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roof certification cost

When To Get One, Costs and Hiring an Inspector A roof certification is essentially a guarantee that a roof will not leak or fail for a period of 2 to 5 years. It is issued by a licensed roofing contractor after a thorough inspection of the roof and the completion of any necessary repairs. Roof … Read more

cost of selling a house

6-12% of Selling Price The cost to sell your home is based primarily on the selling price, with the highest amount (5-6%) being paid in fees to the Realtors. Other expenses like closing costs, title search, inspection fees and others are mostly negotiable between the buyer and seller. Last Updated: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 Determining…

things to do before selling your house

Listing your home for sale is easy. How to get your house to sell and making your home sale a success takes effort and elbow grease. Before listing your house for sale, you’ll want to make sure it is properly presented to home-buyers. Even minor imperfections like peeling paint or unsightly landscaping can turn off…

How To Identify Aluminum Wiring

How To Identify Aluminum Wiring There are problems associated with this wiring due to its brittleness, expansion properties, oxidationissues, and deformity when under stress, known and cold flow.Because of these problems, the connections can become loose, causing electrical arc and ignition ofnearby combustibles which may lead to fires. The Commission has also conducted research thatshows … Read more

Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Aluminum Wiring Remediation When we debated about the convenience of buying a house with aluminum wiring, we considered that if we plan an aluminum wiring remediation process, we would not have any problem buying the house, even with an FHA loan, or selling it. The reason is that after this aluminum wiring remediation we will … Read more

Costs Of Selling A Home

Costs Of Selling A Home It’s easy to fixate on the money you expect to make as a home seller, but don’t forget the money you’ll need to cover the cost to sell your home. A joint analysis by Thumbtack, a marketplace that connects consumers with local professional services, and real estate marketplace Zillow, found that homeowners … Read more

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Flood Insurance. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and while he was referring specifically to fire readiness, the sentiment certainly can apply to flood preparedness as well. If you live in an area that’s prone to heavy rain, flood insurance can provide peace of mind … Read more

Homeowners Coverages

Homeowners Coverages How Much Coverage Do You Need? Enough to cover: Your Property and Belongings: The better your coverage, the less you will have to pay out of your own pocket if disaster strikes. Self Protection: You need enough liability coverage to protect yourself from lawsuits resulting from your negligence or events that could occur on your … Read more

Residential Whole Loan

Residential Whole Loan A residential whole loan is an individual loan issued to a borrowing party where the object is real estate with residential purposes (1) (3) excluding commercial loans and rural developments (4). Originators of residential whole loans frequently resell these loans through the aftermarket to brokerages (5), financial institutions, and government agencies (7) … Read more