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Cash Dispenser Pricing Information:

  • TDM Cash Dispenser – The Triton made TDM series of dispenser were designed specifically for the aftermarket and are now quite reliable. They offer self correcting software to reset errors. At 2.5 notes per second they are fast which is great for peak ATM use times eliminating line ups(if speed is an issue see Hyosung and Comnet). Being made of plastic, they are vulnerable to operator error/abuse leading to broken clips or tabs. But CHC can easily repair damage and train operators to avoid problems. We stock lots of clips in house!
  • Delarue Cash Dispenser – The De La Rue Quikfill Cash CanTM dispenser unit is quick and simple to use and refill. Merchants, owners, and vault services, should only need to open the front door on the ATM, slide out the money tray, put money in, and shut the door.

ATM Dispenser Price List:

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