how long does it take for a background check to come back for walmart

How long does Walmart background check take? The process can go pretty quickly when applicants understand the screening system, how long a criminal background check takes, and how they can conduct a check on themselves beforehand.

In fact, there are a number of tips and techniques that can be used to speed up the Walmart background check process, so that applicants can get results faster, including:

  • Ensuring that all information is correctly entered into the system
  • Double-checking all Walmart application forms for entry errors (to remove them)
  • Do a background check on yourself to see what will show up on the screening instantly!

Clearly the fastest way is to run a background check on yourself and see all records that will show up during the Walmart screening process.

What’s more, this method will let you know how to approach your job application–if something turns up you can contact your hiring supervisor and let them know.

Even if the results aren’t positive, being honest can make sure that you don’t fail the background check after a job offer is given.

This guide provides all the information required to speed up the answer to ‘how long does a Walmart background check take?’

What Is the Walmart Associate Background Screening System?

The Walmart Associate Background Screening System12 is a process that the company uses with a third-party service that provides an easy and quick way for employers to conduct background searches on their current or future employees.1

Those interested in applying for an open role with Walmart need to visit the Walmart career site to begin the process.

How Long Does A Background Check Take For Walmart?

Walmart’s background check process typically takes upwards of around ten days to complete.2 However, some background check processes can take shorter (around five days) or even longer, if there is short staffing with management.3

Fortunately, individuals can check the status of their application by logging into the Associate Background Screening System and entering their candidate information to view the dashboard. Those who have completed the background check will know if they have passed when their status changes to “Eligible for Hire.”

What’s Included in a Walmart Background Screening?

Knowing what’s included in the Walmart background screening can help applicants prepare the information they’ll need to enter(which can reduce how long the process takes).

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In fact, one thing that causes delays in a background check is incomplete or inaccurate information, usually because of a data entry error. So, when filling out the Walmart application forms, double-check all entries to ensure they’re correct.

The Walmart background check includes the following areas:4

Criminal Records

Walmart will look at a person’s records regarding any pending charges and pending arrests, current convictions, felonies, or misdemeanors from the past seven years according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act federal law.

Certain crimes, such as violent felonies, sexual acts, or larceny offenses, are typically causes for failing a background check for Walmart.

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Individuals should keep in mind that any records that have been sealed or expunged records will not appear on their Walmart background screening, but criminal and civil cases can show up, as well as warrants, charged but not convicted records and others. (Find out how long dismissed charges stay on record by searching them first.)

Identity Check (Social Security Number Verification)

Walmart will verify the person’s name (including someone’s middle name) and information by analyzing their past addresses and social security number.

The E-verify system also ensures that people are eligible to work i the United States.

Sex Offender Registry

If the applicant was convicted of a sexually related crime more than seven years ago, it would not appear on the Walmart Background Screening. However, if the state or federal database contains the applicant’s name in the sex offender registry, this is almost immediate grounds for disqualification.

Credit Score

A credit score provides the company with information regarding the person’s past and current financial status and trustworthiness. But, this aspect is generally reserved for certain positions.

Education Verification and Employment History

Walmart will check with the applicant’s old educational institutions to verify the college attended, the program completed, and the degree earned, as well as previous employment. The background check agency knows exactly how to find someone’s employment history and how to find where someone works right now.

Does Walmart Hire Felons?

Those who have a criminal record might be wondering if it is possible for Walmart to hire felons. In short, the answer is yes. Walmart does hire felons depending on the crime and the amount of time that has passed.5

Certain violent or sexual crimes will automatically disqualify a person from a job position, such as violent offenses, sexual acts, or larceny.

However, other crimes, such as lower misdemeanors, may not immediately disqualify a person from being able to get a job at Walmart.6

How Long Does it Take for a Walmart Background Check to Come Back (Timeline)

Knowing the timeline of a Walmart background check can provide an applicant with a better understanding of the process beforehand.

Step 1. Walmart Background Check Application (3-7 Days)

The first step of computing the Walmart background check is to complete the application for the job position. Individuals can do so by visiting the Walmart Careers website.7 Next, they will complete the application online by filling out personal information, contact information, past employment, education history, and identification (driver’s license or state ID card).

Once the application has completed the online application, they will submit a form of identification (social security card or birth certificate) and submit the background check on Walmart’s website within 3-7 business days.8

Step 2. Walmart Background Check Login (Few Minutes)

Individuals who have already completed their online application can check their status by logging into their accounts. The status of their application will change when their background check is complete.

If they pass the background check, their status will change to “Eligible for Hire.”

Step 3. Walmart Background Check Email (Few Minutes)

Applicants will receive an email when the background check process is complete regarding their status.

The status will either be “Eligible for Hire,” “Canceled,” “Review Eligible,” or “More Information Required.”

How to Find First Advantage Background Check Status

Much like a Home Depot background check and other large corporations, Walmart has partnered with a third-party company called First Advantage, to conduct all background checks on time.

The majority of Walmart employees wait between 5 days and 3 weeks for comprehensive background check results to come back, with most employees waiting around ten days. Individuals can check their First Advantage pre-employment background check status by visiting the First Advantage website and contacting employees via the Customer Center.

How To Do a Background Check Before Walmart Does

Applicants who want to double-check that their background check will be clear before undergoing the Walmart one, can run a background check on themselves, either manually (DIY) or by contacting a reputable background check service to see instant results. Many offer 7 day free trial background checks.

For the DIY method, visit the state police department or Justice Department website and search for “background check” options. Many states offer low-cost criminal history reports. Also, check free criminal background check options like the National sex offender registry and department of corrections to see if any criminal records show up.

By running a criminal background check on yourself you can:

Generally everything that a Walmart employment background check uncover.

What Are Walmart Background Check Disqualifications?

Nervous about background check results? There’s no need. Once someone knows exactly what will show up, they can check the list of things that can disqualify them from the position. There are certain instances in a person’s history or past that may be immediate background check disqualifiers for working at Walmart. The most common reasons for immediate dismissal include violent crimes, felonies, sexual acts, or financial/larceny offenses in the past seven years.

Although all conditions will disqualify a person from employment, Walmart will consider how the conviction/crime will affect other employees, the safety of the workplace, the brand, and the associates.9

What to Do After a Failed Walmart Background Check

If a person has failed their Walmart background check, there are a few steps to take to understand why behind the failure and what they can do next:

  • Contact the hiring manager — Reach out in person and speak to the person in charge of the hiring process to see why they made their decision.
  • Do some research — Individuals need to do more background information regarding the third-party hiring service and why they may have been disqualified during the online application.
  • File a dispute — Individuals can dispute their background checks by creating a third-party company.10
  • Expunge criminal records — If there is a certain record that is hampering the person from getting a job (i.e., violent conviction, sexual offense, larceny), then it might be best to try and expunge the criminal records through the court system.
  • Retake the Walmart Assessment Test – Some individuals may have failed the Walmart Assessment test. In this case, they can retake this “exam” to become eligible for employment.10

Knowing the answer to “how long does Walmart background check take” can help potential employees stay positive during the hiring process.

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