ncr selfserv 62

NCR’s EasyPoint 62 is a small footprint free-standing interior cash dispenser that offers very low total cost of ownership.

The NCR EasyPoint 62 is ideal for retail locations where the presence of an automated teller machine (ATM) can generate direct income through transaction fees as well as increasing store traffic and sales. Its fresh and distinctive appearance attracts customers. The large screen is ideal for advertising, for supporting more complex graphically intense transactions and for providing consumer guidance using graphical or animated instructions.

NCR’s EasyPoint 62 offers very low cost of ownership resulting in more profitable deployments, even at lower transaction volumes. The option of NCR’s Intelligent Power Management system safeguards the ATM in the event of a power failure by enabling transaction completion, as well as enabling significant reductions in energy consumption. The NCR EasyPoint 62 reduces your costs and helps the environment.

With a small footprint and minimal infrastructure requirements, including support for wireless communications, the NCR EasyPoint 62 is very easy and fast to install in a wide range of locations. Enhanced environmental capabilities including dust filtration options and the ability to run in non air-conditioned spaces open up a wider range of placement opportunities.

NCR’s EasyPoint 62 operates a Windows® XP platform using NCR’s APTRA™ software. This means you can run common applications across your ATM portfolio, easily integrate the NCR EasyPoint 62 with the rest of your network, and provide consistent branding and messaging.

All of this makes the NCR EasyPoint 62 an ideal solution for retail locations that were previously unsuitable for ATM deployment, so your brand can reach more customers than ever before.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

Purchase NCR EasyPoint 62: Contact For Best Price

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Learn About FREE ATM Processing & Set-up

Get Started – What Next:

  1. Contact one of our ATM specialists
  2. Review ATM options based on your needs
  3. Agree & confirm to ATM equipment needed
  4. Your machine will be shipped within 24 hours
  5. Prepare your site for installation (110V outlet – phone line)
  6. Once machine arrives, it will be installed, & filled with cash

Average turn-around time from beginning to end is
3 – 5 days

ALL ATM Machines Include:

Free ATM Lighted Neon Sign
Free ATM Lighted Topper
Free Online Web Reporting

Free Processing – No Fees
Free Training & Support

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