Overstock CLI

Overstock CLI

Overstock CLI is today the best credit limit increase policy of store credit cards. This is mostly thanks to the effort of Comenity and Overstock themselves.

Comenity, actually a financial institution, has been quite nice with the credit limit increase on the Overstock card with CLIs every three months.

The credit card from Overstock is requested vía shopping cart trick (SCT), where once you are in an open shopping cart after adding items in the cart, you can become preapproved for offers in order to obtain your purchase and your fidelity as a customer thereafter.

These original Comenity Overstock limits are quite low at the moment of completion of the acquisition of the shopping cart products and for an average of up to eight hundred dollars for credit scores of more than 700. Lower credit scores of 600 or 620 may get about two hundred dollars of limit only.

Common categories for Overstock SCT are bedding and baby products, but no evidence that other categories are discarded when applying the shopping cart trick methodology.

The Overstock CLI is granted after a couple of months even for users with a very low level of utilization.

These Comenity store cards are not for people with bad credit anyway, and they are not secured cards.

For low credit scores or starters (new US residents or young people), people slightly over 600, a Comenity store card from Victoria’s Secret, Zales, or Overstock is a good way to start building credit. Keep a level of utilization of around 70% and an Overstock CLI could be there soon.

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