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PYMTMONYHOLD On Credit Card And Accounts

PYMTMONYHOLD On Credit Card And Accounts

The line item PYMTMONYHOLD on credit card reports and accounts is a payment hold for system issues or alert flags positioned on some cardholders and is not a scam or a fraud.

The merchant places a hold onto your card to ensure that you will have enough available funds in your account when the transaction clears. If you believe a hold is wrong, resolve it promptly to correct your account balance.

It is a system glitch in most cases. Part of the payment is held and once it is completed it is released and posted to your account and it will disappear in about five to ten business days.

It can occur when a large payment is performed before increasing the credit availability of the cardholder.

It is happening to many Presidential Choice MasterCard, and Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) customers, and technically can happen with any issuer. The reason alleged by customer service representatives is a system update and it will not be affecting available credit.

Electronic Fund Transfer payments are affected too, so not only credit card payments

Sometimes there are payments that are held to ensure clearing, but in these cases, it is a system glitch.


It can happen that a customer transfers more (for example, through ACH) than the amount available in the account. That order usually is marked and not transferred.

Then, all subsequent payments are held with the PYMTMONYHOLD statement for several days.

After you have been with a credit card or a financial institution for a while, have shown consistent online payments without problems, and you have membership age, it will be found that they will reduce hold times to just a few days for large payments (credit card payments, eDeposits, EFTs, ACHs included) until clearing and most likely no hold on smaller payments.

Navy Federal Credit Card Payment Hold

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) customers have sometimes a payment hold appearing in their reports as PYMTMONYHOLD. It is a relatively known issue. While it occurred as a system glitch, the reason might also be a new account, or that the transfer was ordered with insufficient funds.

Call the customer service representative and do not cancel or block your account or credit card because of these payment holds before contacting them.

PC Financial Pending Transactions

PC Financial transactions may temporarily show with pending status in your account reports for up to about seven business days due to clearing processing. In these cases, generally, this pending status is a line item that does not depict a hold or a delay. Customer deposits that are not being held but showing as pending, are available for utilization.

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