GRAT Trust

A Guide to Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (Grat Trust) A grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) can be used to transfer assets to your beneficiaries with little or no gift or estate tax cost. A GRAT is a special type of trust which can allow you to transfer to your beneficiaries with little or no gift … Read more

Annuity Fees

Annuity Fees There are different types of fees that are specific to certain types of annuities. You should consider some general guidelines when contemplating annuity costs. For example: Know your needs. The fees you pay for annuity features can reduce your overall return, so opt only for those features that you will use. “If your situation … Read more

Quiet Performance Muffler

Quiet Performance Muffler The main function of a quiet performance muffler is to minimize the emissions of decibels released by your automobile 10. The performance muffler is assembled with the exhaust network of vehicle 11. One of the main issues for the manufacturer of quiet performance muffler devices is limiting the emission of decibels in an exhaust system 4 … Read more

Noisy Washing Machine Spin Cycle

How To Fix A Noisy Washing Machine Spin Cycle Does washing machine noise irritate you?  Have you ever heard a loud sound when doing your laundry? Under normal circumstance, a washing machine should not sound like a rocket tearing into heavens. Most often, it may vibrate or make loud clanking or knocking sound inside the washer’s drum. … Read more

Moving Blankets For Soundproofing

Moving Blankets For Soundproofing Let me start by saying that the utilization of moving blankets is not as effective as a professional soundproof of your room, studio, or any living quarters. The solutions for soundproofing we described in this article to soundproof a studio or to soundproof a bathroom or a window, are still my recommended options. Nevertheless, it is possible … Read more

How To Block Out Low Frequency Noise

How To Block Out Low Frequency Noise It’s more difficult to cope with low-frequency noises, thus soundproofing efforts that are aimed at them may be rather costly. Nevertheless, I’ve come up with a few inexpensive ways to decrease the negative effects of low-frequency sound waves. 1. Utilization Of Corner Bass Traps There are four corners … Read more

Do Student Loans Affect Credit Score?

Do Student Loans Affect Credit Score? Many college students, graduates and parents (or grandparents) of students have taken out student loans to help pay for educational expenses. These loans are generally reported to the three national consumer credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — and could impact the borrower’s credit score. Building credit … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Student Loans

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Student Loans If you’ve missed a student loan payment or are struggling to make payments, you’re not alone. According to the Department of Education, millions of loans are currently delinquent, with many more being sent to collections every day. What happens when you can’t afford to make a payment, and … Read more

How To Settle Credit Card Debt

How To Settle Credit Card Debt The situation contained here is for those with credit card debt that is already in collections. In this situation, you’re no longer dealing with your original creditor because they’ve sold your debt off to a collection agency. This usually happens once you’re 150 days past due on a payment. … Read more

Does Corporate Card Affect Credit Score

Does My Corporate Card Affect Credit Score Credit scores have become an incredibly popular personal finance topic in recent years. The rise of sites like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Quizzle and the reporting of credit scores with credit cards have made a once complicated topic more accessible to the public. But one element of credit … Read more