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A Grubhub background check is done for all applicants to ensure clients’ safety and business reputation.

However, there’s one giant mistake to avoid at all costs before applying to this driver delivery service. It’s not knowing what shows up on a background check and the things that could disqualify you before you get started.

Fortunately, there’s one thing that anyone can do right now…learn how to get a criminal background check on yourself before Grubhub runs theirs. (See: How to get a copy of my criminal record)

Anyone can see their criminal history two ways, either by using a free criminal background check service (an agency that offers a free membership trial), or by contacting the state police department to learn what goes on a criminal record and request your criminal history.

Step 1. Use a search engine to search “[Your State] Police Department”

Step 2. Navigate to the website that has a .gov domain.

Step 3. Check the menu and tools for “criminal history request” or “background checks”

Step 4. Follow the instructions and fill out the forms to see your own history and if any DUI’s are listed.

Once you know what will show up on a Grubhub background check, applicants can take steps to remove (expunge the record.)

Can You Drive For GrubHub With A DUI?

Through platforms such as GrubHub, the food delivery industry provides unique business opportunities for service delivery by acting as a bridge between restaurants and clients. This means that it has created more employment opportunities and it is important to know how to secure these opportunities.

However, certain criminal records can disqualify a person from employment.

GrubHub qualifications include having a clean criminal record and having a DUI offense on an individual’s criminal record within the past seven years can disqualify them. Since a program and not a person does the approval, it is scarce to be employed with a DUI record except on a few occasions.2

In these cases, the extenuating circumstances are considered. For example, if the DUI was classified as a misdemeanor and was over 5 years ago. But, the best way to overcome this issue is to have a DUI record expunged. Many states are making this process much, much easier.

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How Far Back Does GrubHub Background Check Go?

According to the laws in the selected states, how far back GrubHub background check goes varies from one state to another. It also differs from criminal records available in government databases and driver records.

The general period for a background check is seven years back for criminal records and driving records. This period, however, does not count for felonies and other severe criminal activities which might stay longer on a criminal record.

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What To Do After GrubHub Background Check?

On receiving the background check results, the next course of action may be choosing to contend with the results within a legal framework if the results do not feel fair or there is inaccurate information.3

The path of taking legal action may also be pursued when the hiring and management team does not give a feasible explanation as to why an applicant was not approved to work with GrubHub.

However, this is unlikely since the law requires applicants to be given a summary of the failed background check, in order to help correct it if required.

However, when the background check is passed, applicants can move on in the hiring process.

How Long Does GrubHub Background Check Take?

The automated Checkr system takes between 3 to 7 days to validate the background check result, and the results take a little over a week at most to be seen. Checkr combs through the entire applicants’ history.

Results taking longer are often due to extra checkpoints such as checking in with county courts or a document requested in the GrubHub application status.

Delays to receive results may also be because the system is waiting for the applicant to confirm the background check.  If it takes longer to receive a confirmation, then an applicant can look into their email spam or promotion tabs in case they might have missed any updates or requests. Results have been seen to come out as early as two days after the background check was done.

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Grubhub Driver Requirements Background Check (Checkr System Status)

Checkr is an AI-powered platform that helps provide background check information. GrubHub outsources the background check needs from Checkr using the applicants’ social security numbers.4

There are different statuses for the Checkr system to be in, which include consider, in progress, and complete.

Grubhub Background Check: Consider

When the background check system says to consider, it usually means that Checkr has found some information that does not align with what GrubHub is looking for. This status implies the need for further review by the hiring team. This, for example, means that some criminal records or some negative information have been found. Therefore, the hiring team will need to review if the applicant will get hired eventually. In light of the many people who make applications every day, not many considered applications are reviewed.

Grubhub Background Check: In Progress

This means that Checkr is consolidating all the discovered information to make sure that everything is according to GrubHub requirements.

Grubhub Background Check: Complete

The information has been processed, and Checkr can now determine the applicant’s eligibility in light of the different roles.

Sometimes, there may be errors in the background check process that can cost an applicant getting a job. GrubHub and applicants who outsource the process of running background checks can run their background checks to see what employers will be seeing. Since this background check is part of the employment application process, there are assured legal rights in line with the FCRA compliance.

These rights include:

  • The right to know if information from background checks has been used against the applicant
  • The right to know what shows in the background check reports
  • The right to challenge information that is inaccurate and outdated.

State laws vary regarding the information on arrests on how they can be disclosed and used, but federal law states exclude information on arrests that occurred more than seven years ago from the background check reports.5 The applicant must also give their written consent to GrubHub since it is conducting background checks through another company.

The applicants have a right to know if employers will use information from a background check against them. Additionally, an employer cannot obtain a background check without the applicant’s written consent. The background check company cannot hand over the information they get to an employer until they certify that:

1. There is a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the applicant has agreed to obtain a background check.

2. There is authorization for the applicant to get the background check.

3. There are advanced notices given to the applicant to notify them of any adverse actions based on the particular background check, together with a copy of the report and a summary of the applicant’s rights under FCRA.


  • Delivery persons get to choose their work schedule.
  • Drivers are allowed to have any delivery vehicle that they want.
  • Instant pays upon delivery.


  • Money is made only during peak hours.
  • Contentions with parking and traffic.
  • Non-definite career path.
  • Delivery persons have to do their taxes as independent contractors.

Grubhub Driver Requirements

  • At least 19 years of age and 21 years or older in Chicago and Las Vegas.
  • Two years of driving experience
  • Have an iPhone with an iOS 8 or higher Operating System or an android with an Operating system of 4.0 or higher.
  • Access to data
  • A vehicle, valid insurance, and a valid driver’s license for at least two years.
  • A government-issued ID for bikers.
  • An active bank account to set up the direct deposit to receive weekly payments or a debit card for cashing out the earnings received.

GrubHub Vehicle Requirements:

Vehicle requirements vary from different places, and a person may choose to rent a car. Vehicle inspections are not required before starting to work with Grubhub. The vehicles that an applicant can use with GrubHub include:

It is important to note that background checks for GrubHub are done on applicants as part of the qualifying process. Random Background checks may be run to ensure that the qualified employees still have clean records and comply with the agreed terms of service.

When completed, the background check results will be sent to the employees’ email addresses to notify them that a background check has been conducted. Therefore, it is essential to stay in compliance with the background check qualifications at all times.

What Does The Background Check Look For?

Criminal records: the checker goes through the county and national criminal records to see if there are any significant criminal records in these records. Check will run the applicant’s name through the National Sex-offender Registry and motor vehicle databases. They check for:

  • Felonies
  • DUI offenses
  • Accidents
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding  tickets
  • Parking tickets
  • Drug-related violations
  • Stoplight tickets

Background checks for Doordash and GrubHub are also done periodically after signing the contract to ensure the continued safety of the clients.

The GrubHub background check is designed to employ only the best and most qualified independent contractors. It is important to know what a GrubHub background check looks before applying in order to make sure your record and driving record will pass.

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