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Why Choose Shopify?

Why Choose Shopify? The question here to answer is why choose Shopify with so many very good e-commerce platforms there. In my complete Shopify review I did not go too much into an explanation about why choose Shopify instead of a competitor. Consider related to this my analysis about how much can you make in … Read more

Shopify Review

Shopify Review In this Shopify review we will not analyze how much money you can make with this platform or the average revenue of Shopify stores because we did that in other articles. We will do a technical study, analyze Shopify reviews and explain why do we have to choose Shopify and for whom this … Read more

Average Shopify Store Revenue

Average Shopify Store Revenue Per Month We define here the updated average Shopify store revenue calculated April 2023. It’s no secret that selling on Shopify can be a lucrative endeavor. But, how much money can you really make in Shopify? According to Shopify’s figures, the average Shopify store revenue per month is around $3,897. This … Read more

How Much Can You Make With Shopify

How much can you make with Shopify? When you start to consider how much you can make with Shopify, the first thing to understand is that it depends on your individual store. An average Shopify store earns between $3,897 and $5,853 per month, so that is the average monthly Shopify revenue. While this might seem … Read more


Moda For Marketing Automation Moda is a customer marketing solution that allows eCommerce businesses to link their online shops with a simple click and send out tailored emails and texts to specified customer segments. Its powerful backend customer data platform tracks and updates all customer information in real-time for the user’s convenience. This allows the … Read more