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The Idaho background check process can be performed in a number of ways, but there are certain laws that outline legal compliance rules on how someone’s public information can be used.

Whether the check is being used for employment or some other vetting situation, finding criminal records for an Idaho background check simply involves a number of easy-to-follow steps, some of which are free.

But, the 2022 background check laws in Idaho carefully detail what is considered a criminal record, who may access these public documents, and how these reports can be used in relation to employment, loan and residency applications, and other searches.

The following guide provides all the steps required to conduct public records searches in Idaho, complying with 2022 laws.

Free Background Check: Idaho Online Info And Public Records

There are a few ways to find public records in the state of Idaho, and many of them can be accessed online through county clerks at the local office, Idaho state court records, and Idaho county sheriffs. Some platforms, like the sex offender and child abuse registries are free to use for background checks.

These agencies and resources are designed to make checking public records simplified. Among the records that can be accessed, individual searches can include:

  • Reverse address lookup (who lives here) for a specific piece of property
  • Middle name searches
  • Tax liens and property ownership
  • Voter registrations and records
  • Marriage licenses
  • Civil filings

Find Idaho Public Records Through County Clerks

The Idaho county clerk system is the office responsible for maintaining records of all transactions, resolutions, and ordinances (and for conducting many of the searches listed above). 1

Every county in Idaho has a separate clerk, who provides a records search website option.

Depending on which type of record needs to be examined, users can search courts, property, licenses, and permits, or simply make a public record request.

For example, if a person is searching Ada County Clerk records, they will have to do the following.

Step 1: Visit the Ada County Clerk’s website

Step 2: Click on Public Record Request

Step 3: Choose the type of Records Request needed — either Court Public Records Request, Election Public Records Request, General Public Records Request, or Sealed Records Request.

Most individuals will click on Court Public Records Request. Keep in mind that sealed records requests may not always be granted.

Step 4: Enter the Request Type (Traffic Case, Criminal Case, Family Law Case, Probate Case, Civil Case, or Juvenile Case)

Step 5: Enter the Requestor Information (First name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number)

Step 6: Choose how to receive the files or request form (View in-person vs. Receive Copies of)

Step 7: Click Submit

Find Idaho Court Records

The second way to find Idaho court records is by using the state court system. Fortunately for users who need to find a person’s background information, arrest records, or convictions, the Idaho court system makes it easy to find the required background information.

Step 1: Visit the Idaho court portal iCourt

Step 2: Click on Portal Overview

Step 3: Click on ‘Click here for a full list of public record search FAQs.

The state is currently in the process of transitioning the data from the Idaho Supreme Court Repository to the court system. Therefore, the system works in tandem with the Courts.

At this stage, users will have to visit the Idaho Supreme Court website.

Step 4: Visit the Supreme Court website

Step 5: Click on Court Records

Step 6: Click on Judicial Branch Compiled Data Request Form

Step 6a: The alternative step to filling out the data request form is to visit the relevant clerk’s office for a case in a certain jurisdiction

Step 7: Choose the Request Type (Compiled statistics, Listings of individual cases or criminal charges, information on an individual case, Documents from an individual case, or Information to verify a specific party)

Step 8: Choose the Requestor Type (General member of the public, University or college, Government agency, Attorney, Business, Media, or Other)

Step 9: Provide Contact Information

Step 10: Specify the type of data requested and finish filling out the online form

Note: dismissed charges can show up on a background check. This is important to understand to know every possible infraction that can show up on a criminal record. The same goes for charges without convictions.

Find Free Criminal Background Check: Idaho Public Records Through the Sheriff’s Office

Some additional public records can be accessed through the county sheriff’s office.

Step 1. Click on the specific sheriff’s office.

Step 2: Click on ‘Safety’

Step 3: Click on ‘Public Records Request’

Step 4: Click on ‘Online Public Records Request Form‘

Step 5: Fill out the personal information (First name, Middle name, Last name, Address, Phone Number, and Email)

Step 6: Choose the type of record request (Motor vehicle accident report, Photographs, Police report, Dispatch CAD printout, Arrest history, Jail time served, or Other)

Step 7: Choose the delivery method (mail the records, pick up the records, or email the records)

Step 8: Click on Submit

The following table provides a list of Idaho county clerks and sheriff’s offices.

Idaho Public Records Idaho Clerk Court Records Search Idaho Sheriff’s Office 
Ada County Ada County Clerk Ada County Sheriff
Canyon County Clerk – Canyon County Sheriff – Canyon County
Kootenai County Clerk – Kootenai County, ID Kootenai County Sheriff, ID
Bonneville County Clerk, Auditor, and Recorder – Bonneville County Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
Twin Falls County Clerk/Auditor/Recorder – Twin Falls County Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office
Bannock County Clerk – Bannock County Sheriff Bannock County
Madison County Clerk – Madison County, Idaho Madison County Sheriff’s Office
Bonner County County Clerk Bonner County Sheriff
Bingham County Clerk – Bingham County Bingham County Sheriff
Nez Perce County District Court, Nez Perce County Clerk Auditor Sheriff, Nez Perce County
Latah County District Court – Latah County Sheriff – Latah County
Jefferson County Clerk – Jefferson County, ID Sheriff – Jefferson County, ID
Elmore County Clerk – Elmore County Elmore County Sheriff
Payette County Payette County Clerk Payette County Sheriff
Cassia County Clerk of the Court – Cassia County, Idaho Cassia County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine County Blaine County District and Magistrate Courts Sheriff – Blaine County, ID
Jerome County County Clerk – Jerome County, ID Sheriff – Jerome County, ID
Minidoka County County Clerk – Minidoka County, ID Sheriff – Minidoka County, ID
Gem County Gem County Clerk County Sheriff

Idaho Criminal History Unit: How To Get A Fingerprint Background Check In Idaho

Idaho fingerprint background checks are employed in a number of industries. The main reason? Employers want to find out if someone is a felon before hiring them. This also helps to avoid the awkward scenario of a job seeker failing a background check after the job offer is already given.

The Idaho Criminal History Unit site explains the process for obtaining fingerprint background checks in Idaho.

Step 1: Visit the Idaho Criminal History Unit website 

Step 2: Click on ‘Returning Applicant/Agency’ for past users or ‘Create an Applicant Account for new Users’

Step 3: Input personal information (first name, middle initial, last name) and Identification

Step 4: Create the login

Step 5: Begin the search!

Idaho Background Check Login

The Idaho background check login system allows new users to create an account by clicking “new applicant.”

Agencies may create an Agency Account that makes it easy for certain professions (ex: healthcare or education) to conduct a background check on a new or prospective employee.

Idaho Background Check Form

Users who want to complete a background check on another person in Idaho will have to complete a background check form and submit their request. Furthermore, once they complete the form, they will have to pay the standard background check fee of $65. This fee is payable via check, cash, credit card, debit card, or money order.

Once the background check is complete, and the results are in, the researcher will receive information via automated email.

Idaho Pre Employment Background Check

For those who work in healthcare or educational settings, conducting a thorough background check on new users is mandatory, both at the state and federal levels.

The following employment background checks are conducted in Idaho:

Healthcare Background Check: Idaho Health And Welfare

A comprehensive healthcare background check is required to work in the Idaho health and welfare system.

All people who work in the healthcare industry, including caregivers, must undergo a fingerprint-based background check.

For individuals who are booking the appointment themselves, there is an easy way to complete the application and submit fingerprints. Users can do the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Idaho Criminal History Unit website

Step 2: Click on Register

Step 3: Input the new login information to sign in

Step 4: Fill in the necessary fields

Step 5: Once complete, click Submit

Step 6: Use the scheduling system to make the fingerprint appointment

Education Background Check Idaho

According to the Idaho Code and the state Department of Education, teachers or those who wish to have unsupervised contact with students in a setting from grades Kindergarten to 12th grade must undergo a background investigation check.

The background check will be conducted via the Idaho State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Statewide Sex Offender Registry, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There are certain occupations and roles which require an education background check in Idaho:

  • Student teachers who have unsupervised contact with students in a kindergarten through 12th-grade setting
  • Volunteers with unsupervised contact
  • Anyone with unsupervised contact
  • Contractors with unsupervised contact
  • Substitute teachers
  • All public school employees
  • All individuals applying for the Idaho certificate for the first time

Those completing the background check for their education background check must get their fingerprints taken on an Idaho SDE fingerprint card.

Once they receive the fingerprint packet, they can bring the specified fingerprint card to a facility with fingerprinting personnel to submit the application.

Idaho Child Protection And Registry Request Form: Child Care Background Check

There are specific requirements for staff and other individuals who are associated with child care, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. These rules are used for record-keeping and vetting of daycare staff and other individuals in the childcare industry, including non-profit organizations.

The Idaho Department Of Health and Welfare states they must obtain a criminal history on the owners, operators, and employees of a daycare facility that has direct contact with children and other individuals aged 13 years or older who have unsupervised contact with children.

These checks will be conducted by the statewide criminal identification bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the national crime information center, and the statewide child abuse registry. 2

Get Idaho DOT Record

Individuals can obtain extra information about a person’s background by going through the Idaho Department of Transportation system.

Step 1: Visit the Idaho Transportation Department website

Step 2: Click on ‘Idaho Driver’s License Record Request‘

Step 3: Fill out the necessary information

Step 4: Make the check or money order payable to the Idaho Transportation Department.

Step 5: Enclose the application with the check or money order addressed to the Idaho Transportation Department, PO Box 34, Boise, ID 83707

The other alternative is to use the online system after step 1.

Step 2: Click on Driver License Record (DLR) Search

Step 3: Click on Searching for my Own Driver’s License, On Official State Business, or An Authorized Subscriber

  • Individuals will have to click on ‘Become a Subscriber’ to view another person’s records

Step 4: Click on An Authorized Subscriber and begin the search.

Idaho Inmate Lookup And Sex Offender Registry Screening

Individuals may access both sex offender registries and inmate lookup options for free in Idaho. To search inmates in local jails, access the local sheriff’s department. For example:

Step 1: Visit the Ada County Sheriff’s Office website

Step 2: Click on ‘Jail

Step 3: Click on Ada County Inmates to view the current inmates.

To search state inmates and prisoners, use the state resource:

Step 1: Visit the Idaho Department of Correction Website

Step 2: Click on ‘Looking for someone’ — Sex Offender Search or IDOC Search

Step 3: Sex Offender Search redirects to the IDAHO SOR registry search on the Idaho State Police website

Step 4: Users can click on either the Name-based search, city-based search, county-based search, zip-code-based search, or map-based search

Step 5: Users can also browse the list of Violent Sexual Predators, Non-Compliant Offenders, or Offenders with a Status of Pending

Pending charges, pending arrests, and pending convictions all fall under that category.

Background Check For Gun Purchase In Idaho

Federal law requires licensed firearms dealers to conduct a background check before selling firearms to another person. 3 A state can be deemed a “point of contact” to conduct its own background checks through state resources and federal databases.

Idaho is not considered a point of contact for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. In Idaho, all firearms sales or transfers are through licensed dealers and the FBI. 4

Idaho Background Check Laws

Idaho employers must comply with the federal laws on employment background checks, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Title VII.

In addition to the federal background check laws, Idaho Code 67-3008 states that criminal history information can only be obtained after consent and that arrests without (charges) disposition after one year are prohibited from being reported on background checks, unless an entity has consented, or it’s for the subject of the arrest or a government agency.

Furthermore, the Idaho Fair Employment Practices Act helps prohibit discrimination and the disqualification process of an applicant with a criminal record. 5

How Long Does A Background Check Take In Idaho?

A background check in Idaho depends on the timing of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the court system.

The background check typically takes between 1-3 business days to complete but depends on the court delays, prior record, and the method used to submit background check information. 6

By using the state court system, county clerks, and sheriff’s offices, individuals can conduct a comprehensive Idaho background check.

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