Best Startups Companies

Best Startups Companies KoineArth KoineArth is a supply chain platform that allows companies to digitize their supply chain. Specifically, companies place all players in their supply chain (banks, suppliers, partners, etc.) on a digital platform where they can communicate and collaborate by tracking orders, shipments, and invoices. But, the most interesting part of this platform … Read more

VR Prescription Lenses

VR Prescription Lenses VR prescription lenses are specifically designed to be installed in a user’s VR headset. Many VR users report that wearing glasses while using a VR headset can make the experience very uncomfortable. Others have complained that their glasses scratch the headset’s lenses (or vice versa.) VR prescription lenses solve both of these issues … Read more

Data Augmentation

Data Augmentation Data augmentation refers to the process of artificially increasing the amount of data by generating new points from existing datasets. This technique is seeing increased adoption in image classification and NLP machine learning algorithms. The idea is this: Image classifying ML algorithms require a large dataset containing various images. However, in many cases, the datasets … Read more