Alphabet Inc New Login Feature to Make Passwords Redundant

It seems Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is testing a new feature that will make the entering of passwords a thing of the past. In its sustained battle against poor passwords, the company has confirmed it is developing a salient new method that lets users login to their accounts with the help of their cellphones.

The news was broken by Reddit user Rohit Paul, who was extended the invitation by Google to try out this brand new feature on his personal Google account. Mr. Paul, who goes under the screen name rp1226 on Reddit, posted screenshots exhibiting the process.

The feature works by sending a notification to the users phone, which then lets them decide whether to allow or deny access. This would save users the headache of memorizing long and complicated passwords. Furthermore, it allows users the peace of mind knowing that no unauthorized login can occur without their phone.

According to Mr. Paul, this is the exact process of the brand new feature. He stated in his post: “You authorize your phone to allow you to log into your account. You go into a computer and type in your email. Then you get a message on your phone to allow the login. If you hit yes, the computer logs into your Google account without a password.”

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While Google confirmed it has allowed a small number of users to help with the testing phase of the feature, it is only Mr. Paul who has come out with the details explaining his experience.

Passwords have gained a notorious reputation over the years, allowing hackers and criminals easy access to other peoples account. This development comes at a time when most people feel that password less logins are the way forward, given the current criminal activity plaguing the Internet. Cyber-crime is on the rise and local authorities and governments are working together to combat this menace.

Google is not the first company which is in the process of developing or has already developed a password free login mechanism. Back in October, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) announced its “Account Key” feature, which for the most part works the same way as Google’s testing feature does. It also utilizes the help of a smartphone to verify account logins.

There is an emerging trend for companies to provide secure and protected login mechanism to users. Smartphone makers are also incorporating this idea into their next generation smartphones. Numerous devices in the market already have an option to use your finger or eye scan as a login method. Distinctively, the latest model of the iPhone allows users to have their fingerprint scan instead of traditional passwords.

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