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Knowing what is included in the 2022 Amazon background check can help potential delivery drivers, warehouse associates, employees and executives prepare for Amazon’s application and interview process.

The updated process can be explained in nine steps, which assesses job candidates from different perspectives, including precious employment and license verification, credit history and criminal records, driving records and drug testing, and the sex offender registry.

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But, there are specific laws and statutes that apply that can limit what information Amazon background checks reveal.

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Anyone nervous about background check reports that Amazon may see can run a criminal background check on themselves to see what records will be part of what shows up on a background check.

But, in either case, this guide outlines the steps involved with an Amazon background check and the 2022 hiring process, but also examines how state and federal laws impact what will show up on the record, and how applicants can reduce the chance of having a failed employment background check for Amazon, Inc.

Jobs at Amazon: Updated Process for 2022 Hiring with Background Check

Amazon conducts its background check through Accurate Background, a third-party agency system that compiles information on the applicant to determine if they are fit for the open position.1

Both Amazon and Accurate Background comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act to limit the information included in the background check to what is legally permissible. For example, unless the position is a corporate level or high salary, nothing older than seven years will show up on the background check or be used to determine if a person is qualified.

Getting an Amazon Job: Amazon Background Check Steps

The background check process for Amazon is fairly standard. Applicants may download an app to complete the application and monitor the background check progress, or access the platforms online.

Step 1. Navigate to the Amazon Jobs Website

Individuals can head to the Amazon Jobs website to find the roles at Amazon currently available.

Click on the ‘Begin your search’ link to go to the Job Portal page. Here, individuals can search for jobs by title or keyword. Jobs available will appear in the middle of the screen, listing the title of the job, location, when the job was posted, basic qualifications required, and whether the job is full-time or part-time.

Once the individual sees a job they would be qualified for or are interested in, they can click on the link to the job.

For example, an individual can click on ‘Delivery Station Liaison – Full Time (40 Hours) – DML2 – Sussex, WI, USA’ to take them to the job description page. Here, there will be a description of the open position that involves the address for the location of the job, the schedule for the role, the hourly needs, the responsibilities of the job in question, basic qualifications required, preferred qualifications, and related jobs.

Individuals can then click on ‘Apply Now’ to submit an application for the job.

Step 4. Create a Profile

Once a candidate clicks on ‘Apply Now’, they will have to create an account, if they have not yet already. Individuals must click on ‘Create one!’ if they do not have an account, or they can enter their email or mobile number if they already use an account on the Job Search website.

Once they have clicked on ‘Create one,’ they need to then enter the legal first name, legal last name, preferred first and last name, email address, mobile number, preferred language, preferred time zone, and personal pin.

NOTE: be sure to enter legal names and accurate information to prevent delays in an Amazon background check.

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Continue the registration process to create an account linked to the Amazon Job Portal site.

Step 5: Apply for the Job

Finish the application for the job after creating your registration on the Amazon Job Portal website.

The application will have questions pertaining to your previous experience, work history, education background, and personal information (i.e., name, gender, contact information, etc.).

Step 6: Interview for the Role

The application and interview process for amazon will differ depending on the role, such as the experience required and the expertise of the open role, but there are a few ways in which the next step will work during the Amazon hiring process.

Some applicants will have to go through a phone interview depending on the location of the role (remote vs. non-remote) or the position. Other applicants will have to attend an in-person interview to see if they make it to the following stage. Amazon will contact the applicants who make it to the next stage of the hiring process via email after they have submitted the application (and potentially an assessment for senior roles).

Step 7: Background Check

The next step in the job application process for Amazon roles is consenting the background check. After an interview, Amazon will offer a conditional job that is dependent on passing the employee background checks.

Amazon requires a criminal background check going back 7 years according to the FCRA.

Step 8: Notice for Amazon Background Check Completed

Individuals who have submitted their background check and waited the allotted time will receive a decision regarding the status of their application — whether it was accepted, denied, or still pending. So, what happens when a person’s Amazon background check is completed? What are the next steps?

After the background check is completed, individuals who have passed will receive a green checkmark on their app indicating they are ready to start work. In this case, they will have to complete the video training, input tax information, and enter their bank information to get paid via direct deposit.

Step 9: Check for Amazon Background Check Still Pending

If a hopeful employee finds their background check is still pending after the allotted time frame (2-7 days), it might be due to human error or system error. Individuals may sometimes input something incorrectly during the application process, such as misspelling their name, typing in the wrong social security number, or putting in an incorrect email address.

Lastly, the Amazon hiring process is still not completely digital and via online methods, slowing down the 2-7-day timeline in some instances.

Individuals who applied to become Amazon flex drivers can check their application status by clicking on the Accurate Applicant Status Portal.15  The status portal will tell the applicant whether the status is pending, accepted, or denied.

What’s the Contact for Amazon Background Check Number and Amazon Background Check Email

The Amazon background check number for those who need to contact customer service is (844) 220-6471.4

The Amazon background check email is [email protected]5

Amazon Background Check Requirements

The Amazon background check requirements involve a name-based background check (level 1 background check) using the person’s social security number, full name, and then checks databases for criminal misdemeanors, arrests, convictions, felonies, or pending charges.

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Amazon may hire felons — but it depends on the specific Amazon position. The background check process is the same across the board, but its impact on the person’s application will depend on the location of the job, the position applied for, and the felony committed.

  • Some states do not take into account felony convictions that are 7 years ago
  • Amazon hires felons for temporary jobs and can then decide as to whether the person should be a permanent hire.

Amazon Job Opportunities

  • Administrative support
  • Amazon Design
  • Audio/Video/Photography Production
  • Business & Merchant Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Buying, Planning, & Instock Management
  • Customer Service
  • Data Science
  • Database Administration
  • Economics
  • Editorial, Writing, & Content Management
  • Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate
  • Finance and Global Business Services
  • Fulfillment & Operations Management
  • Fulfillment Associate
  • Hardware Development
  • Human Resources
  • Investigation & Loss Prevention
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Legal
  • Machine Learning Science
  • Marketing
  • Medical, Health, & Safety
  • Operations, IT, & Support Engineering
  • Project/Program/Product Management –Non-Tech
  • Project/Program/Product Management–Technical
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Research Science
  • Sales, Advertising, & Account Management
  • Software Development
  • Solutions Architect
  • Supply Chain/Transportation Management
  • Systems, Quality, & Security Engineering

What Are the Amazon Background Check Requirements?

The Amazon Background Check requirements include the following:

  • Identity confirmation — Those who are interested in working for Amazon must submit their driver’s license to confirm proof of identity.
  • Criminal records — Criminal records and history will be checked by Amazon to see if there have been any arrests, convictions, or pending charges. Depending on the specific state in which the person wants to work, the Fair Credit Reporting Act will limit the look-back period of crimes (seven years)
  • Credit score — A credit score16 is a good way to know whether the person in question is truthful and trustworthy with their finances, and Amazon checks their applicant’s credit scores.17
  • Sex offender registry screening — The National Sex Offender Registry includes nationwide information on a federal database that can immediately disqualify a person from being considered to work at Amazon (Amazon does not hire sex offenders).
  • Employment verification — Amazon conducts employment verification using E-verify.
  • DMV Check — A motor vehicle report (MVR)and driver’s license check is an easy way for Amazon to see if the future employee holds a valid driver’s license, does not contain any criminal driving record, and analyzes any past driving black marks (like violation codes, points, suspensions, etc.).
  • Drug testing — New and current employees must undergo drug testing at amazon, with the first session typically administered after the interview or the onboarding meeting.6 In addition, Amazon will typically conduct drug tests while employees are working at Amazon.

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How Does the Amazon Flex Background Check Process Work?

The Amazon Flex background check aims to promote a safe and trustworthy workplace for employees and employers.2

There is a list of requirements and steps that individuals must complete to pass the background check and begin working as a delivery driver for Amazon.

Will I pass a background check with a misdemeanor? How do I know if I have a misdemeanor on my record?

Running a background check on yourself before Amazon can identify if any misdemeanors are present.

How Long Does Amazon Flex Take To Verify A Driver’s License?

Amazon Flex typically takes around 1-2 days to verify the person’s driver’s license.14 The Amazon Flex driver’s license verification can sometimes take longer for specific individuals, especially if they have issues uploading their driver’s license to the system, the quality of the photo is blurry or dark, or there are software issues in the Amazon Flex system.

The overall process of the Amazon background check takes between 2-and 7 days to complete on average. Although the process is quicker than other background checks, the definite time frame will still depend on the specific individual and their records.

Amazon Hiring Process Timeline

The Amazon hiring process typically takes between 2-3 weeks, depending on the specific individual, the open job position, and how long does a background check take.

Usually, the more advanced position the person is applying for, the longer it takes. Since there will be more of a background check process and multiple in-person interviews, this process can take longer than an entry-level position.7

This is what the hiring process timeline looks like for an Amazon candidate:

  1. Day 1: Application Process Begins
  2. Loading Identification
  3. Submission of Application
  4. Day 2-21: Debate the Candidate’s Qualifications for the Open Position
  5. Day 3-21: Applicant Checking Application Status/Email
  6. Day 4-21: Wait for a Response from Amazon
  7. Day 14-21: Receive Final Verdict
  8. *Day 21 : Wait for the Final Verdict

*Certain situations can delay the hiring process. In some scenarios, interviewers and employees cannot come to a decision regarding the candidate’s qualifications for the position. In this case, the person in question may be asked to come in for a “final” interview in which the employees must decide on the person’s employment possibility.

How Long Does Amazon Drug Test Take?

Amazon will conduct a pre-employment drug test before the person in question is even considered for the open position. The applicant will undergo a mouth swab during the pre-employment drug test, followed by a urine test to see if there are any specific drugs in that person’s system.

The mouth swab will tell the time frame in which the person ingested the drug, whereas the urine test could indicate which category of drugs were taken. Although it can harm a person’s chances of being hired, it is not an automatic disqualifier from getting hired at Amazon.8

The average time frame for a drug test to come back during the Amazon application process can range from 6 days to 2 weeks.9

How Long Does Background Check Take For Amazon? (What’s the 2&5 Promise?)

A Background check for Amazon typically takes between 2-7 days, although some criminal background searches may only take 1-3 business days.10

Amazon abides by the 2&5 promise, which states that applicants will be contacted within two days after the phone screen process, and also within five days after the onsite interview. However, keep in mind that these days are generally exempted by weekends and holidays.

If the application process is taking longer than 2-7 days to hear back from the business, applicants should consider contacting Amazon support.

How Does Amazon Reject Candidates? (Does Amazon Hire Felons?)

There are many reasons why a person’s Amazon application may have been rejected during the hiring process.11

  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of education — For some higher-up positions, individuals may require an extensive education verification check.
  • Mismatched information on the resume — If candidates have fabricated information on the resume, such as their past skills and experience, this can disqualify them.
  • Poor job interview — Although strong personal skills are not a must for Amazon applicants, performing well in the interview is key to moving on with the process.

Suppose an applicant finds that their application has been rejected. In that case, Amazon will use their “2&5 Promise” program to let the applicant know within two working days after a phone interview or within five working days after an in-person interview.12 After the interview process, Amazon employees will brief one another and make a timely decision on the person’s suitability in question.

Amazon will not hire felons for permanent job positions. However, Amazon may hire felons for temporary jobs.13

When seeking employment with Amazon, understanding the Amazon background check steps and how long it takes can make the entire 2022 hiring process much easier.

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