Tesla Motors Inc: Solaredge Technologies Inc To Unveil Powerwall At UK Show

Solaredge will present Tesla’s batteries at Solar Energy UK in Birmingham next week, which will be available in the region by the first half of next year

Solaredge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG), the solar power harvesting and photovoltaic (PV) monitoring company, confirmed that it will be presenting Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) storage batteries at Solar Energy UK in Birmingham next week, Solar Power Portal reported.

Tesla-Solaredge Partnership

The Israeli-based company will also unveil its new series of lightweight inverters and other offerings at the show. The company has become popular in power optimizers for PV systems and has expanded into other related areas. It has started offering whole system solutions to become one of the only two inverter-makers for Tesla’s upcoming residential batteries, the Powerwall.

As per the report, the electric vehicle (EV) company will not introduce Tesla Energy in Britain directly. Solaredge will also offer commercial batteries, the Powerpack, which are based on the powertrain design and components used in Tesla’s existing premium vehicles, the Model S and Model X.The Powerpack is fully integrated and DC lithium-ion battery pack, including controls, inverter, monitoring, and thermal management. The Powerwall, conversely, does not include inverter as part of Tesla’s product. Solaredge and Fronius are so far the only two PV inverter-makers that are compatible with the Powerwall. However, Tesla is seeking more partners for inverters.

Solaredge Inverters

Solaredge’s new inverter technology for homes, which was unveiled last month, will be displayed at the show. HD Wave considerably decreases the cooling and magnetic elements of a PV interterm and reduces the weight by 12.5 kg. The “very small, very competitive” HD Wave boosts PV system efficiency up to 99%, the report said.

Tesla Motors Inc: Solaredge Technologies Inc To Unveil Powerwall At UK Show

The company aims to replace the mechanical components and heavy metal elements, such as aluminum, copper, and iron, with electronics, managed by algorithms that instead saved the same as much of the switching architecture.

Tesla’s Battery Popularity

Tesla Energy, which was initially unveiled in April, has not been officially launched by the company. After its first delivery in North America at the end of this year, Australia, and Germany will be the first two markets where Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack batteries will be available. However, the new business arm’s products are already getting popular and impacting battery storage markets around the globe.

Business Finance News reported only a month following Tesla Energy’s launch that the batteries have started impacted the Australian battery storage market. The industry players started reducing their product’s prices in order to better compete against Powerwall, whose retail price was 1/17th of the average battery price in the market at the time of the launch.

In Tesla’s last shareholder meeting, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced that Tesla’s batteries power be doubled and the prices will remain same. This means that the 7 kWh Powerwall, whose price tag was quoted $3,000, will now have 14 kWh of capacity.

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