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K1xl AMEX Item

The K1xl line item is an internal transaction from American Express that usually represents a credit or cashback derived from a previous transaction with an eligible merchant.

This line item started to be reported by users, probably by October 2022, and it is opposite to the statement DR ADJ REDIST CADV PRIN which instead is a charge.

After some days, the K1xl item is replaced with the name of the merchant and the transaction. Therefore, we can consider that it is one of the usual American Express internal transactions.

However, if you have concerns, contact American Express using the phone number that appears on the back of your credit card. Remember that as a consumer, you have the right to retrieve complete information for each line item on your statement report: transaction type, date, merchant, and amount


GBZA is a line item that represents an internal transaction from American Express and is appearing for customers of the Blue Cash product portfolio, namely Blue Cash Preferred and Everyday.

This line item started to appear in October 2022. It is not included in the chargeback codes so currently, we cannot determine its effects as we do with internal transactions and codes.

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