Facebook Inc To Introduce “Login Approval” Mechanism To Thwart State-Sponsored Attacks

Facebook And The “Login Approval”

Facebook places extra security measures to better protect its users. From now on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will now notify its users if they have been a victim of a state-sponsored attack. That is if the network believes a user’s account has either been targeted or already been hacked by state-sponsored elements.

In a scenario where a user’s account has been compromised, Facebook will notify the user of the incident and encourage them to turn on “Login Approvals” – which is an additional security mechanism that providers better security to their Facebook account. By turning on Login Approvals, users can make it difficult for others to log into their accounts.

Enabling this feature, which works similar to other two-factor authentication systems, an alert will be sent to the user that their account has been accessed from a new browser or device. When an unauthorized login takes place, Facebook sends a security code to the phone number listed in the account holder’s details, for them to proceed to log in using that account.

Even though this extra layer of security exists and should be turned on by default, many Facebook users are not aware such an option exists or do not want to go through the additional hassle of signing in when they use a new device. The company refrains from telling how it is able to differentiate between a state-sponsored and any other sort of attack, but it says it will only show the message when there is sufficient evidence that points towards a state-backed attack.

Facebook also suggests users replace or take steps to rebuild their systems, if they ever encounter this message. Facebook is not the first site to implement this additional security measure; back in 2012, Google implemented its own security system to thwart state-sponsored attacks. Being a social media website, many see it as an unnecessary step in protecting user accounts.

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