Google Inc Announces Chrome Updates To Decrease CPU Usage

Google’s new update will help improve Mac battery life when using Chrome

Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chrome browser is very popular among Internet users due to its features, many complain that it consumes a lot of system resources. Google seems to have taken note of these complaints, and is now working to address the issue, at least for Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Mac users. According to a post by a Senior Chrome engineer Peter Kasting, the company is working to fix these concerns and has even introduced certain features, which would make the browser less taxing on the system

The features include a rendering of tabs by their current usage. Previously, all Chrome tabs, whether being viewed or not, had equal priority for being rendered. With the new update, the browser will now provide priority based on whether the tabs are being run in the background or in front. Google has also come up with other updates aimed at reducing CPU usage by the browser.

Previously, Chrome had introduced a useful feature of allowing users to block Flash ads. These ads occupy most of the system memory

The new updates will lower pressure on the device’s resources while using Chrome to conserve battery life. However, these updates may not result in a dramatic increase in the battery life of Macs, it certainly will be helpful for users who surf the web a lot, and cannot carry a charging cable with them.

With the recent updates, Google might be aiming to directly compete with Apple to end the dominance of its Safari browser over its machines. The Safari browser has performed significantly better than Chrome on OSX and has become the preferred choice for most Mac users. Chrome is likely to become a strong competitor for Safari, following the updates.

Mr. Kasting said that the Chrome team will keep on working to provide the best quality services to customers. He also said that the team will keep on introducing more such updates in the future. The updates will most likely be introduced in the beta version of Chrome within six weeks. Following that, it might take another six weeks before the updates are included in the final version.

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