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New Coast Direct Credit Reviews

New Coast Direct Credit Reviews

New Coast Direct was a company offering tradelines for sale disguised as an online e-commerce store. Consumers requested a credit line, normally approved with insufficient diligence from the lender.

The consumers then, purchased using their credit line one of the products from New Coast. When the due date arrived, the false customers (as their real intention was never to purchase goods) paid it.

Later on, the company reported the payment to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus entered as a line item the information in the credit report of the consumer and increased the credit score by about thirty points (using algorithm FICO 8). However, this varies a lot.

With the rollout of FICO 10, these tradelines are not being considered anymore.

New Coast Direct Credit Reviews are overwhelmingly negative as customers indicate that they cannot apply for a credit, and those who did before, inform that there is no line item entry for their relationship with the company and therefore no increase in their credit score.

New Coast Direct Credit is not receiving any more credit applications since September 2022. They have continued on the same path as Shop Simplio.

However, there are some alternatives to New Coast Direct, as there are also alternatives for My Jewelers.

New Coast Direct Credit Cards

New Coast Direct is not providing any more credits or credit cards.

Before September 2022 they had several requirements to meet.

  •  Easy Online Application.
  •  Fast Approval For Revolving Credit Accounts Up To $5000.
  •  Low Monthly Payments On Balance.
  •  No Monthly Servicing Fees.
  •  New Name Brand Products Added Daily!
  • 18 Years Of Age Or Older.
  •  Be A US Citizen.
  •  Valid Social Security Card And Identification.
  •  Prior Credit History.
  •  Monthly Household Minimum Income Of $1600.

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