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Tranax Mini-Bank 1700 Series
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The Tranax Mini-Bank 1700 is the absolute best value for retail ATMs. With its contemporary design, matched with the reliability, durability and security you’ve come to expect from Tranax, the Mini-Bank 1700 offers the best value in its class.

Unsurpassed Value

Mini-Bank 1700 KeypadWhile targeted for lower transaction volume retail markets, the Mini-Bank 1700 retains all the standard features you expect from a higher end machine including; TDES and ADA compliance, VISA certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice guidance system, and light action indicators. This machine comes standard with many high quality features including a 5.7 inch Monochrome or Color LCD panel, 56K modem, and an integrated lighted topper.

At 206 lbs, the solid construction of the Mini-Bank 1700 (UL291 Listed Business Hour) provides a secure vault while offering the same modular construction for ease of access and maintenance.

The Tranax Mini-Bank 1700 is the best value in the market for a low-cost ATM solution for low-traffic markets.

Tranax Mini-Bank 1700 Specifications:

Dimension and Weight

  • Width: 16 inches
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Height: 56 inches
  • Weight: 206 pounds

Main Control Board

  • ARM 7 – 32-bit processor
  • 32MB RAM (not expandable)
  • Embedded Operating System
  • 56Kb modem
  • Electronic Journal – stores up to 40,000 transactions

Power Supply

  • Power switch
  • 110 / 220 volts (manual selection)
  • 60 / 50Hz
  • 125 watts (max)
  • Fuse protection

Receipt Printer

  • 2 inch thermal printer
  • Automatic paper loading and cutting
  • Paper out status sensor

Cash Dispensing Unit

  • Friction feed mechanism
  • Dispense capacity of 800 notes
  • Top loading cassette
  • Reject bin
  • Double detection sensor
  • Cash dispensing unit is mounted on a sliding panel for easy service
  • Optional 1,700 note removable cassette

LCD Display and Function Keys

  • 5.7 inch diagonal Monochrome or Color LCD panel with 320 x 240 resolution
  • Eight function keys for menu selection
  • Displays up to 8 customizable graphics screens which rotate on idle, and while processing

Magnetic Card Reader

  • Dip type
  • Reads ISO tracks 1 and 2


  • Triple DES compliant Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP)
  • VISA Lab-certified (approval number 10104)
  • Tamper resistant design erases all programming and stored master keys if opened
  • 16 keys with integrated Braille symbols
  • 0 – 9 for numeric entry
  • Left and right arrows for scrolling

Front Bezel Assembly

  • The front bezel assembly consists of a front bezel, LCD module, key pad module, magnetic card reader module, ADA voice guidance jack, and a locking mechanism
  • The front bezel assembly slides in and out and also hinges forward for maintenance using thumbscrews

Top Cabinet

  • The top cabinet houses a main control board, power supply, receipt printer, and a front bezel assembly
  • The main control board, power supply, receipt printer paper, and front bezel assembly are mounted on a sliding tray, which also hinges forward for easy maintenance and service
  • Include an Integrated illuminated topper


  • UL291 business hour certified
  • UL listed combination lock
  • Handle and combination lock are covered by a plastic bezel
  • Four floor mounting holes
  • Reinforced bottom plate

Power Requirement

  • 110 /220VAC Manual switch
  • Requires LINE, NEUTRAL, and GROUND

Phone Line

  • Requires dedicated phone line
  • RJ-11 phone jack

Temperature and Humidity

  • Storage: 32F – 104F, 10%
  • Operating: 40F – 95F, 15%

Supported Protocols

  • Standard1 (Tranax Spec)
  • Standard2 (CSP200 emulation)
  • Standard3 (Extended Message Format)
  • EPS


  • Compatible with most 3rd party wireless devices
  • Order through your processor

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

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  1. Contact one of our ATM specialists
  2. Review ATM options based on your needs
  3. Agree & confirm to ATM equipment needed
  4. Your machine will be shipped within 24 hours
  5. Prepare your site for installation (110V outlet – phone line)
  6. Once machine arrives, it will be installed, & filled with cash

Average turn-around time from beginning to end is
3 – 5 days

ALL ATM Machines Include:

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