Home Loans For Bad Credit

Home Loans For People With Bad Credit Home Loans For Bad Credit. All it can take to damage your credit score is a few missed bill payments, some maxed out credit cards or even life circumstances beyond your control, such as divorce or serious illness. When you have a lower credit score, it can be much harder … Read more

Credit Scoring Models

Know About The Different Credit Scoring Models Did you know that there are hundreds of credit scoring models being used today? With different lenders creating different credit score models based on their own credit criteria, it is very possible that you could have a hundred credit scores. While it is impossible to obtain or keep track … Read more

How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate?

How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate? How to get the best mortgage rate? When you’re shopping for an affordable place to live, a home’s list price is the first thing most people consider. The median sales price of homes sold across the U.S. is $307,700 according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the … Read more

Why Does My Escrow Keep Going Up

Why Does My Escrow Keep Going Up So we ask ourselves: why does my escrow keep going up? If you’ve got a fixed-rate mortgage, you might expect your monthly payment to stay the same year after year. But from time to time, you may have noticed a surprise increase in the amount you have to … Read more

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan home equity loan What is a home equity loan? A home equity loan (HEL) is a second mortgage that allows you to tap a portion of your home’s value in a lump-sum payment. Home equity loans usually have fixed interest rates and are available in terms of five to 15 years. Why … Read more

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Reverse Mortgage What is a reverse mortgage? A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows homeowners to borrow against their home’s equity. Most homeowners get what’s called a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM). A HECM loan is backed by the Federal Housing Administration and is only available through FHA-approved lenders. Other types of … Read more

Mortgage Closing

Closing means commitment Closing on your mortgage is the last step in buying your home with a mortgage. Once you’ve completed the closing process, you become the legal owner of your home. Obviously, this is one of the most important and critical steps, because without closing, you don’t actually own your home. We’re going to take you … Read more

FHA Streamline Refinance

FHA Streamline Refinance When it comes to refinancing your mortgage, the process can become quite tedious, thanks to all the paperwork involved. That’s why many homeowners turn to the FHA Streamline Refinance program. As the name implies, this mortgage product seeks to simplify the application process, something many homeowners find very appealing. n simple terms, the Federal … Read more

Credit Score To Refinance Mortgage

What Credit Score Is Needed To Refinance A Mortgage? We discuss here the credit score to refinance mortgage. Good credit scores are crucial to the refinance process; lenders typically reserve the best rates and conditions for borrowers who have a highest numbers. While working to raise scores may yield a lower interest rate down the … Read more

Home Appraisal

Home Appraisal For Mortgages Home appraisal for mortgages. There are many factors that can lead to a mortgage denial when you’re trying to buy a home. One of the most common things that can stand between you and an approval is an issue with the property’s appraisal. What is a home appraisal? An appraisal is a written … Read more