handicap accessible door

Some locksmiths can install handicap doors, however not all locksmiths can install handicap doors. Installing a handicap door requires some electrical work. Generally the locksmiths that also offer alarms and surveillance systems are capable of installing handicap doors. Installing handicap doors requires a basic knowledge of working with electronics. A locksmith that is capable of … Read more

bamboo flooring pros and cons

Bamboo has long been a popular flooring option in Asia, where it grows abundantly, but Americans are beginning to appreciate the benefits, too. The material is growing in popularity as homeowners, decorators and contractors recognize the environmental benefits, beauty, affordability and more. 1. Sustainability Bamboo is actually a grass, not wood. It grows quickly and … Read more

cabinet crown molding

Builder-grade cabinets are popular because they’re affordable. Unless you live in a high-end area, the builder might not have been willing to invest in something fancier. But let’s face it, builder-grade cabinets can be boring – and worse – cheap looking. One way to upgrade your cabinets without spending thousands to rip them out and … Read more

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