soundproof glass

Is the noise outside driving you crazy? If the answer is yes, the best solution for your problem is soundproof glass. Unlike its normal variant, the soundproof glass is a staple in homes and commercial environments. It’s a boon to anyone who wants peace and quiet at home. Soundproof glass works by creating a near-impenetrable

soundproof speakers

Speakers inside ceilings and walls save space and make a room look good. But sound gets easily transferred into the adjacent room, and that is why you need to soundproof your in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. We all love to watch movies on a good home theater system, don’t we? Setting up a 5.1 or 7.1

do barn doors block sound

Barn doors are all the rage now and are an attractive feature in barndominiums or country-style design homes. They look gorgeous and make a great feature in the house, but in a busy, noisy home, are they ideal? Are barn doors soundproof? Barn doors are soundproof and heavy. Solid-core barn doors do have the capacity

soundproof basement ceiling

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement in your home, then this can be the best place to set up a decent home theater. Alternatively, if you live in a basement apartment, then it can be helpful to drown out the noise of your upstairs neighbors. Either way, you’d benefit from some soundproofing solutions

door sweep soundproof

A door sweep is a highly effective and cost-efficient way of soundproofing a room. Though there are several options to consider, there are a few products that stand out above the rest. The best door sweep for soundproofing in most cases is the MAXTID Bottom Door Draft Stopper (which is available on Amazon). Due to

acoustic blankets vs moving blankets

There are many differences between sound blankets and moving blankets as far as soundproofing is concerned.  The critical difference between sound blankets vs moving blankets is their function. People use moving blankets to dampen noise in a room whereas sound blankets are mainly used for wrapping furniture and fragile items to prevent damage even though

soundproof drop ceiling

As a homeowner, when you decide to soundproof your ceiling, it is because you do not want vibrations or sound waves transmitting from the underside of the roof to the floor. Drop ceilings are originally made to be sound resistant. Adding materials to soundproof would make it even better to block noise out. People always

light bar silencer

If you’re a truck or Jeep owner who likes taking your vehicle off-roading or into difficult terrain, you’re probably familiar with light bars – the LED units that you can install on the front or roof of your vehicle with just a little mechanical know-how. They come in handy when your headlights just don’t cut

best insulation for soundproofing

If you are planning to build a soundproof home theater or apartment, you will hear a lot about insulation from hardware stores and people around you. I am here to make sure that you know about the best products and their uses. There are several different brands and materials to choose from in the market. We…

does soundproof foam work

I have come across many people who really believe that foam is great for soundproofing spaces such as home recording studios and bedrooms. I’ve heard all of them mention the term ‘soundproof foam’ which blocks sound and I tell each and every one of them that there is no such thing. It’s surprising to see…