hyosung 5600

The most advanced functionality for lobby cash dispenser

Monimax 5600 features superior and reliable performance with various functions including cash withdrawal, card retraction,receipt printing and dot-matrix Journal printing or electronic journal. Especially,its modular design guarantees convenient maintenance and unit replacement. Easy modification based on customer’ s needs.Its superior Cash Dispensing Unit reduces transaction time and minimizes downtime. NH-5090 handles 4 cassettes for maximum capacity and 4 denominations that suit the need for every country.

Future-Trend Design

Innovative design catches the customers’ attention with elegant exterior and easy-to-use ergonomic interface.15″ TFT LCD provides unsurpassed convenience to customers and Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) the advertising effect.

Monimax 5600 features superior and cost-effective performance that outshines all of its competitors.


Monimax 5600 guarantees enhanced security with compliance to UL291 Level 1 and to EMV Level 1 with two surveillance Cameras.


Monimax 5600 is fully web-enabled offering various multimedia services through it.

Non-Stop Operation

With high capacity receipt journal and cassette, Monimax 5600 is ideal for both on and off premise environment.

Pricing Details:

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrade Are Available Upon Request. | All Leases Have A $1.00 Buyout Option.

Purchase Hyosung Monimax 5600: Contact For Best Price

Lease Hyosung Monimax 5600: Contact For Best Price

Learn About FREE ATM Processing & Set-up

Get Started – What Next:

  1. Contact one of our ATM specialists
  2. Review ATM options based on your needs
  3. Agree & confirm to ATM equipment needed
  4. Your machine will be shipped within 24 hours
  5. Prepare your site for installation (110V outlet – phone line)
  6. Once machine arrives, it will be installed, & filled with cash

Average turn-around time from beginning to end is
3 – 5 days

ALL ATM Machines Include:

Free ATM Lighted Neon Sign
Free ATM Lighted Topper
Free Online Web Reporting

Free Processing – No Fees
Free Training & Support
ATM Best Price Guarantee

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