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In Texas, the open access to all Texas arrest records means that landlords, employers, and potential creditors can use the state portal to check the Texas crime database; in Texas, like other states, every time someone is arrested, the incident is recorded in the state arrest record.1

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Texas crime records are public information, and anyone can access them, but knowing how to find Texas arrest records and criminal histories is the first step. 

Texas police departments are responsible for reporting criminal arrests and convictions to the Texas Department of Public Safety, which maintains all arrest records. Texas county jurisdictions also maintain their arrest record databases, which are made available by clerks or sheriff’s offices.

Keeping a close eye on Texas arrest records is a good way Texas residents can be safe from criminals or simply stay informed about those around them. Texas employers can also check Texas criminal history and run various types of background checks by looking at arrest records and public records posted online.

Texas Arrest Records: What is a Criminal Arrest Record in Texas?

A Texas criminal arrest record is a document generated by Texas law enforcement agencies to indicate an arrest has been made. It does not mean that someone has been found guilty of a crime.

Texas crime records can contain different kinds of information depending on the report. The most common Texas arrest records are Texas offense history reports, including name, date of birth, Texas identification number (HID), race, sex, eye color, height, and weight. Crime statistics reveal that Texas crime rates have declined in recent years.

Where Can I Find Public Arrest Records: Texas

There are many kinds of public arrest records, such as Texas arrest warrants and mugshots, and like most level 1 background checks, can be accessed online. Access to this data should not be taken lightly because it contains sensitive information often connected with name and address.

Regarding criminal arrests in Dallas County, no organization maintains a database about every single arrest made within Dallas County limits. Only the sheriff’s department and local police stations maintain their databases of criminal arrests.

These Texas county court systems provide online access to public arrest data only after the defendant has been convicted or arrested for another crime. Conviction arrest records are public information, and they can be accessed and searched by name.

Are All Arrest Records Public in Texas? Texas Criminal Records Explained

Yes, Texas records of arrest are publicly available information that residents of the state can access with ease. County clerks in Texas keep the record. The arrest report can include information about the arrest, date of arrest, offense committed, and physical description of the suspect.

To get access to this arrest data, you need to know how it can be obtained from each county website. In most cases, there are fees associated with accessing public arrest records through county websites. Some counties charge per name for Texas arrest records, while others provide an unlimited search for free.

Public records may not always be accessible online or even available after filing a request with the county clerk due to reasons ranging from the perceived risk associated with releasing such information and the likely risk of such publicly available information leading to prejudicial tendencies towards the arrestee.

A comprehensive background report will likely contain information concerning arrests, gleaned from state and local databases.

Texas Arrest Records Compared to Other States

Law enforcement agencies have given Texas arrest records special attention to prevent criminals from crossing state lines when they are being sought for criminal offenses they were charged with within another state. In 1995, the Council of State Governments Justice Center created a task force composed of police officers from three states interested in sharing information about specific arrest data. This arrest information includes arrest records that are now available online, thanks to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Texas arrest records are made publicly available only after a person has been convicted or arrested for another crime/ However, it’s important to note that  some states have not attained that level of transparency.

How to Look Up Arrest Records in Texas

Knowing about your record can help you prepare for a job or other opportunities. There are a lot of websites out there which claim to provide arrest records for residents of Texas. But most of these databases have incomplete information, and they do not give you the most accurate results.

To obtain complete Texas arrest records, you need to use a service that utilizes the official county court system arrest records. 

To find arrest records for free, you can visit the court where the case was heard and request a complete criminal record. However, a more convenient method is to search the previous criminal records online.

A complete report on the history of convictions can also be found in court. In addition, you will be provided with arrest records. The difference in the arrest record online is that it does not state that someone has been convicted, but only that they have been arrested. This search will also include court records, which are records of court proceedings. In addition, the investigation in court will also reveal who the person is, where he lives, bankruptcy, traffic violations, address, firearms, and other information.2

Residents in Texas can check arrest records to keep a close eye on criminal arrests in their area. Most websites will grant you access to Texas arrest records by simply imputing the first and last name of the individual.

Although you might be required to pay a small fee on some websites.

Searching the Texas Crime Database

There are detailed steps for searching the Texas Crime Database, which includes arrest records, but also criminal history records.

1. Enter your name in the text box provided. Click the submit button

2. Find crime records from local county court criminal records database about arrest history of suspects living in Texas

3. A complete crime report will be displayed on the screen, including related information such as a current address, age, crime charges, police reports, and other background check details

4. You can also explore crime data for a particular person by entering their first and last names or date of birth into the search form

It’s important to note that if your arrest record search is being performed for professional reasons (such as a job application or residency application), you must have the consent of the person being searched. Federal law outlines when and how these types of searches can be used, under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Personal searches are not subject to these statutes, and can be conducted without the knowledge or approval of the person being searched.

How to Obtain Arrest Records in Texas (Search Texas County Arrest Records)

The method for searching arrest records is similar to how Texas criminal databases are searched:

2. Find arrest record of the arrestee

3. Click on the “Crime Record Detail” button to view arrest information, including arrest date, place, offense description, and offense location.

You can also see the complete arrest history by visiting the county court criminal records database. As a bonus, you will also find all possible listings of current addresses for arrestees.

What Are Texas Arrest Warrants?

Texas arrest warrants are issued by the court to arrest any person who is suspected of committing a crime against society or state. All arrest warrants in Texas can be accessed online, but you must look for arrest records only at websites that run official arrest warrant searches.

It would also help cross-check data with the county sheriff’s office because their database contains the complete criminal background of arrestees.

Can I Search Inmate and Public Jail Records (Texas)?

Yes, you can search inmate and public jail records for free by visiting the county sheriff’s office or state police department websites.

But some arrest reports may not be available at the local county court, due to the sensitivity of some data and to prevent prejudicing arrestees who might have been wrongly arrested.

Inmate Search in Dallas County Jail

To conduct an inmate search for the Dallas County Jail,  enter the name of the arrestee or arrest number in the prisoner record database to find complete incarceration history about the arrestee.

DUI’s and Sex Offender Registry Arrest Records (Texas)

Arrest records containing information on the person for DUI, or sexual offense are available at the specific Texas county sheriff’s office. You may also like to check out public property records in Texas.

  • Search the county’s sheriff office for arrest record access.
  • Click on the arrest record detail button
  • Enter the first and last name of the arrestee or any identifying number like date of birth, social security number, etc.

Where Do I Find Dallas Texas Arrest Records?

Dallas arrest records are available at the state website. You can either search arrest records by clicking on the arrest warrant button, or you can also search arrest warrant details.

There is no payment required to access arrest warrants and arrest record information because these details are available free of cost at the county sheriff’s office website.

Texas Criminal Records for Parole, Probation, and Juvenile Arrests?

Texas arrest records for parole and probation arrests are also available at the county sheriff’s office, but juvenile records are confidential, unless the court has determined that the underage suspect can be tried as an adult. You may also check arrest details online by visiting police stations in your area.

How Long Does a Felony Stay on Texas Arrest Records?

Texas arrest records containing details of the person’s arrest for a felony will remain on the arrest record forever.3

Convictions for violence, robbery, arson, sexual assault, endangerment to children cannot be expunged from records, although a felony is not expected to show up on records after 7 years.

Confirming the Accuracy of Texas Arrest Records

Records are considered public, according to the arrest warrant detail, but the arrest warrant for the arrestee will be quashed or dismissed if the suspect shows up in court and proves that there was no valid arrest warrant issued against them at the time of the arrest. After the expiry of the sentence period, the arrest record will be removed from the warrant lookup for this person.

Requesting An Official Criminal Background Check in Texas: The Public Information Act

The standard format to request an official criminal background check or criminal history report is provided below.

Name of the individual whose criminal history you want to get: Type full name exactly as it appears on Department of Public Safety (DPS) fingerprint card: Social security number and the Date of birth.

The Public Information Act (PIA) is a powerful tool for protecting the rights of Texas citizens to obtain public records, but it has a number of exceptions and limitations.

Although anyone can submit a request for information under the PIA, Texas courts have ruled that practicing law without being licensed in the state makes a person ineligible to receive public records from any government agency in Texas. If you need access to specific types of criminal history record information through another mechanism such as an open records request or written request, your eligibility may vary depending on whether or not you are practicing law within the state.

Search Free Public Arrest Records Texas

To search public arrest records for free, you should be aware that you can access this information online as many jurisdictions are making their arrest records accessible for free on the internet.

You can visit below sites to obtain arrest records for Texas citizens across its counties.

Can I Get Texas Arrest Records Free? How Do I Get Texas Arrest Records Free?

Arrest records may be available at the county sheriff’s office arrest database for free, but many do charge small fines to get the report.

How Can I Search Arrestees by Using Their Name and Date of Birth?

You can search arrestees by using their name, date of birth, or social security number in arrest history on the Internet. You need to visit the county sheriff’s office or local police department website to get a complete arrest record of a person.

Requesting a criminal background check over the phone will be done by providing personal information related to the arrestee, including their name, date of birth, and social security number.

Are Felony Records Public in Texas?

Yes, felony arrest records are public in Texas. You can use an arrest warrant lookup to find an arrest warrant. The bond amount will also be available on the Internet. If you have any questions about your criminal background check, you can contact the county sheriff’s office.

Texas Background Check Law Overview

Arrest records and arrest history of an arrestee who has been arrested for any misdemeanor or criminal offense will remain on the arrest record forever.3 Most states make their arrest records public as these documents are considered public court documents, and the person’s name, picture, and other personal information are open to the public.

It is a Class A misdemeanor for a person to intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly disclose an individual’s Social Security number without that individual’s consent.

If you have any questions about arrest record detail or arrest warrants, feel free to contact the county sheriff’s office.

How to Update Texas Arrest Records

You may contact the county sheriff’s office to update the arrest record detail of the arrestee. You will have to provide some personal information about the arrestee, including their name, date of birth, social security number, etc., to get the complete arrest history of a person.

Texas arrest records list all arrests made throughout the state, including arrests made in small towns and large cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, and Austin, but these arrests don’t necessarily mean that the individual is guilty.

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