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For individuals who need to perform a background check, Alaska has a unique process for conducting an Alaska background check that is compliant with all laws and employment regulations.

Whether the check is for personal use or professional use, public records can be found in Alaska using a specific search method.

The following guide outlines how to run a background check in Alaska swiftly and comprehensively that is legally compliant.

It’s important to not that the law in Alaska doesn’t limit how far back a background check can go for employment, but it does limit what can get reported on them, prohibiting any records from appearing that did not result in a guilty verdict.

Search Official State Of Alaska Background Check Info And Public Records

Individuals interested in learning more about a person’s history and background should first understand how to find Alaska public records through county clerks and court records.

County clerks and local courts are an effective and legal way to access criminal history checks, but they also provide a host of information, including:

Find Alaska Public Records Through County Clerks

The first method of obtaining a person’s background check is to use county clerks. Alaska has a complete list of how to contact the Borough Clerk for each county clerk’s office. Searchers must follow the local public records law to legally obtain background information.

This option to discover a person’s background information utilizes the county court clerk system contact information (as referenced in the table below).

For example, in Bristol Bay, the easiest way to obtain a background check on a person is to submit a request for Alaska public records.

Step 1: Visit the Bristol Bay Borough AK website.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Information Request form’

Step 3: Input the Requestor information (name, telephone, fax, address, email)

Step 4: Input the information requested (documents, files, or copies)

In addition to the things listed above, users can gain access to:

The following list includes contact information for every county clerk in Alaska.

Find Alaska Court Records

The second method of finding a person’s background information and public records in Alaska is to use the court records in the state court system.

Court records are a legal way to look up charges on someone and examine criminal history and every incident with law enforcement, including:

Step 1: Go to the Alaska Court System website

Step 2: Click on ‘Search Cases’

Step 3: Click on ‘Search Appellate Court Cases’

Step 4: The other option is to click on ‘Search Trial Cases’

Alaska Criminal Background Check: Alaska State Troopers Background Check

Alaska criminal records at the state and county levels are available for seeing background information, finding Alaska inmate records, and checking Alaska criminal records.

In addition to using the previous Alaska background check online method, searchers can also use these alternative steps to submit a background request form via the state of Alaska.

Since the Alaska Statute 12.62.160 authorizes any person to obtain information regarding the criminal justice system, this provides a searcher with the public record of any other person in question.1

How To Do a Criminal Background Check Alaska State Police

Individuals can use the Alaska state police site to perform a criminal background check on themselves, or learn how to get a background check for dating (to check previous criminal history).

Step 1: Submit a request via name search or fingerprints.

Step 2: Obtain fingerprints via approved fingerprinting or walk-in locations 2

Step 3: Pay the fee of $20 for the name search or $35 for the fingerprint search

Step 4: Mail the request form to the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau, Division of Statewide Services, Department of Public Safety

How To Do A Criminal Background Check Alaska Local Jurisdiction

The local police department or county sheriff’s office can also help find criminal history information.

Alaska City County Sheriff’s Office Contact Information
Adak Adak Police Department
Anchorage Chief of Police – Michael Kerle
Angoon Angoon Police Department: 907-788-3631
Bethel City of Bethel Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Chignik Chignik Department of Public Safety
Email: [email protected]
Cordova City of Cordova Police Department
Chief of Police – Nate Taylor
Craig Craig Police Department
Chief of Police – RJ Ely
Dillingham Dillingham Public Safety
Chief of Police – Dan Pasquariello
Fairbanks Fairbanks Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Fort Yukon City of Fort Yukon
Email: [email protected]
Galena Galena Police Department
Chief of Police – Roger Spann
Phone: 907-656-2177
Homer Homer Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Hoonah Hoonah Department of Public Safety
Phone: 907-945-3663
Hooper Hooper Bay Police Department
Phone: 907-758-4615
Juneau Juneau Police Department
Phone: 907-586-0600
Kenai Kenai City Police
Email: [email protected]
Ketchikan Ketchikan Police Department: President Ryan Pritz
King cove King Cove Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Kodiak City of Kodiak Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Nome Nome Police Department
Chief of Police – Robert Pruckner
North Pole City of North Pole Police Department
Chief of Police – Steve Dutra
Petersburg Petersburg Police Department
Chief of Police – James Kerr
Saint Paul Saint Paul Police Department
Director of Public Safety – James Barnard
Seward Seward Police Department
Chief of Police – Alan Nickell
Sitka Sitka Police Department
Email: [email protected]
Skagway Skagway Police Department
Phone: 907-983-9765
Unalaska Unalaska Police Department
Police Chief – Jay King 
Valdez City of Valdez Police Department
Chief of Police – Bart Hinkle
Whittier Whittier Department of Public Safety
Chief of Police – Andre Achee

Alaska Background Check Program For Employment

There are numerous professions in which Alaskan employers will ask for a background check before hiring a person.

Whether it is for a person who wants to work with children, deal with government files, or work with elderly or ill people, using the Alaska background check program is necessary to vet the individuals and ensure they are certified for hire. And this rule complies with federal law concerning criminal background checks for nursing, daycare, and other professions that require a level 2 or level 3 background check.

Background Check Alaska Teachers

One of the most common professions that requires a background check is teachers in the education system.3

Step 1: Obtain a fingerprint card for the Alaska fingerprint background check.

  • If a person is being hired outside of the current Alaska public school district, they must submit a fingerprint card with their application to become a teacher.
  • The fingerprints must be obtained legally and authoritatively — through a trained technician.

Step 2: The technician will sign and date the fingerprint card

Step 3: The employer must obtain the criminal history report submitted by the individual through the Alaska Department of Public Safety in the FBI.

Step 4: Submit Copy (Individuals currently employed by the Alaska school district)

  • If this is the case, potential future employees must submit a photocopy of their contract for the school year to the specific district office for which they seek future employment.

Step 5: Submit Verification (To renew or reinstate employment during the school year or summer months)

  • Certain teachers and individuals already in the school system must submit employment verification, even if a particular institution already hired them.

Healthcare Background Check Alaska: Background Check System

Step 1: Visit the division of healthcare services website on the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services database.4

Step 2: Submit a variance request online through the Alaska background check unit.

Step 3: Users can also request a paper copy of the application by emailing the variance committee via email.

Step 4: Organizations or employers who wish to obtain background information for a healthcare employee should email the DHCS.

Education Background Check Alaska

An education verification and background check in Alaska will verify the person in question has the degrees, certifications, or courses that the job requires. The education validation will provide users with the following information:

  • Educational institution attended
  • Attendance dates at each institution
  • Degrees earned

Step 1: Go to the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development website


Step 2: Click on Teacher Certification

Step 3: Click on Background Check Form 5

  • This is the teacher certification required by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
    • Applicants for an educational position must input their personal information, background information, ethnicity, employment status, notifications and assurances, signature, and contact teacher certification while filling out this Alaska background check form


Step 4: Individuals who have questions regarding the background check process for education should contact the Teacher Education and Certification Office

  • Teacher Certification Office Email

Alaska Child Care Background Check

If a person is looking to obtain a license to run a childcare facility, they will have to undergo the following steps (in addition to being checked through national child abuse registries):

Step 1: A person who is looking to operate a residential child care facility must fill out the application for a license.

Step 2: Visit the DHSS Alaska Website6

Step 3: Click on the ‘RCCF-RPTC Application Packet’

Step 4: Fill out the application form

  • Identifying information
  • Admission and program information
  • Required attachments (enabling legislation, Alaska background check phone numbers, administrator references administrator education, proof of background authorization, operations manual, description of the program, organizational chart)
  • Documents required before license (food service permit, fire inspection report, evacuation plan)

Step 5: Submit the Application to Residential Licensing

Step 6: Application is Reviewed by a Supervisor

Step 7: Specialist Inspects the Facility before Approval

To check if someone is qualified to run a child care facility, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Visit the Division Of Public Assistance, Child Care Program Office website

Step 2: Contact the Regional Office near you

  • South Central – Anchorage -(907) 269-4500
  • Northern – Fairbanks – (907) 451-3198
  • Southeast – Juneau – (907) 465-4756
  • Municipality of Anchorage – Anchorage – (907) 343-4758

Step 3: Call The CCPO toll free number to verify a child care facility (888) 268-4632

Step 4: View the Licensed Child Care Providers List 7

Get Alaska Driving Record

One of the other common types of background checks that someone may perform is to verify someone’s Alaska driving record, or MVR report. The DMV is allowed to release motor vehicle information only under specific circumstances, such as if an employer needs to verify the DMV information for employee verification reasons.

Step 1: Individuals can obtain the Alaska driving record by mail by submitting a written request to the State Of Alaska, Division Of Motor Vehicles.

  • Written request – Legal name, driver’s license number, the purpose for the record, check or money order, number, and signature.

Step 2: Individuals can fax a Record Request Form to the number on the form.8

Alaska Inmate Lookup And Sex Offender Registry Screening

Employers or individuals may be curious if the person in question has been on the sex offender registry list currently or in the past. This check can help keep a workplace safe and avoid any liability issues from an unsafe hire.

The quickest way to find a current sex offender is by using the Alaska Sex Offender Registry, which provides information on sex offenders to the general public. This website offers the fingerprint and photographs of the sex offenders on record.

Step 1: Visit the Department of Public Safety website. 9

Step 2: Enter the information of the person in question

  • First name, last name, address, zip code, city

Step 3: Click ‘Submit Query’

Alaska Gun Background Check

Employers or individuals may be curious if the person in question owns the license to hold and own a gun in the state of Alaska. However, Alaska is one of the most liberal states in terms of allowing gun permits and concealed carry weapons. Even still, one common background check conducted in Alaska is the gun background check.

  • Individuals who wish to possess specific firearms must have a permit (muffled firearm, fully automatic firearm, 16” < rifle, shotgun with a barrel < 18”)
  • Individuals cannot own a gun if they are under 21 years old, a convicted felon, or an adjudicated delinquent.
  • Individuals do not need a license to carry a concealed weapon in Alaska

Even though the laws are liberal, individuals must still go through the state of Alaska background check system to obtain a license.

Step 1: Visit The FBI National Instant Check System website10

Step 2: Fill out the ATF form and submit it to the NICS

Alaska Background Check Laws

There are laws regarding employment history background checks conducted at the federal and state level that pertain to a free background check in Alaska.

Federal Background Check Laws

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act — Employers cannot request information about arrests that are more than 7 years old
  • Title VII — Employers cannot discriminate against applicants based on protected information

State Background Check Laws

  • There are no pre-employment background check laws unique to the state of Alaska

How Long Does A Background Check Take In Alaska?

The background check time frame in Alaska typically depends on how the individual submits the request, which impacts how long a background check can take. The time it takes depends on the person’s background, thoroughness of the report, and method of submission. If a person goes through the state’s resources, the check can take a few weeks. If the individual uses private methods, it can take a shorter time.

Conducting an Alaska background check can be simple and fast, as long as the methods required by the state are followed.

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