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For a background check, Arkansas provides a number of resources that can be used, especially for individuals who want to do their own Arkansas background check before a potential employer does.

By using local, state, or federal resources, anyone can analyze their employment history, education background, criminal record, credit history, and much more. In fact, many of the aspects involved in a background check can be searched for free, and the results are instantaneous.

The following guide provides all the steps to conduct an Arkansas background check on yourself, and it also outlines how long a background check takes and what shows up on a background check in Arkansas

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go In Arkansas?

How far does an Arkansas background check go? The FCRA has a 7-year look back period for the state of Arkansas. However, Arkansas does NOT have a law limiting how far back a background check can go in the state.

This means that employers can request 10 or more years of criminal and personal public records, if desired.

Although most will not look farther back than 7-10 years, some positions, such as a federal background check for a government job, will likely examine a person’s entire history.

If the specific job position the individual is applying for contains a yearly salary of less than $75,000, the look back period will likely be closer to 10 years as well.

Using the Online Criminal Background Check System: Arkansas Info and Public Records

There are different ways in which individuals can see what may show up on an Arkansas background check, whether the search is for criminal records, or personal public records.

For example, with online criminal background checks, users can find a variety of records, including:

But by understanding the process of how to use the online criminal background check system, anyone can figure out the fastest and most cost-effective way to garner criminal background information on themselves or another person.

Arkansas Background Check Form

The Arkansas background check form is an online criminal background check system run by the Arkansas State Police. 1 Individual can obtain information about a specific person with the signed written consent of the person in question.

In addition, FBI fingerprint-based checks are available for those who have prior access or limited authorization to the National record checks in accordance with the Arkansas law or federal regulations.

Individuals can use this system by first understanding which category they fall, either under entities that are allowed to perform the search with written consent or entities that are allowed to conduct a fingerprint-based record check. 2 Both of these categories involve the person signing up via the ‘Subscribe’ button on the Arkansas State Police website.

For those who require written consent for a search, they can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and subscribe on the Arkansas state police website
  2. Click on the ‘Search’ tab
  3. Complete the ‘Subject Information’
  4. Click on ‘Step 2’

Enter basic information like the subject’s first name, last name, date of birth, sex, race, social security number, address, purpose, and search options

  1. Confirm the information entered was correct
  2. Click on ‘Submit Search’
  3. The results will either state No Arkansas Criminal History was found for this subject” or “A Criminal History was found for this subject”
  4. Click on ‘Print’ to view the records

The method is also provided for people who want to perform a search on themselves.

Choose either option here. To complete the Arkansas background check for criminal records, detailed steps are provided below.

Find Arkansas Public Records Through County Clerks

Users can also find a host of public records, using the state’s individual county clerks’ offices and sheriff’s offices. These include:

Fortunately for individuals, the clerk’s court records are easy to find via the county’s online system that offers individual contact information for the county.

Circuit Courts usually contain the cases of individuals that have claimed over $100, criminal convictions, and arrests. The most common cases handled by Circuit Courts involve felonies and misdemeanors. Circuit Courts typically share jurisdiction with state claims up to $25,000. 4

The county clerk’s website for each county contains contact information, public records, and the circuit clerk’s information, making it easy for individuals to find what they are looking for.

Arkansas County Public Records Search Arkansas Clerk Court Records Search Sheriff’s Office Contact Information
Arkansas County Public Records Sarah Merchant – Arkansas County Circuit Clerk Arkansas County Sheriff – Dean Mannis
Ashley County Public records Circuit Clerk Ashley County Sheriff – Ashley County Tommy Sturgeon
Baxter County Public Records County Clerk Baxter County Sheriff’s Office
Benton County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Benton County Benton County Sheriff’s Office
Boone County Public Records Circuit Clerk Boone County Sheriff AR
Bradley County Public Records Bradley County Arkansas – Circuit Clerk & Recorder Bradley County Sheriff
Calhoun County Public Records Calhoun County Clerk Sheriff Services – Calhoun County, Arkansas
Carroll County Public Records Carroll County Circuit Clerk Carroll County Sheriff Jim Ross
Chicot County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Chicot Country, Arkansas Officials – Chicot County, Arkansas
Clark County Public Records Clark County Circuit Clerk Clark County Sheriff’s Email
Clay County Public Records Clay County Circuit Clerk Clay County Sheriff’s Office
Cleburne County Public Records Cleburne County Arkansas – Circuit Clerk and Recorder Cleburne County Sheriff AR
Cleveland County Public Records Cleveland County Departments Sheriff Jack H. Rodgers II
Columbia County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Columbia County Columbia County Sheriff AR
Conway County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Conway County Conway County Sheriff Mike Smith
Craighead County Public Records Craighead County, Arkansas Craighead County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office
Crawford County Public Records Circuit Clerk & Ex-Officio Recorder  Crawford County Sheriff’s Department
Crittenden County Public Records Court Services – Crittenden County, Arkansas Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office
Cross County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Cross County AR Government Cross County Sheriff AR
Dallas County Public Records Dallas County Dallas County Sheriff’s Office
Desha County Public Records County Officials Desha County Sheriff’s Office
Drew County Public Records Circuit Clerk Drew County Sheriff’s Office
Faulkner County Public Records Circuit Clerk Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office
Franklin County Public Records Franklin County Circuit Clerk Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
Fulton County Public Records County & Circuit Clerk Sheriff Fulton County AR Government
Garland County Public Records Garland County Clerk Sheriff’s Office Garland County, AR
Greene County Public Records Circuit Clerk Greene County Courthouse Greene County AR Sheriff’s Office
Hempstead County Public Records County Clerk Hempstead County Arkansas Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office
Hot Spring County Public Records Circuit Clerk Hot Spring County Arkansas Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office
Howard County Public Records Howard County Howard County Sheriff’s Office
Independence County Public Records Independence County Arkansas Circuit Clerk and Recorder Independence County Sheriff’s Department
Izard County Public Records Circuit/County Clerk Izard County Sheriff AR
Jackson County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Jackson County AR Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Jefferson County Public Records County Clerk Jefferson County Sheriff AR
Johnson County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Monica King Johnson County Sheriff AR
Lafayette County Public Records Lafayette County, Arkansas Lafayette County, Arkansas 
Lee County Public Records Officials – Lee County, Arkansas Sheriff Services – Lee County, Arkansas
Lincoln County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Lincoln County Sheriff – Lincoln County, Arkansas
Little River County Public Records Little River County – Local Government Portal Little River County Sheriff Bobby Walraven
Logan County Public Records Kim Rudolph – Arkansas Judiciary Logan County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas
Lonoke County Public Records Lonoke County Circuit Clerk Office Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office
Madison County Public Records Madison Circuit Clerk and Recorder Madison County Sheriff’s Office 
Marion County Public Records County & Circuit Clerk Inmate Roster Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Miller County Public Records Circuit Clerk Miller County Miller County Sheriff’s Office 
Mississippi County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Mississippi County, AR Mississippi County AR Sheriff
Monroe County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Monroe County, Arkansas Monroe County, Arkansas
Montgomery County Public Records County Clerk Montgomery County AR Sheriff: Disclaimer
Nevada County Public Records Circuit Clerk Rita Reyenga Nevada County Sheriff AR
Newton County Public Records Newton County Newton County Sheriff AR
Ouachita County Public Records Ouachita County Courthouse Contacts Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office
Perry County Public Records Perry – Association of Arkansas Counties Perry County Sheriff’s Office
Phillips County Public Records Circuit Clerk – Lynn Stillwell Phillips County, Arkansas Sheriff’s Office
Pike County Public Records Pike County Pike County AR Sheriff
Poinsett County Public Records Circuit & Chancery Clerk Poinsett County Sheriff AR
Polk County Public Records Polk County Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer
Pope County Public Records Circuit Clerk Sheriff Pope County Arkansas
Prairie County Public Records Circuit and County Clerk Prairie County Sheriff AR
Pulaski County Public Records Pulaski Circuit / County Clerk Pulaski County Law Enforcement
Randolph County Public Records Debbie Wise Arkansas Judiciary Randolph County Sheriff AR
St. Francis County Public Records Circuit Clerk St. Francis County AR Government St. Francis County Sheriff AR
Saline County Public Records Circuit Clerk Saline County Sheriff’s Office
Scott County Public Records Circuit Clerk Sheriff – Scott County, Arkansas
Searcy County Public Records Searcy County Searcy County AR Sheriff
Sebastian County Public Records Sebastian County Government Sebastian County Government
Sevier County Public Records Sevier County Circuit Clerk Sevier County Sheriff, AR
Sharp County Public Records County/Circuit Clerk Sharp County Sheriff’s Office
Stone County Public Records Stone County Arkansas Circuit Clerk & Recorder Stone County Sheriff AR
Union County Public Records Circuit Clerk Union County Sheriff’s Office
Van Buren County Public Records Van Buren County Van Buren County Sheriff AR
Washington County Public Records Circuit Clerk Sheriff Washington County, AR
White County Public Records Circuit Clerk Tami King Sheriff White County Arkansas
Woodruff County Public Records Departments – Woodruff County, Arkansas Sheriff Woodruff County, Arkansas
Yell County Public Records Circuit & County Clerk Yell County Sheriff’s Department

Find Arkansas Court Records with Court Connect

The state court system also allows users to search public criminal records. Individuals can use CourtConnect to find case information for the local courts. Any public individual can find cases by searching for the person’s name or case number. 3 CourtConnect contains basic information regarding events, filings, case information, and statistical information.

Accessing CourtConnect is possible by doing the following steps:

  1. Visit the Administrative Office of the Courts Public CourtConnect Website
  2. Click on ‘Search by person name, business name, or case type’
    1. Individuals can also search based on case or docket filings by date search
  3. Enter the search criteria

Furthermore, individuals can access public court records via the online federal system, known as PACER. This online database, called the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, provides numerous public cases that make it easy for individuals to find a person through their case number or first and last name.

  1. Register for a PACER account
  2. Use the PACER Case Locator to find where the court case was filed
  3. Input the search criteria
  4. Pay the $3.00 fee per document

Other less common state and federal ways to find Arkansas public court records involve accessing paper case files where the case was filed, calling for access to court records, and researching older historical court records through the National Archives and Records Administration.

Criminal Records Search: Arkansas State Police Background Check

A state-level Arkansas background check requires using the state police site, whereas the county level requires contacting the local sheriff’s office.

The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Visit The Arkansas Department of Public Safety Website

Step 2: Click On ‘Law Enforcement’

Step 3: Click On ‘State Police’

Step 4: Click On ‘Divisions & Directory’

Step 5: Click On ‘Criminal Investigations’ And Contact One Of The Criminal Investigation Workers.

The other option after step 4 is to do the following…

Step 5a: Click Criminal Background Checks at the Bottom of the Page

Step 7a: Click On ‘Go To Criminal Background Checks’ If The Search Is Mandated By Law, Or Click On ‘Go To Open Criminal History’ If It Is For a Personal Search

To perform ARCH criminal background checks, use this link.

To perform an ARCH background check on yourself, use this link.

Step 8: Enter Search Criteria (Last Name, First Name, Date Of Birth, Sex)

Step 10: Pay for the search.

Individuals may also use the county sheriff’s contact information to analyze court records, perform inmate lookups, or speak to an employee or probation officer regarding the records in need.

Arkansas Pre Employment Background Check Types

In addition to learning what may show on Arkansas court public records, it can be helpful to understand that some occupations require pre-employment background checks to ensure a person is qualified for a specific job sector. For example, healthcare workers often have to undergo pre-employment checks since they work with elderly or ill people and church background checks can help protect non profits from liabilities.

Background Check Arkansas Educators And Teachers

Arkansas State requires background checks for all those doing an internship, first-time educator licensure, licensure renewals, change of employment within a public or charter school, or education service cooperative. 4

The online background check system is operated by the Arkansas Department of Education. This system utilizes Arkansas and federal criminal records for background checks on teachers, educators, and employment within the Arkansas school system. 6

Healthcare Background Check AK: Background Check System

Specific healthcare professionals require Arkansas background checks: home health agencies, private care agencies, and hospice services. Requests for criminal records can be sent to Health Facility Services in Little Rock, Arkansas, to obtain a background check on a specific person applying for a job in this sector.

The purpose of these background checks is to ensure the staff and employees working in home health, private agencies, and hospice sectors pass all criminal record checks. Businesses can submit a criminal record check by doing one of the following:

  • Contact Health Facility Services at 501-661-2201
  • Go to the Arkansas State Police website and click on the link for those ‘mandated’ to perform checks
    • Select ‘subscribe online’ and follow the prompts
  • Print the Health Facility Services Background Check Application for the applicant to fill in

Level 2 background checks for healthcare workers are essential to ensure applicants’ information is correct, they received the claimed licensures, and they contain the proper education and training credentials. 7

Arkansas Child Care Background Check

Another sector in which an individual may need to obtain a pre-employment background check is in the child care and early childhood educational setting. The state of Arkansas has created portal access within the Information Network of Arkansas for child care workers to submit their background checks.

Get Arkansas Dot Record

Individuals in specific professions, such as truck drivers or transportation services, may need to submit their Arkansas driving records before employment. However, before applying for an occupation, it can be helpful to know which type of driving record you need — insurance driving record, commercial driving record, or history driving record 8.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to obtain one or multiple of these driving records, either through the local Department of Motor Vehicles, Arkansas Driver Services website, or third-party service.

Arkansas Inmate Lookup and Sex Offender Registry Screening

Individuals should also learn how to use the state sex offender registry search to determine if a person in question has a blip on their background check.

Step 1: Visit The Arkansas Department Of Public Safety Website

Step 2: Click On Arkansas Crime Information Center

Step 3: Click On Sex Offender Information

Step 4: Click On Sex Offender Search

Step 5: Search For The Person In Question

Alternatively, to step 4, individuals can do the following…

Step 5a: Click On Sex Offender Registry Download To See The Entire List Of Names

Background Check for Gun Purchase in Arkansas

Before anyone can buy a firearm in the state of Arkansas, understanding the background check procedures in the state for purchasing and owning a gun is essential to follow the rules and regulations.

Federal law requires licensed firearms dealers to conduct a background check on the individual purchasing a gun prior to the sale of the weapon. Furthermore, states can also use their own background checks with local and state records and databases.

However, Arkansas chooses not to use this “point of contact” system for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System database. Instead, firearms dealers in the state must conduct a background check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 1

In addition, federal law does not require a background check for firearms dealers if the person buying the firearm contains a permit to possess firearms. Lastly, Arkansas does not require private sellers to do a background check if they are transferring ownership of a gun to another person.

Arkansas Background Check Laws

Although there are free federal statutes regarding background checks, each state has its individual laws regarding the process of what is needed for a background check. For example, pre employment background checks must abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the local state employer laws.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

This regulation states that specific procedures have to be followed when using screening purposes for employment. The employer must tell the candidate in question why they are conducting the background screening, what it includes, and how they will use the information in their decision-making process. 10

State Laws

The state of Arkansas does not allow the use of records of old arrests that did not result in a felony conviction in courts or records that have been sealed or expunged by the court. Furthermore, Arkansas requires background checks for specific professions (ex: education and healthcare). 11
Lastly, employers must be aware of a few rules and regulations regarding their conduct when it comes to social media background checks: 12

  • Employers cannot use an applicant’s social media profiles during the screening
  • Employers cannot ask any potential employees for social media log-in information
  • Employers must not require that current or future employees change their social media privacy settings

How Long Does Arkansas Background Check Take?

So, how long does an Arkansas background check take normally? The request will usually take between 7-and 10 days, excluding the mail in time for the background check.

How Much Does an Arkansas Background Check Cost?

There are different Arkansas background checks that have different prices based on their scale.


Knowing how to use the ARCH system to conduct an Arkansas background check can help both organizations and individuals comply with laws for a background check, in Arkansas.

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