Google is not only the world market leader for search engine operators but also one of the most valuable listed companies in the world and at the same time one of the most valuable brands. The company generates sales through advertisements that are placed via Google Ads and Google AdSense. Ads refer to the ads that are placed on the search results pages, AdSense is the name of the advertising network that can also be used to display ads on other pages. In the meantime, Google is very diverse, is not only involved in the online world but also conducts research in the areas of mobility and energy. The research department of the group is called Google X. The next big development is expected to be Google Glass, which could be coming back in 2021.

The software portfolio from Google

As already mentioned: The search engine Google is still at the center of the online services of the company from Mountain View. Over the years, the map service Google Maps, the social network Google Plus, the email provider Gmail, Google Docs for creating Office documents and Google Trends have been added . Webmasters and search engine optimizers primarily use the Google Analytics analysis tool. In the mobile segment, Google is dominant alongside Apple, but not with specific hardware , but thanks to its own operating system for mobile devices called Android. This runs on a large number of devices from different manufacturers. Google Now also runs on this operating system, a service that responds to voice commands and is intended to serve as a personal assistant. Depending on the location of the user, this service automatically displays information appropriate to the user, for example.

The relevance of Google for search engine optimization

Google plays a central role in search engine optimization: here in Germany in particular, Google provides the decisive search engine for which search engine optimization is actually operated. Most search engine optimizers only care about optimization for Google, because the market share is over ninety percent. Other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo are therefore almost negligible.

This market share results in great market power. Google largely determines which SEO methods are allowed and which are not. In fact, with the inclusion of pages in the index or the exclusion of pages, Google has power over the existence of companies. Search engine optimizers must submit to this power.

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