tracking system is right for you, check out these ways it can benefit your company.

It improves driver safety and performance.

One of GPS fleet tracking’s main advantages is improved driver safety and performance. With features such as dashboard cameras and driver ID readers, you can gain insight on your team’s driving practices. Many GPS tracking systems also include driver reports and scorecards that track driving behavior. You can analyze driving metrics to pinpoint who your best drivers are and who needs additional training. If you notice a driver behaving recklessly, you can address the situation before it ends in disaster.

It optimizes fleet performance and saves you money.

GPS fleet tracking software includes alerts and reporting features that can aid business decision-making. By tracking driver performance, route trends, and fuel consumption, you can optimize your fleet’s performance, reduce drivers’ idle time and save money.

It helps you maintain legal compliance.

Fleet tracking software helps you comply with legal regulations and ensure your drivers are being safe on the road. Businesses with vehicle fleets must adhere to certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety of their drivers. For example, the ELD mandate requires certain companies to install ELDs in their vehicles to track how many miles and hours each driver logs. Fleets must also adhere to hours of service (HOS) regulations, which determine how long a driver can be on the road before a break. GPS fleet tracking systems have features that can help you maintain compliance with such laws and regulations, which not only ensure your fleet’s safety, but can also save you from hefty fines and penalties.

Did you know?Did you know? Commercial fleets that violate HOS rules can face penalties and fines ranging from $1,000 to $11,000 per violation.


GPS fleet tracking systems are a combination of tracking hardware and software that collect data and convert it to usable information. For example, GPS tracking systems can help you optimize navigation, monitor vehicle health and maintenance, and ensure driver safety and efficiency.

Here is a rundown of some of the many features GPS fleet tracking systems offer.

  • Tracking hardware: To collect vehicle and driver data, you need some form of tracking hardware, like electronic logging devices (ELDs). You can often choose from several device types, depending on what you want to track. Standard trackers include plug-and-play devices as well as hardwired devices. You can also set up accessories like in-cab cameras, environmental monitors, asset trackers, trailer trackers, panic and privacy buttons, and ID card readers.
  • Performance and optimization: Most GPS tracking systems let you track driver behavior and navigation, which can help ensure driver safety and route optimization. You can track actions like speeding, harsh acceleration or braking, idling, cornering, seat belt usage, and over-revving. Managing these types of activities, while also tracking fuel performance, can help you optimize the usage of your fleet and reduce fuel costs.
  • Driver safety: You can track driver behavior through data and video telematics. When your drivers engage in risky activities, they can receive an instant warning. The best systems can also monitor and block certain smartphone functions while the phone’s owner is driving (e.g., calling, texting, and app usage). Most systems have some form of driver scorecard, so you can see who your best drivers are and who needs additional training. Some systems even offer driver coaching, so you can keep your drivers up to date and compliant with the safest driving policies and behaviors.
  • Geofencing and mapping: To keep your fleet safe and accountable, GPS tracking systems come with geofencing and mapping features. These allow you to map out the best routes for your drivers and set specific ranges that your fleet should stay within. You can track your fleet in real time and receive notifications if they travel outside their assigned locations.
  • Maintenance and vehicle health: Pretty much every GPS fleet tracking system we researched tracks vehicle health and maintenance needs. Common analytics include fuel levels, battery voltages, temperature, RPM, seatbelts, engine fault codes, odometers and service history. In addition to tracking engine diagnostics, the software can send out vehicle maintenance reminders based on mileage or engine hours. These alerts allow you to schedule preventative maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and keep your fleet safe and healthy.
  • Alerts and reporting: Every telematics system has alert and reporting features. For example, you will often see diagnostic alerts like low battery or fuel levels, check-engine lights, panic alerts, sensor alerts, unauthorized usage, temperature, geofences, and aggressive driving. Common reports, like trip and mileage reporting, give you a clear view of where your fleet is optimized and where it can improve.


Although many GPS fleet tracking systems seem the same, they often have minor (sometimes major) differences that can make a world of difference to your fleet. Every fleet is unique, so you will want to evaluate your choices carefully to determine the best telematics solution for your business.

1. Determine what you need to track.

The first step in choosing a GPS fleet tracking system is identifying what types of vehicles and assets you need to track, and how many you have of each type. Because you will need different types of tracking hardware based on what you are tracking, this will help you narrow down your viable options. For example, some companies offer very limited selections of tracking accessories, and some companies require you to track a minimum number of vehicles. 

2. Identify the features you will need.

Once you know what you need to track, you should identify your purpose for tracking them. GPS fleet tracking systems can vary in how comprehensive their features are, so you will need to pinpoint which features are your top priority and which features are negotiable.

For example, if driver safety is your top priority, look for a solution that offers dashcams, driver scorecards, driver training and coaching, vehicle safety and maintenance alerts, and geofencing. However, if you are simply looking to track the location of your non-powered assets and equipment, you can look at less comprehensive options.

TipTip: See the features section above for a list of the most common GPS fleet tracking features that you may need.

3. Establish a budget.

GPS fleet tracking systems often have hefty upfront costs. You will need to purchase all the hardware upfront and then pay a monthly subscription fee for the software. However, some tracking solutions have tiered plans that vary in features, which allows you to save money if your tracking needs are minimal. After you identify the features you need, you can set a realistic budget and then look for telematics solutions within that budget. In addition to hardware and software costs, budget considerations include contract lengths, vehicle minimums, and free trials.

4. Research your options.

As you already know by now, many GPS fleet tracking solutions are available. Research your options to narrow it down to the best choice for your business. To help you start, we’ve researched and identified 11 of the best GPS fleet tracking solutions and pinpointed their best features. In addition to features and pricing, you will want to research which options will be the easiest for your team to use. 

5. Consult representatives from your top choices. 

If you’re stuck between a few different fleet tracking options, reach out to company representatives to learn more about their services and how they will meet your needs. Ask any remaining questions you might have; for example, you may want to inquire about contract requirements, free trials and scalability. Working with a representative will also give you insight on what it might be like to work with the company and receive customer support.  

What Questions Should You Ask When Determining the Right GPS Tracking Service for Your Business?

As you search for a GPS fleet tracking solution, ask the companies these questions to find a service for your business:

  • “Do you offer a free trial or demo?” Some companies offer a 30-day trial of their hardware and software. This is crucial if the company you’re considering requires you to sign a long-term contract. Even if you’ve already made up your mind, take advantage of the free trial period.
  • “What is the refresh time?” Many of the software vendors say they offer “real-time tracking,” but it is usually not technically in real time. GPS fleet tracking software may refresh anywhere from every second to every three minutes, depending on the company. Of the companies we reviewed, only a few offer real-time, second-to-second tracking. The rest have a refresh rate ranging from 10 seconds to two minutes.
  • “What type of hardware and software do you include in the cost?” Fleet tracking hardware is usually plug-and-play devices that are about the size of a deck of cards and can be inserted into your vehicles’ OBD II ports. More advanced hardware includes separate pieces that link with information centers in your vehicles. The software is usually cloud-based and usable on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


COVID-19 has transformed the shipping world, setting record numbers and driving a need for innovative GPS fleet tracking software to satisfy consumer demands. According to Verizon Connect’s 2022 Fleet Trends Report, 65% of respondents believe GPS fleet tracking has been very or extremely beneficial for business. They reported improvements in routing, vehicle maintenance and customer service, and decreased accident, labor and fuel costs.

According to statistics from CCJ Digital, 49% of fleets listed meeting customer demands as a top challenge, versus 40% in 2021.

Particularly due to the pandemic, remote fleet management is expected to further depart from static monitoring systems in 2022, to allow fleet tracking from any location. According to eMAXX, the average trucker drives 500 miles per day, proving that as fleets grow, more advanced software will be required to manage an increasing number of vehicles on their journeys.

Telematics will also continue to enhance its accuracy and features, as the powerful software can not only track a vehicle’s location but estimate delivery times, monitor the number of hours a vehicle is running and access the engine diagnostics. According to MiX Telematics, feature updates in 2022 may include voice capabilities, advanced AI and in-cab video.

However, with increased remote access, security must be improved as well. This year, as GPS fleet tracking becomes more prevalent, expect an increased focus on cybersecurity. As companies accumulate more sensitive information, software improvements will be crucial to keeping data safe.


What should you look for in a GPS fleet tracking service?

While certain features (and the benefits of those features) depend on your business’s unique needs, standard GPS fleet tracking systems should include driver safety tracking, navigation and communication options, fuel card integration, vehicle maintenance tracking, dashboards with trending key metrics, and ongoing customer support. The best GPS fleet tracking systems are easy to use and often have extra features, like alert systems and mobile access.

What GPS hardware do you need to track your fleet?

You will need to install a GPS tracking device on each vehicle or asset you want to track. One of the most popular types of tracking hardware is a plug-and-play device that can be easily inserted and removed from your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Another option is to have a hardwired tracking device installed on each vehicle. Common device add-ons include dashboard cameras (for video telematics) and driver ID readers (for tracking drivers). You may also consider installing tracking devices on non-powered assets and equipment.


GPS already exists and is used for countless applications around the world. The fundamental piece of equipment used in GPS tracking is therefore the physical tracker.

These trackers are portable devices that are attached to mobile assets and vehicles. There are typically 3 different types of GPS tracker: data logger; data pusher; data puller. A data pusher is the type of GPS tracker used most frequently with fleet vehicle tracking. This sends location information at specific intervals so that a navigation feed is constantly updated and accurate.

These devices can be incredibly sophisticated, and are normally constructed within a durable frame. Other types of tracking devices can be included within an electronic logging device (ELD) as well. This sits within the vehicle cab, as opposed to being installed somewhere on the body of the vehicle.

Then, the location data needs to be displayed on some form of computer. Many companies will provide  specific software or a web-based application that displays vehicle locations on several different devices.

What data does GPS tracking provide?

GPS tracking services can provide you with a wealth of data on your vehicles and drivers. Although the specific alerts and reports vary, most GPS fleet tracking software provides data on vehicle location, driver behavior and performance, vehicle health and maintenance, fuel consumption, navigation and route optimization, and fleet safety and security. Most software allows you to customize your reports.

What other components of GPS tracking should you be aware of?

You should keep in mind that not all systems offer real-time tracking. Although many services claim to do so, they are actually “near-real time.” That means that instead of offering second-to-second tracking on where your fleet is, they update every 10 to 120 seconds with breadcrumb trails. This might not be an issue for most businesses, but it is something to be aware of if you need second-to-second updates. Only a few companies we researched offer true real-time tracking.

What are the security benefits of GPS trackers for a business fleet?

GPS fleet tracking systems allow businesses to monitor their trucks, equipment and drivers in real time. Instead of just hoping that their assets are being taken care of, businesses can use GPS fleet tracking to keep their trucks and equipment secure. For example, you can use a GPS tracker to ensure your trucks are staying within a designated area, or you can leave your large machinery at a construction site overnight and rest assured that it can be safely tracked if necessary. Some GPS tracking systems also have video telematics capabilities, so you can gain firsthand insight on how your fleet is being managed.


Installing GPS trackers on your business’s vehicles or assets allows you to keep tabs on where each vehicle and driver is, which can help prevent theft, accidents, and misuse.

Many GPS trackers have a geofence feature, which allows you to set a specific perimeter for your fleet. If a tracked vehicle or asset leaves the geofence, you are notified. Geofencing helps you verify that your team is staying within a designated zone, not taking your vehicles or assets to unapproved or unsafe areas. Additionally, GPS trackers analyze fleet routes and provide recommendations for the safest and most efficient itinerary.

What types of businesses can benefit from GPS tracking?

Although most businesses that use fleet tracking are in transportation and logistics industries, such as trucking and car services, virtually any business that needs to monitor company assets, vehicles, or equipment can benefit from these solutions. For example, businesses in the following industries may need GPS tracking:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Heavy equipment
  • Agriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Retail and manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Government and public safety
  • Oil, mining and gas
  • Food and beverage
  • Rental fleets


Any business with a fleet of vehicles or high-value mobile assets can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. Although trucking companies are the primary users of GPS fleet tracking, other industries can take advantage of GPS tracking for their fleets or assets as well.

If you operate a business within one of the following industries, you can benefit from GPS tracking services:

  • Agriculture
  • Cable and telecommunications
  • Construction and heavy equipment
  • Distribution
  • Electrical services
  • Enterprise and rental fleet
  • Food and beverage
  • Government and public safety
  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Pest control
  • Private investigations
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

How can fleet management software help you save money?

Fleet management software provides a variety of insights that can help your business save money. By viewing fleet trends and GPS data, you can track and improve your drivers’ performance, reduce your fuel consumption, optimize driver routes, and minimize risks. GPS trackers on your assets can also help you locate and recover them in the event of theft.

How does GPS tracking work?

Tracking is made possible through GPS. This is a worldwide radio-navigation system that involves a network of satellites and their partnered ground stations. The unique satellite signals from the GPS network are processed by a receiver.

A physical tracker uses trilateration to determine how far away the vehicle is from 3 different GPS satellites. That unit will then broadcast the location information to an assigned computer system. Often, specific software is required to receive and display the location data. GPS tracking is one element of fleet telematics.

What are the disadvantages of using GPS fleet tracking software?

There are two potential disadvantages of using GPS fleet tracking software: low employee morale and significant upfront costs. Your team may be uncomfortable with the monitoring system and view it as a lack of trust – so be upfront with your employees about how and why you are tracking them, and focus on the benefits of the software. You can also mitigate this downside by using GPS tracking software data for performance-based incentives.

GPS fleet tracking software can also be expensive. However, in the long term, the benefits of optimizing routes and cutting fuel costs often outweigh the initial upfront and monthly costs.

What Is A GPS Fleet Tracking System?

GPS fleet tracking uses a combination of hardware and software to track company assets like trucks, equipment, and drivers. The hardware can be an OBD II plug-and-play or hardwired device. The software is typically cloud-based and accessible via any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. These services are commonly used to improve driver safety, maintain fleet health and performance, increase fuel efficiency, and monitor fleets and equipment in real time.

The best GPS fleet tracking solutions provide a simple way to manage all of your vehicles and other mobile assets.

Fleet tracking has never become easier since the development of satellite GPS technology to provide tracking data, and cloud computing services to provide an easy way to deliver that in a single easy to use SaaS platform.

The result is that GPS fleet tracking has become an essential tool for managing the automotive assets of a business. Telematics provides essential data for monitoring as well as maintenance management and tracking, status reports, fuel efficiency, and driver behavior. Additionally information collected can help with state and federal compliance. 

Most fleet tracking solutions offer the same broad services, based on the installation of hardware into vehicles for collecting information. This can be as simple as a plug and play device inserted in the vehicle’s OBD II port, though some services have more complex requirements. This information can then be displayed in a central software dashboard for recording, monitoring, and management of the vehicle.

Usually this will include the vehicle’s location, using GPS data to provide accurate information. It can also report on how the vehicle is driven, and flag unwanted behavior such as speeding, hard braking, or undue acceleration which could cause excess wear on the vehicle, or even be a danger to other vehicles on the highway or even pedestrians.

Then there are other data sets that can often be recorded, such as fuel efficiency, time tracking, route monitoring to help with delivery estimates and other aspects of business operations, as well as engine diagnostics and the driver’s hours of service for ELDS compliance. All this information can be provided in real-time or in timed bursts. Email or text alerts can be sent from the vehicle in the event of potential problems.

How many vehicles do I need to have before considering FMS?

Businesses with as few as one or two vehicles have found FMS to be useful, but any company with three or more mobile assets is highly likely to see benefits. This is because, as the number of vehicles or assets increases, it becomes exponentially more difficult to coordinate a fleet.

While there is a cost associated with FMS, it also presents an important opportunity for decreasing overheads, increasing efficiency, and providing a better overall service to customers. Most FMS customers find that the savings far outweigh the cost. 

FMS can also help you ensure your operations are fully legal and compliant with state and federal regulations for driver safety (see below). 

Finally, investing in FMS now will make it easier to scale your operations in the future. If growth is your goal, and you plan on adding more vehicles to your fleet, you’ll benefit from starting early with good FMS. This will enable you to put policies into place early on and begin organizing your operations based on fleet data. 

If I get FMS, am I automatically ELD compliant?

Many FMS solutions have built-in electronic logging device (ELD) compliance features, but that doesn’t mean that all your operations automatically meet the demands of the newest 2017 mandate. FMS can help you maintain, organize, and share records of duty status (RODS), but other obligations exist as well. For example, you still need to ensure that policies are informed by ELD information and are being adhered to by both staff and managers. 

Which GPS tracker is right for me?

Most FMS providers offer a variety of trackers. Low-cost trackers will transmit less frequently and are well-suited to vehicles that tend to remain on a given site for long periods of time, like construction equipment, although these vehicles may also benefit from more rugged housing and waterproofing.

More advanced models will have integrated geofencing and speed notifications, useful for taxi and delivery companies.Advertisement

Although battery-powered and wireless trackers tend to be more expensive, they’re a good choice for businesses with multiple types of vehicles as they provide easy interoperability.


As you evaluate your options, compare companies based on the features that are most important to you. For example, if driver safety is your No. 1 concern, determine the specific safety features and alerts the different services offer, as well as what type of driver coaching and feedback options they have. If your primary goal is to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle condition, compare features like fuel tracking, maintenance scheduling, and navigation optimization.

In addition to the primary features that matter most for your business, consider the type of hardware each company offers, pricing (including whether you will need to sign a contract and how long the contract lasts), the minimum number of vehicles it requires, the software’s ease of use, and customer support.

What’s the difference between an active and a passive GPS fleet tracking system?

Active (or real-time) GPS trackers send updates every few seconds, providing location data in real-time. They rely on a combination of wireless and GPS signals to stay in constant contact with your fleet HQ.

Staying on top of urgent developments can be tricky, particularly for larger fleets. That’s why real-time fleet tracking is becoming more and more essential. Using an active GPS fleet tracking system, fleet managers can:

  • Give drivers early warning (and a competitive advantage) regarding route disruptions
  • Identify and address wayward driver behavior before it impacts operations
  • Limit vehicles to certain geographical areas (‘geofencing’)
  • Stay compliant with fatigue laws
  • Track stolen vehicles, and help the police to recover them successfully
  • Provide immediate support to drivers involved in road accidents

Passive GPS trackers record exactly the same vehicle information as real-time GPS trackers. However, rather than sending continuous updates to your fleet’s base, passive trackers store data locally on each vehicle.

Passive GPS trackers are a smart choice for small fleets (of, say, fewer than five vehicles). They’re cheaper than active trackers, just as accurate, and are often more portable, too. In fact, here’s a handy tip – you can save your company money just by rotating passive trackers between different vehicles!

What is the ELD mandate, and how do I stay compliant?

ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. The ELD mandate was created by the FMCSA, who are responsible for regulating the trucking industry in the US. The mandate came into place in December 2017 to enforce certain standards around vehicle tracking – and apart from a few exemptions, you’ll have to make sure your fleet ticks all the boxes.

To stay compliant, your drivers need to be able to present data from the last week’s worth of journeys, if requested. And as a fleet manager, your devices have to automatically record your drivers’ duty status. You’ll also need to record any changes in status, plus the amount of miles clocked up by each driver.

All the suppliers above will help ensure that you’re completely compliant when it comes to the ELD mandate, and help you out if you have questions.

GPS Tracking Companies

Okay, so that helps examine some of the best American fleet GPS tracking system options. But what is the best GPS tracking system for any given vehicle? Let’s check out some of the best options available to you if you’re just looking for a GPS fleet tracker.

The Top 7 Fleet GPS Trackers

  1. SilverCloud OverDrive. Yet another fantastic offering from LandAirSea, the SilverCloud OverDrive offers real-time updates (with frequency options as often as every 3 seconds), accuracy within less than 10 feet, a rechargeable battery (which lasts up to 30 days), and unlimited data and usage.
  2. SilverCloud Sync GPS. Our top OBD (on-board diagnostic) choice, LandAirSea’s SilverCloud Sync GPS offers all the features of the SilverCloud online mapping platform, but with the added bonuses of OBD data, including speed, battery and fuel indicators, idling time, and even rapid acceleration notices.
  3. Flashback GPS. LandAirSea’s best passive GPS data logger, the Flashback GPS can record up to 50 hours of data and offers location accuracy within six feet. This is one of the best options for fleets that return to a central base regularly, such as trucking and delivery companies.
  4. SpyTec STI GL300 mini Portable. SpyTec’s GL300 is one of the smallest trackers available, so if you need a device that you must hide, the GL300 is one of the best options available. Additionally, the GL300 offers both a two-week battery life and can be paired with a fleet tracking app, as well—either SpyTec GPS for iOS or Track Pro 2.0 for Android.
  5. LandAirSea 54. With plans that range from live updates every three seconds to once every minute, there’s a reason LandAirSea 54 is one of the most popular real-time GPS trackers on the market today; it’s versatile, small, and offers a wide range of features at an approachable price point.
  6. MasTrack MT-OBD Live Vehicle Tracker. One of our favorite OBD GPS fleet tracker options, the MasTrack MT-OBD also offers a fleet tracking app for both iOS and Android, meaning you can monitor your vehicle in real time and with a wide range of data available as well.
  7. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker. Optimus offers several different options, including portable and OBD options, and their customer service is great. Personally, we’re fans of their OBD tracker, because of the extra data it makes available, but any of their options may work for your needs.

How Does OBD GPS Tracker Work?

On-board Diagnostic (OBD) GPS trackers work by utilizing the vehicle’s own on-board diagnostic computer system, meaning they have access to all of the vehicle’s data, including speed, braking and accelerating, even maintenance schedules. As a result, OBD GPS fleet tracker options often are a great choice for business owners and fleet managers that need more information about how their drivers behave. OBD-enabled data can help identify drivers who need safety training, as well as identify drivers who may no longer be a good fit for their organization as a result of safety concerns. All of that can make your organization better.

GPS Tracking Companies in USA

There is a wide range of GPS tracking companies in the United States that offer fleet tracking software, so let’s look at some of the best. For instance, check out our list of the 10 best GPS fleet tracking companies:

  1. LandAirSea. Not only is the LandAirSea 54 one of our favorite GPS trackers, but their full suite of options means that you’re likely to find a solution that works for you. The Flashback GPS is (hard as it may be to believe) potentially even better than the LandAirSea 54, and the odds are good that whatever GPS fleet tracker LandAirSea designs next will be even better. It’s hard to go wrong with one of the leading GPS companies in the world.
  2. GPS Tracker Shop. Their Driving Activity Reporter is one of our favorite data loggers on the market, and they offer a wide range of fleet tracking app and other options for businesses working on a budget.
  3. Tracking System Direct. With one of the more diverse client rosters, Tracking System Direct is able to work with you to customize the approach you need for your GPS fleet tracker to be most effective. Even better, they offer free technical support 24/7, ensuring that when you run into trouble you can get the help you need when you need it.
  4. GPS Trackit. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s clear that GPS Trackit expects you to see results quickly—and with more than 1,500 reviews on their site, it’s clear that lots of other businesses have done precisely that. They’re especially skilled at helping businesses comply with any and all relevant regulations. Unlike many other GPS tracking companies, there are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees, either.
  5. Verizon Connect. Verizon Connect similarly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is generally considered one of the best options for mid-sized fleets (though they also work with large companies, such as Pepsi-Cola and Costco). Their systems are generally plug-and-play, too, meaning set-up is generally rather straightforward. That said, they do generally require a 3-year contract.
  6. Teletrac Navman. One of the top choices for small businesses, Teletrac Navman is great at working with businesses to help scale up their fleet GPS tracking system as needed. They also offer geofencing and a wide range of compliance features. Like Verizon Connect, however, they require a 3-year contract.
  7. Quartix. Offering some of the best reporting features, Quartrix also only requires a 1-year contract. They also offer much more straightforward pricing than many of their comparable competitors.
  8. Samsara. While Samsara is one of the newer entries to the GPS fleet tracker marketplace, they offer some of the best fleet tracking software. Like Verizon Connect, most of their software is plug-and-play, as well, often taking less than 15 minutes to install.
  9. NexTraq. If safety is your key consideration, NexTraq is one of the best options available. Features such as DriveGuard (which prevents drivers from using their phones while driving, for instance) and scorecards can help you identify which drivers need further education and training to become safer drivers.
  10. Rhino Fleet Tracking. Rhino offers a range of services, including landmark designation (so you can tell if drivers are spending too long at any one-stop), maintenance scheduling, speed reports, and timesheet checks, among more.

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