How To Identify Aluminum Wiring

How To Identify Aluminum Wiring There are problems associated with this wiring due to its brittleness, expansion properties, oxidationissues, and deformity when under stress, known and cold flow.Because of these problems, the connections can become loose, causing electrical arc and ignition ofnearby combustibles which may lead to fires. The Commission has also conducted research thatshows … Read more

Aluminum Wiring Remediation

Aluminum Wiring Remediation When we debated about the convenience of buying a house with aluminum wiring, we considered that if we plan an aluminum wiring remediation process, we would not have any problem buying the house, even with an FHA loan, or selling it. The reason is that after this aluminum wiring remediation we will … Read more

Costs Of Selling A Home

Costs Of Selling A Home It’s easy to fixate on the money you expect to make as a home seller, but don’t forget the money you’ll need to cover the cost to sell your home. A joint analysis by Thumbtack, a marketplace that connects consumers with local professional services, and real estate marketplace Zillow, found that homeowners … Read more

Residential Whole Loan

Residential Whole Loan A residential whole loan is an individual loan issued to a borrowing party where the object is real estate with residential purposes (1) (3) excluding commercial loans and rural developments (4). Originators of residential whole loans frequently resell these loans through the aftermarket to brokerages (5), financial institutions, and government agencies (7) … Read more

Buying A House With An Old Roof

Buying A House With An Old Roof Even if the homeowner does not perform a disclosure of the last reparation of the roofing (2) before a verbal offer is released with contractual value (6), the current condition of the roof will be discovered through the exercise of the home inspection (3), which is a legal … Read more

Buying a House With Aluminum Wiring

Buying a House With Aluminum Wiring Aluminum wiring was utilized in households more than fifty years ago (2) as it was much cheaper than copper wire (1) so buying a house with aluminum wiring was preferred by prospective homeowners (3). However, this approach has resulted in house fires (4) (17) due to failures at the … Read more


Bankprospector Reviews A nonperforming note is a promissory note secured by a mortgage loan wherein the mortgagor has failed to meet the payments as specified in the mortgage note for at least thirty days (7). They are available to purchase as an investment everywhere, in the US (1) and in the European Union as well … Read more

FCI Exchange

What Happened To FCI Exchange? FCI Exchange was the largest and most well-known platform for note buyers and sellers. They had a long track record in the industry and provides a lot of information on the various notes before the investors could put in a formal offer. This platform was great for market research and … Read more