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Ductless Mini Split Installation Cost

Ductless Mini Split Installation Cost The name of a mini-split heat pump derives from its physical layout.  Instead of having the complete system housed in an individual piece of equipment mounted to a frame or wall, the heat pump consists of an interior and outdoor unit. Insulated refrigerant lines link the two units, facilitating heat transmission between indoor and outdoor environments. The indoor unit is referred to as the evaporator, while the outside unit is known as the condenser. Heat pumps are available as cooling-only models and reversible models that operate as air conditioners during summer and as a heating source in winter. When purchasing a heating and cooling heat pump, you save on installation costs by combining two pieces of equipment into one. … Read more

Residential Whole Loan

Residential Whole Loan A residential whole loan is an individual loan issued to a borrowing party where the object is real estate with residential purposes (1) (3) excluding commercial loans and rural developments (4). Originators of residential whole loans frequently resell these loans through the aftermarket to brokerages (5), financial institutions, and government agencies (7) … Read more

FundingForFlipping Funding For Flipping, doing business as fundingforflipping, was a credit company offering funding for real estate investors at the website (1). They are closed since 2021. When you applied for funding, they requested the prospective borrower information about the credit score. They required a credit score of 700 to qualify, in most cases. … Read more


Bankprospector Reviews A nonperforming note is a promissory note secured by a mortgage loan wherein the mortgagor has failed to meet the payments as specified in the mortgage note for at least thirty days (7). They are available to purchase as an investment everywhere, in the US (1) and in the European Union as well … Read more

FCI Exchange

What Happened To FCI Exchange? FCI Exchange was the largest and most well-known platform for note buyers and sellers. They had a long track record in the industry and provides a lot of information on the various notes before the investors could put in a formal offer. This platform was great for market research and … Read more